Friday, 29 February 2008

The Linky Love Train Meme

My second time to be tagged by Bill of From the Boondocks. I went to his site just to copy his URL but got stuck there for hours. There's this video he posted and I ended up clicking here and there at YouTube. Seen this video of the BIBAAK at San Diego and they had a cultural show something. What amazed me was they're actually young Igorots who danced one of our native dance. Its cool to watch these youngsters abroad learning and keeping our cultures/traditions so as to not make them totally Britneys and Beyonces.

The rules from Bill's Linky Love Train Meme are as follows:

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For my add ons to continue this Linky Love Train: Seems I'm the last one who did this tag so I'm passing it to all who aren't done yet.

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Tuesday, 26 February 2008


My eldest son will be 10 euros richer tomorrow morning. Yesterday, I pulled his first milk tooth. After Papa took this picture, Lukie lost this tiny precious thing so tooth fairy's visit was postponed till we find it.

"After the long search was over" hahaha and "Papa's CSI lights off flashlight on", we found it on the table when we stopped looking further and Lukie's already asleep.

After school today, I pulled again his second one. Now, my son is sleeping hoping he'll find his "earnings" under his pillow in exchange for his hard earned(lol) 5 euros per tooth when he wakes up.

Here's our mother and son talk during dinner.

Lukie: "Mama, I'm not going to school tomorrow."

Mama: "Why?"

Lukie: "We're going to the mall."

Mama: "Why?"

Lukie: "We'll go and buy 2 cars(matchbox), big Crayola and more tracks."

Mama: "Why?"

Lukie: "The tooth fairy we'll pay for my teeth tonight. I'll have 'tanti-tanti soldi'(lots and lots of money)!"

Mama: "No honey, its not because you have money, you'll spend it 'subito'(immidiately) and going to the mall is a big NO for not going to school blah,blah...."

Lukie: "Va bene(OK)."

Mama: "Besides, its too cold for us to go to SME(name of the mall) and you are suppose to put your money in the piggy bank."

Lukie: "Ahhh SI(yes)! No school, lets go to the bank. Which bank?"

Note: Danger! He'll soon audit his money. Papa and Mama = busted!

Saturday, 23 February 2008

You Don't Have To Say You Love Me

Ang galing talaga ng Pinoy ano? Just extending my support to a 'kababayan'. I hope she'll win.

Friday, 22 February 2008


How would you feel if your former English teacher is reading your blog? Quite embarrassing for me and intimidating at the same time. I'm imagining faces of disapproval and shakings of head with my choices of words (lol). Ohh please, my grammar is out of hand too. I'm just "clinging on to faith"(hahaha) that blogging is my therapy for the frustrations of a raconteur wannabe.

Ma'am Marilyn and family

How about if you are the teacher and you're reading your student's blog? Ahah, that would be very interesting to know, don't ya' think?

Why the thought on these? I found my Business English teacher in high school at Friendsters. She's Ma'am Aussie now from down under.

Piolo and Troy

She has two gorgeous boys, both looking cool with the blond highlights on their hair(Sayang, can't be seen in the photo). I'm really happy to hear from Ma'am Marilyn Espero, one of the teachers I will never forget.

Made me think back of my student days of which until now I keep telling my self, "I should have done better". I was a lazy one who depends only on what I've heard during the lectures. Comes the exams and I just browse my notebook, I'm not that good in memorizing. Good thing, I never had failing grades. My report cards may not be that impressive but still has numbers that will make my father happy.I have a classmate before who is now a nurse in the US that during our history quizzes, he submits two papers with my name on the other sheet hehehe...Hey, speak up if you're reading this!(lol)

It would be nice to add this "Once A Student" as one of my categories. Yeah, Ill do that. It will bring me back to my younger and carefree days. Now the smile on my face is getting wider, means I have a lot to tell.

Cartoon credit:CSL CartoonStock

Social Climbing Logo Contest by Reyna Elena

I've come to meet Renz of REYNA ELENA when I posted this entry: AN E-MAIL AND PHONE CALLS TO OWWA . He may insist that all his achievements were possible because of "social climbing". But, I am not convinced. I believe it is his warm personality, happy outlook in life, frankness and 'pakikisama' or friendship that made him one of the top Pinoy bloggers(Uyyy sobra na atang sip-sip aning?).

He is running a contest (lagi-laging nagpapamudmod ng datung ang lola) here: Social climbing logo entries are here! Okrayan begins!. I have to "cast my vote"(hehehe) to make up with not being able to listen to his Radio interview here: Joy & Reynz @ Usapang Pinoy 2/16/08 on Blogging at Future Radio UK. 'Mahirap na', he might block me from frequenting his blog when I'm badly in need of a good LAUGH.

Prizes at stake:

Grand Prize = Php5,000b
1st runner up = Php2,000c
2nd runner up = Php1,500d
3rd runner up = Php1,000e
4th runner up = Php500


Entry # 1.) Chuvaness/Malen - Number 4

Entry # 2.) Chuvaness/Malen - Number 5

Entry # 3.) Pinoy Ambisyoso - Number 3

Entry # 4.) Kotseng Kuba - Number 2

Entry # 5.) 100% Batangueno - Number 1(Galeng nito, naging blond ang Reyna na ayaw talagang ibaba ang korona. At saan nga ba sya reyna ulit, ayun o sa may computer.Dala pa ang signature ni lola after stating the theme of this contest).

Tuesday, 19 February 2008


Its an old video and I just saw it 2 weeks ago. Showed it to my husband and I was glad he did what I did. Let's see if you'll have the same reaction like us. Mind telling us after you've watched it?


Tag: 5 Fingers Counting from Pinay MegaMom found here: Once I Caught a Fish Alive.

1. Name one thing you do everyday. – open all the windows and doors for "cambia area"(change air).

2. Name 2 things you wish you could learn. — ballet(lol) and scuba diving.

3. Name 3 things that remind you of your childhood. — mountains, beach/river, guava tree.

4. Name 4 things you love to eat but rarely do. — mango, 'wat-wat', pinikpikan and tapey rice with sugar.

5. Name 5 things that make you feel good. — my children's happy faces, massage from hubby, writing, phone calls to the Philippines and messages/emails/comments from family/friends/acquaintances on the net.

Your turn blogmates:Noeda, Jane , Hannah, Layad and Jhie .

Friday, 15 February 2008


'Donna'(woman), she reckons herself. "I think I'll "waive" my attempts to stand for Venus! To embody her being is enigmatic. This goddess' kind has all the power to turn ambivalence to their advantage. They are sometimes vicious or so I think." she started. "You see, I can't even understand what I have just said"! as she heartily laughed typing her thoughts.

Weeks before she'll turn 34, she told her husband, "No celebration, no gifts, no food. Just a quiet night with all my boys!". Which her husband readily submitted to thinking it would be too tiring for his wife to do the "usual". Usual as in inviting friends and family. One thing she lived up with having a birthday that falls on Valentines Day, everyone remembers. "Besides, I'm getting old. Its no longer fun adding the numbers", she convinced herself.

Her big day came and the husband went to work. NO "Happy birthday Hon!" NOT even a text message of "Happy Heart's Day" for her. "Oh, he is up to something", she tried to think as an excuse. Ten o'clock, lunch break and the phone never rang. " I said no celebration, not totally forget about it!", she told herself with her eyebrows now crooked.
The door opened and the husband came. "Look! He has nothing, not even a single rose!", in her mind the voices spoke. Still no greeting but the husband asked, "Adu ba nag-greet kenka?(Were there a lot who greeted you). She said yes and told him about her Daddy's phone call. She added, "Dad had pinikpikan and pancit. You know, a simple Valentines feast for them ". The husband answered, "You really are special to Dad. He cooked those for you!"
Earlier that day her sister said she'll be coming over. "Good, she'll babysit so we could go with our original plan a month ago. If someone will stay with the kids we'll dine out." she gladly thought. Then her other sister called to greet but was upset because her kids were sick. "Maybe it would be better if Ica goes to you, you need her more for help", she told her other sister. So, dinner for two was crossed out.
4 PM, 5 PM, 6PM, 7PM...She's counting the time. "Naah-ah, he took my words for it. Oh well, its what I asked for.", she now succumbed her defeat. She then started to cook for dinner but the husband said, "I thought we're ordering pizza?"... She saw light and rays of hope! "Yeah, brilliant! Had that almost two months ago. Now, I'm craving for it.", as the voices spoke happily in her mind.
Her son jumping saying, "Pizza! Pizza! Pizza and fries!" was enough to draw that joy for the day. And, ALAS it came! A humongous pizza with 2 variety of toppings on each side.
Then to her surprise the cake and the flowers came too. Her husband is holding 'em as he sings the birthday song. And there's more, a bag from Solaris which she opened. She took out first the membership card which she thought was a gift certificate for the spa. But, the card turned out to be a one year guarantee for the signatured sunglasses she thinks is too much for a luxury.
Maybe the food had cast it's spell, her little boys slept early and soundly - what a gift. "Hon, this is my best birthday ever!" she whispered to her husband before she affirmed it with a long and passionate kiss. "I am very happy", she added in between...
Tell me, isn't she harebrained sometimes? What she says, she doesn't mean and you'll get to pay when you haven't sensed it right. " It takes a real man to know what donna wants", she wants to believe. "I'll have my revenge!", she now ends.

Wednesday, 13 February 2008



How can I not have a Valentines Day post when February 14 is a date twice special for me? I was born 34 years ago this very day. Yeah I know, numbers are piling up so fast when you don't want it to. Comes like a speeding "bull" with wrinkles and fats hahaha!!!

Down the memory lane: Since I can remember when, every time I have my birthdays my Dad would always tell us the first time he saw his little girl. With me as the eldest, it scared all the guts in him as he took my mom at the Baguio General Hospital. "Andi e pilpilak mi nuntan"(We have no money that time), he never missed to include as he tells us more. (WARNING: he is my father that's why he has to say these:) "Naiamag numan e rupan Lovelyn." I better not translate that hehehe. "She was so pink with lips so red, She has curly black hair and eyes so brown"...

The part I like remembering most is when my Mama got her roses from my Dad when he came to see us the next day. My father had to go home the night before and I came out at dawn of Valentines Day 1974. Nothing catchy about this post. But, allow me think it is. For the reason - 'bertdeyk garuuud!'

Many thanks to all who remembered and had been sending blings on my comment box at you know where...WOWWW, feels great to grow old after all!

Here's a gift for you to read for Valentines Day: Lock Up Your Love and Throw Away the Key and In Rome, a New Ritual on an Old Bridge. Every Valentines Day, its always featured on Italian news. I saw a while back on TV an old couple in their 80's who said they too had their love locked up on this bridge. They never fail to come back every year and rekindle where it all started.


Hannah is my sister's batch in high school and our team mate, UNIT 4, in volleyball when we became the champion of San Jose High School Intramural 90-91. Her comment on My Lolo Ramon's Story: The Story Continues, deserves a space on this blog. I am grateful for what she wrote;

Hi Lovelyn,

Pasensya kan(Sorry). I took so much room in your comments section. Your post got me worked up gamin. Hee hee. In fact, I have a couple of quotes more that I want to share with you by Terry Pratchett’s “A Hat Full of Sky.”:

“We ARE history! Everything we’ve ever been on the way to becoming us, we still are.”

“’I’m made up of the memories of my parents and grandparents, all my ancestors. They’re in the way I look, in the color of my hair. And I’m made up of everyone I’ve ever met who’s changed the way I think. So who is ‘me’?’‘The piece that’s truly you.’”

We are everything that our family has always been, but we are also a product of our own time. We each love our unique footprints, and it is for the coming generations to decide whether or not to follow according to the context of their own time. Your post is an intensely reflective one, and I thank you for it. :)


P.S. You’re welcome to post this to your comments section, if you don’t mind losing a few more inches of room from your comments page. ;)

There's an unforgettable moment between Frodo and Gandalf in "Lord of the Rings" that comes to mind: Referring to the ever growing threat of the Shadow, Frodo said he wished the dark days of Middle Earth didn't happen in his time. "'So do I,' said Gandalf and so do all who live to see such times. But that is not for them to decide. All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.'"

We don’t live in such dark times, but we do live in a different slice of time than our forebears had. Not only are our challenges different, but so are our opportunities---all of which ultimately contribute to our life decisions. Yours brought you away from home. There is no shame in that nor should it cause you to doubt its worth. Life goes on and so your story continues. Continue what you have been doing; that is, making the most of the time that is given you to shape your own story while keeping alive the legacy that your forbears handed down to. Reserve judgment of your own legacy to posterity, and I have no doubt that your own pages will be full of extraordinary stories in the continuing saga of your heritage. :)

I’d like to add that perhaps your grandfather and your other "apongs" are marveling at your extraordinary life now. It is, after all, not ordinary to let yourself be a part of the larger world and still embody the hearts and minds of those who went before you. :)

Monday, 11 February 2008


Post 26: Lolo Ramon's Story

So how will this story end? I honestly don’t know. There are still so many events to narrate on how my grandfather’s children weaved their own unique web. Like when my Uncle Eddie earned his millions from hard work then had lost everything. But in losing all, it had brought him home and in nothingness he lived in the bounty of peace.

Another is how my Auntie Juling and Uncle Arsenio lived an early marriage to how they had managed to send all their nine children at SLU. To their travels at Kabayan Benguet and how they were known there specially by the farmers. How they started the Trading Post in La Trinidad. Then what was life after being with each other to finally one must join His creator and the other would stay to wait for her time to be with his love again.

It would also be worth telling how my Auntie Mary made a struggling business man in the person Of Moses Baking or the once known business tycoon MB11- Sto. Christo Vegetable Dealer came into existence.

The fourth child Auntie Betty’s story of why she came to Venice Italy. Then she went back home to teach at Little Angels (prep school of SLU) near the Cathedral till she became the Principal and was called Ma’am Beatrice Gragasin. This petite girl who once sings like an angel. To how she became the commentator or conductor to every mass held at the Cathedral till she finally stopped to battle her ailment.

And of course my Dad, Danny, on how he continued my grandfather’s leadership. How he served as a politician for more than twenty years and being our town’s Vice mayor. It would also be nice to compare what was politics during my ‘lolo’s’ time from my Dad’s. Another is how my father stood for his principle to serve Tublay. It would have been a chance to tell the real story about our struggles to pay from our meager earnings just for him to continue his fight against graft and corruption.

My Uncle Alex’s reason for leaving the seminary a year before he was to be ordained would also be very interesting to know. Then his reason of turning down SLU’s offer to be one of their proffessors and preferred to be a mere farmer. His days as one of the pioneer presidents of BIBAAK when the said organization was still starting. He is the kindest, most honest and wisest man I’ve ever known. Add his sensitivity and affectionate heart. He gave me a Louise L’moure book when I was still a groping 10 year old reader, a book I hardly finished and can’t remember what was it all about. I will surely miss his hugs and the comforting kisses on the forehead the next time we’ll go home. He died last Christmas when we were there. A Christmas lunch, an idea he gave to gather the whole family but wasn’t able to attend because he had a stroke.

The seventh child, Uncle Roger’s story as the Union Leader of Sto. Nino Mines after his cousin was shot to death - Their battle with the mines in making Ambassador people as their priority for job hiring is a good story to tell. And, how Uncle Roger died from a car accident just to shield his son.

The youngest, Auntie Gloria – how she had come to settle in Davao to why she eloped with Uncle Fando till they made it big in that City. How she had come to discover why a shipping magnet of Visayas and Mindanao was bearing my grandfather’s name. She may had opened my lolo’s long lost love back in the ‘hacienda’ – but our family decided to put an end to that. Introducing who we are might make them think we are after their money. If they wanted to know their roots, they would have done it a long time ago.

Most of all, it would have been a long story to write about my Lola Meding. Not only she had been a good wife, the best mother but also the super lola. She was suppose to enjoy her old age with the comfort of her rich children but no – she stayed and be the maid to her less wealthy ‘apos’(grandchildren).

Lanog was never found. Fontano’s children and the descendants of my great-great grandfather’s relatives are holding a yearly reunion. Last two years ago, it was held at my father’s house and I think the last one was in Nueva Vizcaya.

I have to end my story for now. My sister told me, How about us, don’t we have our own stories to write? What she asked left me wondering for days now. I’ve been thinking what extra ordinary there is to tell about us - the third generation. I seem can’t think of any and it even caused a blank thought on how will I continue my story.

Is it us or the world had changed? Is it wrong for most of us, the apo’s to be working away from home? We are here where everything you do is controlled by TIME. Its like we are only working for our family’s survival and we can’t help other people like Ramon did. What will my grandfather be proud of with today’s generation? Again, I honestly don’t know.

But deep inside me, my story will continue, it will never end. I have my children, nephews and nieces, they'll live to fill and write the next pages of my Lolo Ramon's story. To quote my father in law’s words, Children are constant reminders from God that life must go on. From this quote, I see the smile on my grandfather's face. " I lived a beautiful life", he said!

As I was writing this, my four year old son was also scribbling jumbled letters on his pad. He must have heard me telling his father early this morning that I have to end my story. Tonight my son Lukie told me, "Mama, I have to end my story". After writing some words he asked, "Mama, how will I write ‘The-end’?" and I started spelling the letters as he writes it one after the other.

This was how I ended this story on the forum where I first started to tell my Lolo's adventures. Weeks before I gave birth to my second son Dylan. I hope to write the coming chapters as I nurture this blog. THE STORY CONTINUES HERE...

Thursday, 7 February 2008


Coming back and reading my prior post, CARNEVALE DE VENEZIA, seems there is something missing. It is an article I tried to write for Pinoy Moms Network(PMN)- HERE: . Raggold, a hot Momma from Germany who is one of the editors at PMN: Home and Garden and PMN:Travel asked me if I could do the Carnevale for her.

Before Raggold's request came through my email, I did an entry for this topic and I lost it. Blogger had a 10 minutes maintenance work the very minute I submitted my post. Gone. I don't even have a copy of it. Its one of those days when you'll say, "Lord, why me?"(hahaha).....Seriously, my lost entry were more on trivias and how the residents of Venice regard the carnival. I'll try to do it again. Maybe it will get me back to my blogging mood.

Last January 27 (Sunday), we decided to go to Venice thinking there would be less people for the first Sunday of this long feast. We were to buy books for the kids and treat them out for lunch. When we got off the Motonave boat, just the first bridge going to San Marco Square was impossible to cross because of the thousand Carnevale attendees. The Flight Of The Angel was done that day which was suppose to be on Thursday made it worst.

The wrestling out from the crowd for the book store was worth it with Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss, Dick Whittington And His Cat by the Giunti Junior Books, My first Animal Numbers by Kate Merritt and the globe at same time a lamp. The lunch which was overpriced taking advantage of the event was still a hit. Though we have to wait for a vacant table before my eldest will savor that Coke he is excited to sip. Coke by the way is only during occasions and eating out for my family so imagine that look on my son's face after that chug.

From trivias to Coke, I think its coming back. I am blogging again but I'm almost done and I didn't write about why I am doing this piece. Sorry for I have to continue this next time as I need to visit REYNA ELENA and see his tag for me. For sure, I'll end up reading his whole week blog which I also missed and its sooo morning here after 3 hours(lol).

Saturday, 2 February 2008


'Carnevale de Venezia' is one of the oldest and most celebrated festivity here in Venice Italy. An internationally known event highlighted by masquerades where exquisite masks and costumes are worn in display by tourists and locals alike. The celebration starts on the Friday two weeks before Ash Wednesday up until Tuesday (known as Martedi Grasso) which specific dates varies in step with the Easter. For this year, Canival 2008 is from January 25 to February 5 and Carnival 2009 is from February 13 to 24. Showcases of the said dressing up as well as programs in lined with the event are held mostly at the Piazza San Marco .

This yearly event evolved from the religious practice of fasting for Lent that could be traced back during the 14th Century. "Farewell, meat!" ('carnival' in Latin) was the original concept of this merriment. Before Ash Wednesday and the start for the people to fast - meat, butter and eggs are all to be consumed. This religious practice became an excuse for parties and encouraged pagan activities. Then the Catholic church injecting religion, allowed an equally period of celebration from Twelfth Night until the midnight of Shrove Tuesday.

Today's modern Carnevale having the "Sensation: 6 sense for 6 sestieri(districts)", as the theme this year, had Rapper Coolio for the IL VOLO DELL'ANGELO, or the The flight of the Angel from the bell tower of the 'basilica' in San Marco. Instead of the usual Thursday before lent as the day for the VOLO(flight), it was anticipated last Sunday, 27th of January.

Private Gala dinners, grand ball, poetry reading and theater plays are also organized by different organizations making this month as the start of business establishments to pick up from the slow input during the winter. Portale di Venezia has the calendar of events HERE:

"Mardi(Martedi) di grasso"(Tuesday of fats) is the conclusion of the 2 weeks 'Carnevale'. Its a day of fat foods such as pork, sausages and the famous 'fritelli'(fried dough with raisins, nuts and cream(optional) sprinkled with confectionary sugar). This day at San Marco Square, the'liston' or obligatory walk is the last time to show off the best masks. It is also the wildest and happiest of the whole carnival period where in greatest acts of lunacy are saved for this day. Sometimes it is inadvisable to bring the kids to this closing event, the crowd could get wild taking advantage of their last day of freedom. An enormous effigy wearing mask is also burned at the Square and people will chant - "It's going, it's going, the carnival is going"....

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