Thursday, 7 February 2008


Coming back and reading my prior post, CARNEVALE DE VENEZIA, seems there is something missing. It is an article I tried to write for Pinoy Moms Network(PMN)- HERE: . Raggold, a hot Momma from Germany who is one of the editors at PMN: Home and Garden and PMN:Travel asked me if I could do the Carnevale for her.

Before Raggold's request came through my email, I did an entry for this topic and I lost it. Blogger had a 10 minutes maintenance work the very minute I submitted my post. Gone. I don't even have a copy of it. Its one of those days when you'll say, "Lord, why me?"(hahaha).....Seriously, my lost entry were more on trivias and how the residents of Venice regard the carnival. I'll try to do it again. Maybe it will get me back to my blogging mood.

Last January 27 (Sunday), we decided to go to Venice thinking there would be less people for the first Sunday of this long feast. We were to buy books for the kids and treat them out for lunch. When we got off the Motonave boat, just the first bridge going to San Marco Square was impossible to cross because of the thousand Carnevale attendees. The Flight Of The Angel was done that day which was suppose to be on Thursday made it worst.

The wrestling out from the crowd for the book store was worth it with Horton Hears A Who by Dr. Seuss, Dick Whittington And His Cat by the Giunti Junior Books, My first Animal Numbers by Kate Merritt and the globe at same time a lamp. The lunch which was overpriced taking advantage of the event was still a hit. Though we have to wait for a vacant table before my eldest will savor that Coke he is excited to sip. Coke by the way is only during occasions and eating out for my family so imagine that look on my son's face after that chug.

From trivias to Coke, I think its coming back. I am blogging again but I'm almost done and I didn't write about why I am doing this piece. Sorry for I have to continue this next time as I need to visit REYNA ELENA and see his tag for me. For sure, I'll end up reading his whole week blog which I also missed and its sooo morning here after 3 hours(lol).



It's good to have you back, Lovelyn. :) I'm sorry to hear about your lost post. It's alright. A rewrite is sweeter the second time around. ;)

Bill Bilig

Still haven't experienced losing a post but sometimes I have problems uploading images when Blogger has some problems.

Hehe, mukhang istrikto ka sa Coke ha. I used to drink tons of it but I decided to cut down on it (especially the ice cold ones dahil sa tonsilitis).


Good rule for consumption of coke, Manang. It is also my mother's rule, but whenever we do drink coke, she will tell you about the negative things about it first. Hehehe...

Sowy for doing your tag so late, but at least I did it =)


Ciao Hannah,

Hehehe, I'll try. Baka ketdi kumarkaro.

Ciao Bill,

Oh no, no, no. That coke is my husband's rule. I'm one of those in hiding as I drink my coke when I get the chance hahahaha. Imagine Boogs taking away the glass away from me, that's how worst it could get.

Btw, I'm having problems too with uploading pix the other day.

Ciao Layad,

Thanks for doing the tag ha! You made my day!

Reminded me of soft drinks. When we were kids and when we get sick. Our parents will ask, "sipa e piyan mo, coke wenno sprite?"(what do you want, coke or sprite?"). So when that fever is burning us and had tied us on the bed, the bottle of coke gives us comfort(lol).

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