Monday, 21 July 2008


I thought the whole week's anticipation for our Sunday outing will be ruined when it drizzled after I took the kids to the pool. We were set to go and see the sand sculptures at Lido De Jesolo in the afternoon after the Formula 1 race. Its good it rained only for about 30 minutes and later went back into a hot summer weather again.

ABOUT THE COMPITITION: Festival of Sand Sculpture

The 11th International Festival of Sand Sculpture of the city of Jesolo is dedicated to China and the Olympics. Among the works chosen by artistic director Richard Varano and carried out by 18 sculptors from all over the world will be the Great Wall, the terracotta soldiers, pagodas and other symbols of Chinese culture...more HERE.

Here are some pictures Boogie took. An entrance fee of 1.50 euros was fair enough and the kids went in for free.

This is Lukie's choice by Damon Farmer of USA: The Great Wall Of China. I have just known from his site that a non toxic transparent glue is sprayed to hold the sand in place.

I didn't take note who made this. It was done great but IMHO, it didn't catch the theme.

My husband and me thinks this piece by Baldrick Buckle of Holland will take home the price. He calls it High Jump.

Horses will never fail to catch my attention so this one's my second fave made by Ilya Shanin of Russia:Show Jumping.

There are more pictures but I'm too sleepy now. I'll settle for these... and hope to show you the 'Redentore' Venice had last Saturday.




I just created a blog called Beauty Beyond Beauty (
I am intending it to be a blog where anybody who has something about beauty (except make-ups and beautiful faces)can contribute - pictures and articles. Authorship is open to anyone.

Baka naman you can join. I sent an invitation to a friend in switzerland, and someone in china.

This comment is probably not for posting here (?).


Those are not easy to build, at least for me, so whoever wins deserve it. Any middle ages castle sculture always impresses me. Great pics. Cheers!


Ciao Ma'am Chyt,

Sounds interesting, I'll check it out after this.

Finally seen the face behind the name. A cutie tease! hehehe...

Ciao Trublue,

Let alone a simple sand castle with the aid of a little pail, it won't stand perfect for me hehehe...


hmmm the only sand sculpture i've seen so far were the castles in boracay. seems that the chinese theme is the in thing these days. quite amazing, i'm sure you and your family had a wonderful time.


Ciao Izma,

Yes we did! There's this sand hill they made and kids went up and down jumping.

Oo nga no? Olympic fever plus China's domination in terms of anything cheap...from clothes to "gadgets", to labor(lol)etc... They're everywhere!


i love seeing these sand sculptures, too! hey, how about sharing this post for PMN: Travel? let me know :)


These are wonderful, Lovelyn :) Which sculpture won?


Ciao Raq,

MAybe when the winner will be announced, I'll be hollering my way to your site.

Ciao Julie,

Ala pa, we'll know by the end of this month.

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