Wednesday, 29 October 2008


For the fourth time this month, parents were asked to accompany their children to school and wait for the announcement if classes will push through that day. Its the teacher's way of protesting the "school reforms" that law makers finally approved yesterday.

Flunking pupils for bad conduct and having the same teacher for 5 years in Elementary are included in the said "school reforms" that angered students and teacher demonstrators all over Italy. More about the story HERE: Students protests as Italian Senate passes reforms.

Last Friday, 24th of October, was the only Friday we were not asked to go with our kids and Lukie was insisting its 'scopero'(strike). I calmly told him that there was no note sent by their teacher so there's nothing to worry about. Still he went with the school bus so preoccupied. Then Last night I told him, I have to go with him to school today and he said, "But its not Friday Mama!"...


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