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Every third Saturday of July, 'Redentore' is celebrated here in Venice. Its a festivity highlighted with an hour of fire works from 11 pm till midnight to commemorate the victims of the plaque that took 50,ooo lives in the year 1577.

Residents and tourist take out their boats and yachts as early as 6 P.M. to flock the waters between San Marco and Giudecca. Others take out their tables on the wharf of San Saccaria, San Marco and Zattere and other places fronting the the Giudecca Church or the place for the fire works. In merriment, food is consumed as well as wine and beers while they wait for the main show.

Here is a very interesting article about the origin of this event: Venice, Redentore( A MUST CLICK)

Pictures bellow are the serene sight of Giudecca during ordinary nights.

This is the third 'Redentore' that Boogie covered. He is in a graveyard shift at work to sneak for these shots (lol). When I was pregnant with Lukie and when he was about 3 years old, we watched the fire works from Lido(an Island near Venice). The event is not suited for kids specially if you're near Giudeccca. Too crowded, deafeningly loud and too much smoke. You'll surely go home with a "black nose" ;-)



nice shots by ur hobby... come 3rd week of Aug, there's an International fireworks competition here in calgary,hope we could bring the kids to witness it and take good pics also like yours...

Tina of MyGoodFinds

WOW! Great shots by Boogie. Thank you for sharing Lovelyn.

I also love your new layout. I glad you were able to figure it out.

Have a happy weekend!


Ciao Dyanis,

Boogie said thanks!

Just a tip insan, Don't forget to use a tripod or put your camera on a steady-sturdy spot. Maybe on a table that doesn't shake or on top of a wall. Any movement causes night shots blurry. That was also "tipped" to us by a photographer.

Ciao Tina,

Likewise, have a nice weekend!

Thanks, lets say how long I'm going to keep this layout.

Boogie sayz grazie too!


The photos are lovely! Galing!

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