Wednesday, 30 July 2008


Not that Irish's debut is "not blog-gable" but I thought its not appropriate for me to be showing such luxury when the economy crisis is affecting every part of the globe. But if I were her parents(Ate Josie and Kuya Rodney), I'll do the same. Celebrate and proud with what a lovely lady their little girl had become - no matter how much it costs.

I was a bit emotional during her party. I remember her as a little girl who usually tags along with his dad as she holds her two little sisters' hands. Then came the other "kids" or them who used to be kids and danced with her, I was shocked to how much they've grown.

Like these cousins of Irish, the twin brothers - Marvin and Marwin, who were just like Lukie when we first came here. Each arrived with their own girlfriends and I thought, time flew and knocked me off. I still can't believe they're young adults now. They used to be running around as children playing football when there are occasions to gather the Pinoys in Venice.

I'll brace myself for this next batch, around Lukie's age, soon they'll have that "dance". When that time comes....gosshhh, my eyes will be puffed and I'll look ugly from crying my heart out.

All the best for you Irish, enjoy the wonders of your youth!

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Notice the new badge? Its new from Teacher Julie's Greenbucks.How did they do that? It will link you to her site upon clicking it. Cool!

"Let's say we forget every stress, in whatever form and shape that comes our way and indulge in SIMPLE PLEASURES that we can enjoy alone. This is much like what we want to do during that Extra Hour where we spend "me" time. "

The Weekly Question #9:

"What are the 5 simple pleasures that will give you, well, simple pleasures?"

1. First on the list would be swimming for more or less an hour while my husband waits and looks after my kids at the beach. Its fun watching them on the seashore as I'm in the water all by myself.

2. At least once or twice a week, when both kids are dozed off, husband pops a bottle of red wine and we two enjoy our quiet time. Drinking buddy hehehe... I was a late bloomer for "alcohol", only when my husband taught me the "no breath gulp" that I was able tolerate it. I don't know why I don't have the guts to drink when Boogie is not around. Does that come with him being my mentor with "this"?

3. Its very much endearing to watch Lukie and Dylan play together when most of the time the big brother plays his rule - to make his little brother's life miserable.

4. My books, blogging and surfing the net. Its obvious hahaha!

5. A phone call to my family back home in the Philippines. So with my sisters, Ica and Matsay, who are here.

Saturday, 26 July 2008


Gerson is our new neighbor who just came from the Philippines along with her mom and older brother. Their Dad had been working on their papers and at long last they're here. He is of Lukie's age but twice the size of my son - in built and around 7 inches taller. I thought he'd be Lukie's "bouncer" when his dad came to introduce them. Gerson and Lukie will go to the same school this September.

One of my talks with Lukie:

Mama: Honey, always play with Gerson so that you'll teach him how to speak Italian.

Lukie: 'Non voglio'!(I don't like). I can't understand what he is saying.

Mama: That's why play with him so that you will learn 'Tagalog' while you teach him Italian. 'Povero lui'(poor him), he has to learn something before he goes to school.

Lukie: But, I have my own friends!

Last Wednesday, we dropped by their house and asked her mom if we can take Gerson with us for a swim. It was funny how my eldest and his new friend played in the pool. It was like a movie with only laughter and giggles for the audio. They've been jumping in the water, splashing and racing for the beach ball.

We took Gerson home and I told him he could come after lunch and play video games with Lukie. After 30 minutes, just in time for us to have 'pranzo'(lunch), he came and I asked him to eat with us. He said he already did and I told him that was quick. He answered, "E mabilis po ako e!" (I'm fast).

This little boy talks like an adult. He also thinks as one. Once her mom asked me an "adult" question, he understood and was laughing. Me, taken aback by the question said, "Oh my... Gerson knows that?"

I miss my Filipino tongue and our new little neighbor is a big help with his 'Batangas' diction. I like how he adds 'po' and 'opo' all the time.

Gerson: Tita, bakit po Italiano ang salita NYAN(he calls Lukie that when speaking to me)? (Aunt, why does he speak Italian).

Me: Kasi dito sya ipinanganak at yun ang salita nila sa school. Pati na rin mga kalaro nya. (Because he was born here and its what they speak at school. So with his playmates, its what they use).

Gerson: (Looking at our food) Kami kanin. Pasta lang po ba kinakain NYAN? (Us, rice. Does he eat only pasta?).

Me: Hindi naman, kanin din pero madalas pasta. (Not really, rice too but most of the time - pasta).

Gerson: (looking at my 'insalata'(vegie salad)) Parang McDo yan a!(Looks like McDonalds).

Me: Hahahaha....

Gerson: E bakit po marunong ding uminglis YAN? (Why does he speak Enslish too?).

Me: Kasi yun salita namin sa kanya.(Because we talk to him with it).

Gerson: Aba'y nong ininglis ko po e naintindihan naman. (When I spoke in English, he understood).

Me: Bakit, anong sinabi mo? (Why, what did you tell him?).

Gerson: WAIT! Aba'y hinintay po ako! (He waited for me)

For the remaining afternoon while they play car racing with the PlayStation, Gerson keeps on saying WAIT. But, Lukie who wants to win, doesn't seem to understand the word anymore.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Every third Saturday of July, 'Redentore' is celebrated here in Venice. Its a festivity highlighted with an hour of fire works from 11 pm till midnight to commemorate the victims of the plaque that took 50,ooo lives in the year 1577.

Residents and tourist take out their boats and yachts as early as 6 P.M. to flock the waters between San Marco and Giudecca. Others take out their tables on the wharf of San Saccaria, San Marco and Zattere and other places fronting the the Giudecca Church or the place for the fire works. In merriment, food is consumed as well as wine and beers while they wait for the main show.

Here is a very interesting article about the origin of this event: Venice, Redentore( A MUST CLICK)

Pictures bellow are the serene sight of Giudecca during ordinary nights.

This is the third 'Redentore' that Boogie covered. He is in a graveyard shift at work to sneak for these shots (lol). When I was pregnant with Lukie and when he was about 3 years old, we watched the fire works from Lido(an Island near Venice). The event is not suited for kids specially if you're near Giudeccca. Too crowded, deafeningly loud and too much smoke. You'll surely go home with a "black nose" ;-)

Monday, 21 July 2008


I thought the whole week's anticipation for our Sunday outing will be ruined when it drizzled after I took the kids to the pool. We were set to go and see the sand sculptures at Lido De Jesolo in the afternoon after the Formula 1 race. Its good it rained only for about 30 minutes and later went back into a hot summer weather again.

ABOUT THE COMPITITION: Festival of Sand Sculpture

The 11th International Festival of Sand Sculpture of the city of Jesolo is dedicated to China and the Olympics. Among the works chosen by artistic director Richard Varano and carried out by 18 sculptors from all over the world will be the Great Wall, the terracotta soldiers, pagodas and other symbols of Chinese culture...more HERE.

Here are some pictures Boogie took. An entrance fee of 1.50 euros was fair enough and the kids went in for free.

This is Lukie's choice by Damon Farmer of USA: The Great Wall Of China. I have just known from his site that a non toxic transparent glue is sprayed to hold the sand in place.

I didn't take note who made this. It was done great but IMHO, it didn't catch the theme.

My husband and me thinks this piece by Baldrick Buckle of Holland will take home the price. He calls it High Jump.

Horses will never fail to catch my attention so this one's my second fave made by Ilya Shanin of Russia:Show Jumping.

There are more pictures but I'm too sleepy now. I'll settle for these... and hope to show you the 'Redentore' Venice had last Saturday.

Sunday, 20 July 2008


Our late birthday greetings to Teacher Julie of GreenBucks and his son Julian!!!

Since its their special day, this week talks about
Birthday Celebration .


How would you like to spend your special day, your birthday?

Nothing beats a simple or grand celebration with the whole family back home in the Philippines. Every body's busy preparing their own dish. Thanks to a bigger cooking place and an extended dirty kitchen which I really miss when I'm moving in my small kitchen. My Daddy's 'pinaupong manok'. My sister Jehan's pancit. My sister Irish's Shanghai Lumpia and her sweet and sour or grilled Tilapia. My brother in-laws' 'pinikpikan' for soup. And of course, for the kids, Tender Juicy Hotdogs by Purefoods which I really-really love in sticks with marshmallows.

When there's money and we decided to butcher a pig, where a part of it we cook it the Igorot way producing a tasty 'wat-wat' and soup that will give you a "delightful taste sensation"(from Sponge Bob). Some portions for 'tinuno' I marinated and dinakdakan prepared again by Dad.

The desserts too are equally important. Fruit salad by Irish again and Buko Pandan I make sure is better than what they have at Greenwich. And oh, the chocolate cake made by Cramberry(or Cranberry, I forgot) Bake Shop in La Trinidad is really good which was paid at a very reasonable price.

Best part would be the jamming with my family, cousins and friends. Then my kids enjoying the company of "many children" running around. Once Conrad Marsan, a Baguio folk singer, joined us the last time Lukie had his birthday there and its like Le Fondue(Baguio Bar, not sure of the spelling) was brought to Tublay(my home town).

Day dreaming again, I I miss home!

Thursday, 17 July 2008


Its been more than a week now since Ingrid Betancourt was freed from his kidnappers in Colombia after held captive for 6 years. I've been waiting for someone to upload the video made by CNN: Colombia in Betancourt's heart at YouTube where she talked about her comfortable life in France before setting foot into politics. I guess no one will and the waiting can't wait any more. So, I'm posting this entry when all the elation on how she was freed is mellowing down.


Former Colombian presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt was captured on 23 February 2002 by the left-wing Farc (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia)... On 2 July 2008, Ms Betancourt was finally freed from her jungle prison along with 14 other hostages in a daring rescue by Colombian forces.

Speculations on the real story behind her release may be true or not, that a ransom amount was paid... some politicians made negotiations... the rescue operation was staged etc, etc. All these conjectures, I don't care at all! I am just happy for a mother who is reunited with her children.


From this next video, you could see the fury in Ingrid's eyes the flame of fighting the system. In anger she pleads but was captured anyway by the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC).

I admired her more on this video. Her weak but human side. Its okey to bare down defences and admit we need help and let our wounds heal first before we continue the fight. That's not giving up, its bravery.

I personally went emotional and took Ingrid's story as standing for one's choice. She had chosen to stand up and fight for what she believed and her family paid the price. Suddenly hugging young adults out of her children when she left them with little hands. She chose to be considered dead while she's still alive. God knows what else happened with her in that jungle.


Just as we choose to have the comfort of our home and family while others choose to save the world... help the sick and do all the nobility for the good of mankind. Sometimes I wish to be numb and be ignorant with what's happening around us. These makes me think and question my many choices in life. But, to have decided being the mom to my Lukie and Dylan - its the BEST CHOICE I've ever made!

Monday, 14 July 2008


We had a rainy Sunday with strong lightnings and thunderstorms. Eeesshhh... hailstones too, aimed our place down from gazillions of slingshots up there. The weather report says its going to continue the whole week. ---

The temperature is down to 17°C when last week we were in the scale of 27 to 35°C.

Yesterday morning, Monday, the sun would shine for 3 hours. Then it gets gloomy and later back to a bright day again. You'll see nearby islands like Venice and Lido, so dark with heavy rains for about 30 minutes. Then again, a perfect sky after.
'Dadal'lo'(hailstone for Kalanguya) used to be fun when I was a kid, I pick them up with delight and shove them straight into my mouth. Disapproving look from parents won't work as I continue savoring this nature's ice. Then I would wait for the verge of whips on my butt before I'll finally stop.
Its not fun anymore, look what it did to my precious 'gabi'. I've been waiting for those leaves and thought of the 'la-ing' I will eat soon. Now, its all ...."shattered"(hahaha)... "ripped" and "holed"(?).
Seriously, these "tempesta"(storm) that stirred us did a great damage on our Italian crops. When all prices of goods are soaring high with inflation, the effect of the 'dadallo' will worsen the present condition. Triple cost or more will make it hard for me to chew my fruits and vegetables(lol) soon.

Sunday, 13 July 2008


Hindi po ako hina-harass ni Reyna Elena upang iboto sya sa Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza 2008. Ito po ay isang timpakang pandangal na pinapamunuhan ng isa sa mga kataas-taasang blog sa ating bansang Pilipinas na si . Isang taunang pagpipili sa mga blogs na nakakakiliti at walang sawang nagpapatawa kahit walang tigil ang taas ng gasolina.

Number 1 – Reyna Elena[]
Number 2 – Mandaya Moore[]
Number 3 – Raqgold[Kwentong Kengkay ]
Number 4 – Sayote Queen[]
Number 5 – Chuvaness[]
Pinapakiusapan ko rin po ang mga ka-blogers na sumali po tayu. Para na po ninyong awa dahil nakabitin at tagilid ang ating Reyna na panatilihin ang kanyang ganda sa TOP TEN. Kung paano ang pagboto i-click po ito: Project Lafftrip Laffapalooza 2008 para sa paraan ng pagsali. Ito rin po ang pawagan na Lola para sa Reyna: Round 3: Road to the Finals – The Philippine’s Best Humor Blogs

Saturday, 12 July 2008


Teacher Julie started with, "In this busy world we live in, we do two or three things simultaneously. We cut back on our sleep. We clean the house while the food is simmering in the stove. We rush here and there. There never seem enough time to do all the things that have to be done. We never seem to have enough time."

Teacher Julie's 7th Question from Greenbucks:

If we set aside an extra hour each day to do what we would rather do and not what we should be doing, what would you choose to do?

Apart from spending quiet time with the kids and being alone with my husband, I'll choose to retreat with my books.

Before the computer was introduced into our household (hehehe), reading books consumes most of my spare time. Now that I'm loaded with my daily routines and taking care of my husband and kids, it takes almost a month for me to finish one. I used to read them in days and my record for a novel is 6 hours on the bed(lol). I remember that was of John Grisham's - The Testament. Gone were those days.

Speaking of books, I recently finished The Secret Life Of A Slummy Mummy by Fiona Neill. The author has a column in The Times Magazine - Slummy Mummy.

Its a very funny and entertaining book about a stay at home mother. Quoting from the above link:

"A smart, laugh-out-loud debut novel about a deeply flawed but endearing stay-at-home mom, a book for anyone who took Bridget Jones to heart a decade ago-and now has kids"...

..."Slummy Mummy: The Secret Life of Lucy Sweeney is a hilarious novel about the dilemmas of modern marriage and motherhood for those who never discovered their inner domestic goddess. Pitch-perfect and satisfyingly smart, it does for the stay-at-home mother what Allison Pearson's blockbuster bestseller I Don't Know How She Does It did for the working mom: It offers a lovable, flawed character who resonates, entertains, and undoubtedly has it worse than you do".

Friday, 11 July 2008


My Dad turned 64 today. I phoned him this morning and he told me we shouldn't have bothered giving him a celebration. I asked him how old he is though in my mind I knew he is 56. He said the numbers and I never thought those years flew.

He mentioned that the gasoline back home is 56 pesos and a cavan of rice is 2,000 pesos already. When we left the Philippines, gas was around 7 pesos and rice was 1,000 pesos for the best kind. He added, "I worry for the young ones. At least for me, I'm waiting for my years to leave this world. Life is getting harder, what will happen to the younger generation?". I held the line and thought of what he said. I later agreed because I can't find the answer.

Dad in 'Barong' with my Pa' in law before my sister's wedding at home

Daddy mentioned once before about pictures being the hard evidence of aging. After talking with him, he gave the phone to my sister Sharon. She was laughing as she was relating about my Auntie Mary's(his older sister)birthday gift.

When Dad was opening it, he guessed it was a picture frame and hoping high its with his photo when he was "baro"(a lad). To his dismay, it was his picture after a meeting when he was the Barangay Captain years ago. He was wearing Barong Tagalog and he shook his head while examining his gift. "Am I wearing jeans?" he asked my sisters and they chorused, "Yes you are!". Dad still in doubt, "No, that's not possible, I'm not that ignorant(emphasizing the word). Jeans don't go with 'Barong'. Then my Uncle Eddie(my father's oldest brother) came and confirmed its jeans hehehe...

Dad and Boogs: New Year's Eve waiting for 2006

My most memorable among all my Daddy's birthday was when I was 12 years old. My late Uncle Francis (one of my dad's adopted brother) came to join us. After dinner, my other uncle, Roger, came. A little bit drunk and he didn't know its my father's birthday. He was angry about my father increasing the worker's pay for a day's labor in our farm. There were exchanges of heated words and my father keeps on repeating that he only gave an extra pay because they came to harvest vegetables even if there's a typhoon.

My uncle couldn't be appeased and starting to talk about when they were kids which obviously "sibling rivalry" refreshed after so many years of turning into adults. But when my Dad said, "Ngantoy itan Roger? Bertdeyk pay niman ket"(Why is that Roger? Its even my birthday). My uncle's face changed - like water had just been splashed, so fresh as I picture him, cried and hugged my Dad saying he is sorry he didn't know. They were in tears and Uncle Francis joined them for a "group hug". After months, Uncle Francis died and again, short months passed, Uncle Roger met his end too on a car accident.

To you Daddy Danny, more years to come and always hang in there. You said getting old makes you of no use but that's not damn true! Knowing we have you there, there's always looking forward to going back home. You deserve every year of celebration for giving us your children the best years of your life. Happy birthday Dad and there's no day that we aren't missing you!

Thursday, 10 July 2008


You're at the right page! Its one of those 'girly thingy' we enjoy - "fickleness considered as a graceful excuse". A new template, new header and additional widgets.

Thanks to BILL From The Boondocks for linking us to when I've mentioned on one of my entries that I want 3 columns for this site. I am not good with computer "acrobats" because I'm lousy in following instructions. But with, their Installing the template in your blog is easy to do.

After trying more or less 10 designs, I settled with Blogger Template: PurpleRush. For the Background image, we also give credit to GRSites.

I uploaded flowers for the header at first but my husband said its 'pangit'(ugly). Then the one I have now, he said, "that's better!"..... Yeah, he is married to me, I'm convinced hehehe...

Another credit due for FEEDJIT and Google Translate Mini-Flags Widget to the added 'blings'.

Friday, 4 July 2008


Its been four months now since I last updated Dylan's baby developments: MIRROR,BOOKS AND STUFF. Summer last year was when I did the first one - Baby "D", The Explorer which was followed by THAT CHRISTMAS TREE .

We're all tanned now, except for Baby "D" - even though almost every day we're at the beach, the swimming pool or him enjoying water play in his little inflated basin. A brave boy floating there and gets sleepy while he is rocked. But, if he is out of the pool, you'll get tired chasing him. He thinks he can dive in. And, just today he thinks he can fill the big pool with stones and pine nuts as he keeps coming back and forth to get these from the swings.

At the beach, he goes to "nest" on others towel. He also roams around and gets the attention of people sunbathing with his fixed smile showing his teeth. He knows his cuteness is mesmerizing in exchange for touching their things that catches his eyes - like the biker's helmet he can't leave the last time.

He is becoming a dare-devil too. Aside from the bathroom door that has to remain closed, so is our bedroom door. He will just scare you off when you see him jumping on the bed and you're just in time to catch him from a big fall.

Then he'll lie down so carefree while you're trembling in fear wanting to smack his butt.

Another scary stunt is him climbing anything anywhere. The terrace is his favorite so are our chairs which are now all on top of the dining table that when its time to eat, its a hassle to put it all down.

He would always run for the door or the terrace gate like an escapee. I would do the same if I were my son rather than staying with my mom till she finishes her cleaning before I could play out.

"Clever boy", we call him because he knows how to get things he can not reach. He gets his little piano or his writing board making use of it as a stool. He also makes use of the toy sword, plastic bat or stick to get something from the table.

He also knows now that junk food are "the thing" and forcefully grabs some from his 'kuya' who is hiding it from him. I call this photo, "AHHH OISHI!"

So that's our Baby "D" at 1 year and 7 months. Now with 4 more new teeth growing at the same time. He who keeps on walking with either Mama or Papa behind him specially in the boat and in restaurants.

By the way, the old lady in the picture scooped him up in a restaurant and asked her daughter to take a picture of them. Thanks to my obsessive and compulsive(hehehe)photo shoots, my son knows his best angle hehehe...

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Got to answer Teacher Julie's 6th question from Greenbucks before it piles up, just like the "hill" of clothes for me to iron(lol). Yep, its still a hill and far from being a "mountain".

Can you describe yourself as a friend? Or how do your friends describe you as a friend?

I'm not really sure if how am I as a friend but I know I have a lot of friends real and virtual(on line friends)... and yeah, imaginary friends are included.

I'll give the describing a try and if you're a friend of mine, you may react violently in protesting my "make believes" hehehe...

1. Food is a part of my friendship. I'll cook, she cooks or we must eat.
2. I'm a sticky tape specially when a friend is down.

3. Your mom would be thankful I am your friend. Good influence po kasi ako hehehe...
4. No dull moment...corny included.
5. A very sensitive person dangerously combined with easy to persuade.

I wish my very best friend is answering this for me. Oh well, both mothers now each meeting our own family's needs. Two years ago back home in the Philippines, we keep on saying in one of our girl talks, "Ay apo NANANG tan enya? feeling ko ket high school ta paylang".(Omg, we're already mothers, isn't it? I still feel we're in high school)...That's in preparation for our next talk someday - saying, "Ay apo LOLA tan enya, I still can't believe it!" Then I'll answer, "Sika lang!" hehehe...


Grazie to Teacher Julie for this Flame of Friendship. I'm passing this tag to Beng, Hannah, Izma, Noeda, Dyanis, Layad, Ganda, Jane, Salome, Nikki and Miss Buguias.

The Flame of Friendship:

A symbol of spirit in unity.
The burning icon of love.
Undying picture of hope.
The hot symbol of oneness.
The Flame of Friendship.

And now it’s your turn to flame yourself!
Meet new friends.
Discover friendship.
Make bonds.

Copy this post starting from the PICTURE ABOVE to the end and add your blog on the list below.Let’s start FLAMING!

The People Who Accepted The Flame of Friendship:

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(now, you follow!)OOOPSS!! Don’t forget to invite your friends!


Tuesday, 1 July 2008


Last week's question from Teacher Julie of Greenbuck's:

Let’s try to be a little practical and wise and philosophical this week and answer this question:
What lies ahead for me (and my family) during these tough times? Do we know where we are heading?

Not only that "Global Warming" is affecting every part of the world. So is "Global Recession" and "Inflation Warming". Unless you belong to the richest people on earth, you will not join us in saying, "its the tough times".

I have an old post here: ON INFLATION AND RECESSION, talking about how we and our host country are affected with the recent situation.

That's how my head is thinking on how to answer this Weekly Question 5, talking about how difficult it is but my heart says:

"Tough what? You're still lucky!"...

...You don't have debts...

...You do not spend more than what the family earns...

...You have no car that can't start with out Petrol...

...You don't care if your cellphone has no "i"(iPhone)on it or your PC doesn't say "MacNotebook".

...You can eat more than 3 times a day while some people can't even have one...

... You're on the computer and blogging right now...

...Most of all, you have a healthy and happy family!"...

My heart was right and that's not denying facts. Its accepting to live the life of not wanting more, more and more . So, what lies ahead of me and my family? All the best, my WILL DECLARES and that is where we are heading!

Tina of My Good Finds.Org has a very good entry here: Economy and Life »... and we are ending this piece with her words, "think positive. It doesn’t do any good to think doom and gloom is upon us because it makes matters worse."

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