Friday, 29 February 2008

The Linky Love Train Meme

My second time to be tagged by Bill of From the Boondocks. I went to his site just to copy his URL but got stuck there for hours. There's this video he posted and I ended up clicking here and there at YouTube. Seen this video of the BIBAAK at San Diego and they had a cultural show something. What amazed me was they're actually young Igorots who danced one of our native dance. Its cool to watch these youngsters abroad learning and keeping our cultures/traditions so as to not make them totally Britneys and Beyonces.

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For my add ons to continue this Linky Love Train: Seems I'm the last one who did this tag so I'm passing it to all who aren't done yet.

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Bill Bilig

Hey thanks for doing the meme :-) And that video's cool but what's up with the red handkerchief around one of the guy's neck. Baka agsagsagana iti pinanyoan? hehe


I shut off the volume everytime I watch all the cordillera dances. Did the same with these videos but as the bottom video was playing, an Igorot Song or Baguio song I was listening to on my stereo rhymed better much with their dances (it was a female vocalist and she was real good: the song starts like this - Montanyosa a nagan, ili ti kaigorotan and somewhere in the middle she sings -no minas ti balitok, philex, balatoc ken antamok) Am sure you've heard this song, really love everything about it.
Great to see these young ladies showcasing their culture proudly. What more can you ask for. Cheers to them and you all.


Ciao Bill,

You're welcome. Oo nga nu, fashion statement nya siguro hahaha!

Ciao Trublue,

@ Montanosa song: Heard that lots of times before. Not sure if it was Lourdes Fangki who sang it. Gezzz, my memory is in danger(lol).

That's why I posted these videos. With their American tongue or on the 2nd video that the girl narrated something, for a while I thought Sir Domogan's English was redeemed hahaha....


lovelyn, wen sa ni Lourdes Fangki ti original singer na.


Ciao Jane,

Wen sa. DZWT isu, specially when there's typhoon to hear if its signal number 3 ta awan ti pasok hehehe...


hi manang lovelyn, i like the videos;-) i recognize a few faces from the videos, a multiplier friend of mine worked with them yata and performed in maybe the same performance in your video but here is the link:

this multiplier is a member of the 'mina clan' which i think has members of the clans who are well-known painters, singers, etc.


yes, i have heard (actually sang along with it) that song. if am not mistaken "montanosa" title na and yes it is sang by lourdes DZWT pa talaga...hihihi.haven't tuned in dun kc nasa manila ako wala pa radyo.huhu.


Ciao Djin,

Yeah, its them. Saw their videos and their BIBAAK happenings. Now I know why someone we knew appreciated their warm hospitality. Thanks for the link, its good to see these Kailians who're proud of their roots.

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