Friday, 31 October 2008


My favorite post so far is this: IF MY CHILDREN WILL BLOG. For this year's Halloween, DYLAN will do the talking.

"Its like a dream. I can't really recall the first time I've ever noticed the "existence" of pumpkins. But every time I see my old photos, I knew the feeling of being there at that very moment.

Almost two years old that time, I was running around this orange voodoo thing and was mumbling words while my brother was laughing loud at me. In my thoughts, "Great! I must be doing it right, Lukie finds it very funny".

Whilst my Mama with the photo cam, keeps on saying, "Oh men!" and shakes her head upon seeing every picture she just took. I knew I heard her say, "Dylan, stop moving!" with a "Grrrrrrrr!" and "Hssssss!"(lol)....

The night before my mumbo-jumbo dance, Mama and I got home with the pumpkin carved already. My Papa amd Lukie did it. We just came from a tiring afternoon at IKEA to shop and complete my big brother's room. I think I've read my Ma's entry in her blog for that "room furnishing".

Listen, (I mean read you me) One thing "bloggable" about this post (not only because its Halloween), my Mama just watched me stuck my finger's into that pumpkin. I was trying to reach for the lighted candle and OUCH, that did hurt. Then my Mama said, "Now you know its hot!" and she scooped me up as I was crying. I've learned about "fire" that time and my Mama's kiss plus hug were more soothing than running the water on my tiny little hands."

Wednesday, 29 October 2008


For the fourth time this month, parents were asked to accompany their children to school and wait for the announcement if classes will push through that day. Its the teacher's way of protesting the "school reforms" that law makers finally approved yesterday.

Flunking pupils for bad conduct and having the same teacher for 5 years in Elementary are included in the said "school reforms" that angered students and teacher demonstrators all over Italy. More about the story HERE: Students protests as Italian Senate passes reforms.

Last Friday, 24th of October, was the only Friday we were not asked to go with our kids and Lukie was insisting its 'scopero'(strike). I calmly told him that there was no note sent by their teacher so there's nothing to worry about. Still he went with the school bus so preoccupied. Then Last night I told him, I have to go with him to school today and he said, "But its not Friday Mama!"...


While having dinner, Lukie blurted out, "Halloween รจ festa d' Americani(Halloween is an American festivity), not ours! Maestra Elisabetta told us this morning". Then he gave me that look of "let's not make a fuss out of the day".

For my eldest, what ever the teacher said, its indisputable, specially if it came from his English teacher, Maestra Elisabetta. It would also be convincing as my son could see that in the whole neighborhood, only our home has flashing orange decors outside.

Its quite confusing though for the kids because in their art class they made Halloween adornments. Their math teacher too gave them paper pumpkins she made them paste on the 4th page of their notebook. So is their Science teacher who gave another pumpkin design who made them do the same.

I don't know what to make of their English teacher, she may be right but to me that's stripping off the magic of fun. I was thinking, "What's next, Santa is dead?"...

Sunday, 26 October 2008


Last Thursday, these winning numbers, 7-20-21-74-75-81, made someone a millionaire in Catania Italy, one of the poorest cities in the country.... continue reading: World's Largest Lottery Winner.

I'm deeply touched and humbled while I laughed reading the many emails I received from friends and readers rooting for me to win the lottery. What a cheering squad! I can't thank you more than enough. I may have not won the big-bucks but you made me a winner already.

Here are some reasons why I will NEVER win the lotto.

1. I will immediately have a liposuction to flatten the evidence of my two pregnancies.

2. While I'm at it, I'll make the most of my "corrective surgery". I'll let them chisel my calves, these "wrath of the Igorot tribe"(as described by Russel) will give no trace of the many walkings I did in Babatan (my Dad's farm).

3. I'm not still contented , I'll make my nose perfect and yeah, I'll say bye -bye too to my 'mala' Popeye arms.

4. I can afford 'yayas' to take care of my kids now. Might spend less time with them anymore because managing my money would be that consuming. Less photos such as this.

5. My hair will be "confused" hahaha because I will always go to the beauty parlor and let them do re-band, hair spa, hair dye etc..etc..

6. Long days away with husband if he goes to shoot Mt. Everest. I can't leave the kids that long so I'll have to stay.

7. Many of my relatives will hate me because they'll think I owe them a part of my instant fortune.

8. It will be a problem where to keep and invest the money. Add the kidnappers and other life threatening scenarios endangering my family.

9. Paparazzis too... they will make me conscious with what I wear, how I walk and oh men, I need to put on make up like its my responsibility to look good.

10. I'll miss having dinner with my kids because husband and I can afford to dine out or go for a date every night.

11. My blog would always write about: I bought this, these and that. I have this, these and those. I own that and that.

12. It would be hard to choose which car I'll drive for the day. Ferrari, Porsche or my Lambo?

13. Jet lag from my flight to meet TruBlue in Vegas, Hannah, Ely and Vanessa in Cali. Miss Buguias and Miss Velasco in Arizona. Jen in Illinoi. Angie, Beng, Ma, Russel and Nikki in New York. Janice, Flynn, Abbob and Lola Cora in Canada. Lala and Jeff in UK. SagadaBlogger, Ma'am Marilyn, Mayla, Mildred and Roda in Australia. Reyna Elena when he relocates to Chicago. Tina in Maryland. Kath and Marco in Spain. Abby and Layad in Singapore. Arlene and Wilson in Japan. Raqgold in Germany. Analyse in France. Marj in Austria. And of course Jane in Taiwan.

14. I will hurt those I failed to mention above.

15. The list goes on but one thing is for sure, I will never be the same again....e.g. No more obsessive-compulsive picture taking for the many passing seasons of my boys.

16. P.S. How can I not include this... I will never win because I don't usually buy lotto tickets.

Friday, 24 October 2008


Techer Julie of GreenBucks mentioned about teen suicide here: Welcome To My Life . She linked this song by Simple Plan and also the lyrics in full version . Here's the chorus to give us an idea.

To be hurt

To feel lost

To be left out in the dark

To be kicked when you’re down

To feel like you’ve been pushed around

To be on the edge of breaking down

And no one’s there to save you

No you don’t know what it’s like

What comes to your mind and what do you feel about the lyrics of the song "Welcome to My Life"?

A different song came into mind when Teacher Julie's email came last Sunday. Just now, I've come to to know, its NOT "Welcome To My World" BUT its "Welcome To My Life".

As to how I felt, I fondled memory lane, the little girl I am who had to like Elvis Preysley because my parents loved him. That's with the first song. While for that of the Simple Plan, my teenybopper days were way over 'gayamen' tsk,tsk.

Seriously, teenage days would be one crusial stage. The tag of war between child like and maturity is overwhelming. Whether we like it or not, parents have the biggest part of responsibility to give that guidance.

Participants of Teacher Julie's WQ had already discussed it well about bullying, peer pressure and how teenagers are affected by problems at home and school. I can't contribute as to what should and must be done. I can only share my thoughts on being A FAMILY BELIEVER.

Its always been said that family is where everything starts. The very foundation of a child's holistic growth. Give him a loving home and he would always feel secured. Give him a broken one, so does his soul - you broke.

Mine was far from perfect but our parents would always involve us in everything they do. Like a batallion going to war, they also take us everywhere they go. During meals would always be a good time to talk everything under the sun. Specially during dinner when there's no Ginebra(basketball) game on TV. It was always doing things "together" that gave us no room to feel we're alone and blame the world for it.

Sometimes, I am convinced that my parent's time were the best times. Less complex but way a lot happier. Just compare the lyrics of these two songs from different eras!

Tuesday, 21 October 2008


The first time I Googled "Baguio City", it led me to the very first forum site I signed in. I was a reader at first (before I became a "boring" 'forumer') of BaguioCityONLINE. A "stalker" too(hehehe) to this particular contributor - lugan_ikit.

If I translated it right, lugan_ikit means "Granny's ride". His avatar didn't give justice to his posts, he is better and real than Yoda. I even sent him a message, "I'm a fan!", said I. My "declaration" was ignored, he didn't reply hahaha. But nothing changed, his fan, remained I.

The Worldwide Dap-ay Forums's Yoda has his own blog now. Join me as we learn more about Igorot, our people, in his Siwat’s Weblog. Let's luxuriate in his 'Jed(i)+aic' prowess and eloquence in poetry.

I guarantee, his wisdom is kneaded from facts, good values, wit and exceptional morality. Above all, in most of his thread writings at BCO, he never fails to profess the serenity of life with GOD in a very realistic and hip approach. The rarity of already great people still bold in saying that HE up there is the greatest, Sir lugan_ikit is truly a "must click".

JackPot 100.000.000

Italy's SuperEnalotto, a world record for the highest Jackpot prize in the history of lottery. Its making everyone here dream of that lavish living a 100,000,000 euros could bring. That is 6 billion in Philippine peso or 128m in $$$. WOW! If I win, it would mean leaving Italy and staying in Baguio for good.

"Agtaya ka pay sakan tu mangarap!"
Buy a ticket first before you go daydreaming), my husband tells me and I readily snap out my 'muni-muni'.

SuperEnalotto is a combination of 6 winning numbers from 1 to 90. The Pot price was not won since April this year. It is drawn three times a week: Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday. Its creating a big BUZZ here from TV to news papers and also being featured in other countries. Watch this BBC VIDEO.

According to this article - Bid to end Italy's lotto fever -(JackPot price on this article is updated on my entry title)

"the odds of winning the pot money is 600m to 1"...

"last weekend alone, 100m worth of tickets were purchased"...

"record jackpot has created a very dangerous betting fever with many recorded cases of people spending their life savings"....

"Italian government earns an estimated $1bn annually from lottery proceeds"....

"Codacons, the Italian consumer right's group, has filed a lawsuit demanding that the money should be seized because, it says, it is too high"....

Its hypocrite to say that I've got nothing against those who makes it their "career" to win the big prize. Going to the 'Biglietteria' with portfolios and would take most of the cashier's time to run their tickets on the betting machine. People spending 50 to 100 euros(or more) for one draw. Its their money, their life... I agree! But, that's way too expensive for investing with mere luck.

Sour-graping as it may sound, how they draw it is quite ridiculous to me. From a container with the 90 numbers written on small balls, a machine sucks every winning number. All bets are managed by computers. Beat that and consider the odds of winning which is 600m is to 1! Huh?

, what if 'Anitos'(spirit of the ancestors for the Igorots) will confirm it with God that a person from Tublay nesting in Venice will make history and win that amount? A 1 euro ticket would be enough. Dream on Lovelyn hahaha!

Monday, 20 October 2008


We went to my cousin Susan's place last Sunday (not this recent Sunday) to commemorate his brother SONY'S first death anniversary. Friends and relatives came to pray the rosary with us. Then we had a delightful lunch prepared by Myrma and Ate Norms that will make you slouch back and wait for that relieving 'dighay'(burp).

Later that day, they all proceeded to the church and attended the mass for our departed cousin. Dylan was having his afternoon nap so we stayed and waited for him to wake up. We'll just lock Auntie Susan's house when we'll be heading home.

To fill time while my son is dozing, Boogs and I were singing with their Karaoke and Lukie was resting on her auntie Susan's couch. Then Dylan woke up and had his merienda. Bored perhaps, he was crying for the door and wants to go home. My three boys then went and waited for me outside while I fix my cousin's house a bit.

I straightened the sofa's cover, threw our mess and wash the spoons and cups we used. I was about to go out when I remembered the stereo. Though I knew Boogs had switched it off, I went to check anyway.

It was still on. I pressed the "Power" button but lights were still orange and CD, Radio, multi system etc... were appearing on it's little screen. Maybe I pressed it too hard so I waited for 5 minutes and switched it off again. Nothing happened. I did the same, waited and pressed for about 3 times more.

Then I got scared. Goosebumps, I had! Then I spoke, "Sony, I'm sorry. I have to go and your stereo stays ON. I don't know how to switch it OFF, okey?"..... Spooky... of course no one answered

I asked my husband who was waiting with the kids if he had put off the stereo and he said YES. Scaredy cat I am, the more I become.

Before going to bed, I phoned up my cousin Susan and asked her about the stereo......... and she said, "you have to pull the plug".

Yeah, now I know, pressing the power button won't do the trick, "I have to pull the plug"! Myrma was right, "Hwag matakot sa taong patay, mas nakakatakot ang taong buhay".

Wednesday, 15 October 2008


Here's what's slowing our blogging lately (aside from redecorating, rearranging and turning the house up side down for the winter mood). Its watching the America Votes 2008 update like Sen Obama is going to replace Berlusconi hehehee...

Test check. You can actually embed CNN Videos now. Cool 'aight'? Politicking or not,IMHO, Collin Powell's statement is the view and voice of a true "intelligent" voter.

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


That blaring sound of a plane about to take off except that your ears are seemed covered... or you immersed yourself in the bathtub and hearing the house alarm so loud but dull... Then you're forcing yourself to wake up. You're panicking now because you know its a bad dream. They said move your toes so you can open your eyes. So you did! But then again, sleep was so enticing that you went back to dreamland and moreover same scary sound you hear. Struggling and you're grasping for breath... a nightmare.

The deafening noise, alas, its fading. Illusory image are starting to make sense. A person... he smiled. You know him and you were glad to have seen him again. Then you realise he is already dead.

In your dream you know its just a dream. Fear may be unnerving but still gripping on to that presence of mind, you finally talked to the dead.

I had this "trance"(lol) before I woke up and send my son to school yesterday. In my dream (after the nightmare), I saw my cousin SONY. He was sitting behind me and I was scared. He was laughing because I'm horrified. Then I eased and had the courage to talk to him.

"Pangabaken mo ga adi sig-ami ni lotto!"(Help us to win the lotto), I uttered. He was still laughing and I told him, "Oh we'yah, you know how it is to place a bet and lose!"......... My bedside alarm snoozed and my eyes opened before my cousin said those winning numbers. 'Sayang'!



Saturday, 11 October 2008


Teacher Julie posted, "Man Jobs, You Say?" for her 19th Weekly Question at GreenBucks.

What man jobs can you do?

I like to "believe" I can do everything except things that will require heavy lifting. I help in painting the house, pluming jobs when husband is not around, repairing electrical gadgets which I am actually making it worst etc... etc... Insisting I can do 'em men job is annoying sometimes(if not most of the time), ask my husband (at least I know and accepting I am hahaha).

Its more interesting though - to know what women jobs men can do.

20th WQ is about Milk Scare.

Do you think NOW is really the time to patronize our locally made milk and milk products or would you still trust products manufactured in other countries?

Not only milk but all products done locally should be patronized. Its cheaper and it also helps the country's economy. To be at the safer side, specially for the children, better not consume any dairy products from China for now.

21st WQ: Was A Lesson Taught and Learned Here?

Its about a daughter, the treasurer in her class, who lost the school fund. She was about to cover-up the stolen money with her savings (a gift from her grandma) but her mom who discovered it from the daughter's teacher gave the amount. The mother said not to tell his Dad and if he asks where the money(for the back-up) went, it would be for her daughter's pair of jeans.

The daughter's reason for not telling it to her parents was not to burden them because she knew there were a lot of bills for the family to pay.

Did the mother do the right thing, giving her daughter money in secrecy, to add to what has to be paid from that stolen fund?
Was the mother able to teach her daughter a lesson or not?
Do you think the daughter is a responsible person?

Not at all! The mother should have told her husband and I'm sure he would understand considering the daughter's purpose for not telling about the stolen money before hand. I think the daughter is more responsible than the mother -given the situation of "secrecy"(hehehe). How can you teach your child about honesty and openness (in a relationship) when you don't do it yourself?

Seriously, I would be touched with the girl's sensitivity if I would be her mom. Its a merit to the people who raised her, btw.

PHOTO CREDITS: 'di Kita gusto, pero Mahal Kita. . . (milk) and

Thursday, 9 October 2008


When you say 'Tyanak'(I don't really know how to translate it in English hehehe), "Ang baby ni Janice", would ring a bell to my generation. Here's a video of an amazing genius funny wicked(lol)cutie.


Adding to the growing list of my MUST CLICKS :

30.Miskina Ano na Isip by Will. A blogger whom I will always remember as someone who flew from California to the Philippines for his (Mis)Adventures in Romance.

31. Idiosyncrasies owned by a young freelance journalist, JM Agreda . He is from Bacolod but considers himself as an accultured Igorot. I clicked around his site and got what he meant.

32. My Blog is another cousin of mine who writes from Canada. Like her sister, Miss Buguias , we met thru 'friendsters'.

33. continues to educate us about the Igorots and you'll get the chance to tour Sagada with him here: BLOG of the SAGADA IGOROT.

I also updated
Hannah's link and included her other blogsites:
» Hannah's Web,and » An Anthology of Diversions.

See you around blog-mates!

Wednesday, 8 October 2008


B-L-U-S-H!!! BLUSH!!! Our interview via email by Madam Salve Duplito was published at The Philippine Daily Inquirer, Business Section, Monday Edition, 10/06/2008: Here's the article: Business - Money tales from OFWs -

Reyna Elena(photo above...yep that's her with out her crown hehehe)informed us that it is also posted here: Salve Duplito of Money Smarts.

Many thanks to Ma'am Salve for featuring us and Reynz for the link.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008


"Call it a clan, call it a network, call it a tribe, call it a family; Whatever you call it, whoever you are, you need one!" A quote by Jane Howard (1935-1996).

To educate solecism and correct the ill stigma concerning how our fellow countrymen see us, THE IGOROTS, may be impossible. A mother who belongs to "this" tribe who happens to blog, only dreams she could help educate the implications of ignorance about her people. But, what if she tries?

Native Cordillerans who're from the Northern part of the Philippines with the following Provinces:
Abra, Apayao, Benguet, Baguio City, Bontoc , Kalinga and Ifugao, are the IGOROTS, who often referred to as the "people from the mountains". With which in it's context is literally true, but sometimes, it is abused and used as a derogatory remark by those who don't really know us.

Sunday, 5 October 2008


Cold season comes with explosive sneeze, nagging cough, productive or jammed nose and a bang on the head. Sounds like war to me hehehe... Just keeping it light for someone who's nursing 3 boys here.

Lukie who is turning seven 3 months from now, used to dread us the season of winter. It starts with a Croup on Autumn and following months would be constant visits to his pediatrician for upper respiratory tract infections.

Parents for the fist time, its an agony to see your child who can't eat, weak and crying in pain. You'd wish on earth you'll have his fevers, chills, vomiting etc... Then comes spring, my eldest would end "sick season" with another attack of Croup.

Thankfully, two weeks ago when the temperature here started to drop, Lukie only had common colds which is fading now. Its no longer with the usual high fever and croup. True, immune system grows strong as the child ages.

Dylan on the other hand, in "succession", the little brother he is, had his first attack of Croup the other night. Sounding like a dog barking when he coughs, had a temp of 38°C yesterday. At least this morning he ate breakfast and drunk the fresh orange juice I squeezed. Unlike yesterday he vomits everything he takes in.

They're both fine, I suppose. As I am writing this, the brothers are watching Teletubbies while playing with their toys and bugging each other.

My third patient, makes me wilt in pity every time he shrills when he whoops out that phlegm. Poor Boogs on bed right now... sleeping. He is with a flu and before I started on this post, I fixed him the Nebulizer after his tea and lemon. I've learn from him that he too was prone to Respiratory infections when he was a kid.

So there, pretty much like going to the battle field and fighting viruses and bacterias 'dopo d'estate' (after the summer)......with which I should stop punching these keys and go start making the "power soup".

CARTOON CREDIT: Omni Health Services, Ltd.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008




When Lukie was in Kindergarten, they always draw grapes during this month. Now that he is already in Grade I, they're still doing it. My son already knew it by heart that this is 'Fruta d' autunno' (autumn fruit). I wouldn't be surprised if they wouldn't give the students a break from grapes next year.

Boogie said, if in Baguio sayote grows abundantly, 'uva'(grapes) would be it's counterpart in Italy. I understood upon going through some sites why Italians are so passionate about this sayote...eerrr I mean this fruit. I also found out from what variety of grapes Lambrusco and Cabernet Sauvignon are made of.

Italy is the largest producer of wines in the world. It is also the largest wine exporter...continue reading here: Italian regions

I didn't know that there are Italian Grape Varieties for specific wines. Pictures are also shown on the link.

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