Tuesday, 26 February 2008


My eldest son will be 10 euros richer tomorrow morning. Yesterday, I pulled his first milk tooth. After Papa took this picture, Lukie lost this tiny precious thing so tooth fairy's visit was postponed till we find it.

"After the long search was over" hahaha and "Papa's CSI lights off flashlight on", we found it on the table when we stopped looking further and Lukie's already asleep.

After school today, I pulled again his second one. Now, my son is sleeping hoping he'll find his "earnings" under his pillow in exchange for his hard earned(lol) 5 euros per tooth when he wakes up.

Here's our mother and son talk during dinner.

Lukie: "Mama, I'm not going to school tomorrow."

Mama: "Why?"

Lukie: "We're going to the mall."

Mama: "Why?"

Lukie: "We'll go and buy 2 cars(matchbox), big Crayola and more tracks."

Mama: "Why?"

Lukie: "The tooth fairy we'll pay for my teeth tonight. I'll have 'tanti-tanti soldi'(lots and lots of money)!"

Mama: "No honey, its not because you have money, you'll spend it 'subito'(immidiately) and going to the mall is a big NO for not going to school blah,blah...."

Lukie: "Va bene(OK)."

Mama: "Besides, its too cold for us to go to SME(name of the mall) and you are suppose to put your money in the piggy bank."

Lukie: "Ahhh SI(yes)! No school, lets go to the bank. Which bank?"

Note: Danger! He'll soon audit his money. Papa and Mama = busted!



Just when you thought you outsmarted your kid, he turns around and outsmarts you. lol Kids are full of surprises, no doubt about it.

It's good to teach kids about money management early on. My dad tried to do that with me, but I was just a hopeless spendthrift. lol Bad...

KK aka Tina

Hi Lovelyn,

The tooth fairy is very generous these days. ;) Your son will only get better at bargaining, hehehe. We almost have the same post about buying toys:

Managing money is very important to teach to our kids so that they don't come asking for money when we are in our retirement age.

Unrelated: do you know anyone is BSU?


Ciao Hannah,

You said it right. I for one is actually running out of GOOD mommy skills and wisdom. Makes me worry if I am doing and saying the right thing.

About money matters, that I'm worried too cause husband and me(husband mostly)buys anything that will put a smile on our kids. Disregarding sometimes the difference between NEED AND WANT.

Cioa Tina,

Yeah, during my time, only one tooth was paid with DOS. The rest they told me to just bury it if I want it to grow.

Wish us luck with money management(lol)

Don't know anyone from BSU but my sister Ica does.


Kami 100 pesos per tooth :)


Ciao Teacher Julie,

100 na compared sa dos lang sa amin nun hahaha.


Not quite sure what age when they'll find out the "tooth fairy" and "Santa Claus" were a "cruel joke" parents instill on them. Listen to them when they're old enough, it's real fun listening to them discuss their childhood experiences. Cheers!


Ehehehehe.. Biglang naging topic on money management. I guess it is always good to draw the line daw pagdating sa spending and money.

But I wouldnt know... Hehehehe... God bless sa parenting. I know it's a hard job.


never got a single cent out from my tooth and never heard about the tooth fairy... :(
have to start to learn how to teach my child money management, and maybe myself too, lol.
kids today, do they know more than what we knew during our childhood days?

Bill Bilig

Funny that I can't remember ever losing a tooth when I was a kid. Parang nitong tumanda na yata ako bago may nabawasan. Or maybe I was too sick because of the pain of losing them teeth kaya hindi ko matandaan :-)


Ciao Trublue,

I might be hearing them say, I'm a nutty mama hehehe, that would be fun for the one who fathered them(lol).

Cruel joke hahaha. Just got curious if your kids believed Santa before? Tooth fairy?

Ciao Layad,

Wen garud, we have to. They don't have parents as rich as Bill Gates to start with. Sila rin kawawa if we'll not teach them how to handle money(Lord help us! hehehe).

Ciao Jane,

For sure Jane, with the technology, computer, and other gadgets now, we're far behind during our time. That's what our parents felt too when we were "the kids". Just shows pana-panahon lang yan.

Ciao Bill,

Hahaha, second childhood milk teeth losing, wow pang Guinness met Bill(lol).


Lukie is too clever!

It's not a bad idea to start teaching them about saving their money early, though. You really should take him to the bank to see his passbook/statement.


Ciao MegaMom,

I mentioned we're busted because we barrowed his money to add up our down payment for this house 4 years ago.

Thanks and yeah too clever sometimes you wish he'll stop talking hahaha....

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