Sunday, 30 March 2008


I think I'm having my "second childhood" at 34 years young. Too early isn't it? Yeah, I am! Raising my kids and helping them see what the world is, made me realize I am also nurturing the child in me. Halloween costumes, Santa Claus, tooth fairy, Easter eggs etc... and recently "the circus", what a lot of fun. I sooo love being a kid!

Last Saturday me and my 3 boys went to see the Miranda Orfei Circus at Lido Venezia. From our place Cavallino, Lido is an hour travel with the bus and boat. We were 30 minutes early and we're able to get front seats. It was a costly cubicle we privately owned for the two hours show. But, it was comfortable and is appropriate if you have a toddler like our baby Dylan who watched the entire presentation intently like an adult.

It says on their advertisement that its Miranda Orfei Circus' second time in Lido Venice after 18 years. Must have worked to add that, I guess that's one of the reasons why I insisted for us to go and see it.

We were not allowed to take pictures during the show but there were so many of spectators who had been sneaking shots. Above photos are cell phone takes.

A fifteen minutes break was given before the second part and all were requested to see the animals outside. This was the part I liked best, seeing the animals and the children's joy and excitement were a show itself. To rap it up, were you ever told when you were a kid that you are lucky? I often hear it from my parents when we go for our family outings or we were given what we want, "Swer-swerte kayo adi niman. Nunta sig-ami e nga'-nga', andi e enges nyay."(You are luckier now. When it was our time, it wasn't like this). Now its my turn to tell my children they are more fortunate. They had seen an elephant bow and dance hahaha at their age. I hope Lukie and Dylan will tell their children someday that my grand children are the luckiest.

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Its not even March yet but commercials of Easter eggs were already parading on TV. There's the Gormiti which is the fad for little boys here and that includes Lukie of course. Barbie which we keep on teasing him he might be receiving from the Easter Bunny. Kinder Surprise which most of what friends and relatives had given our two boys this Easter. There's also Hotwheels that my husband bought for Lukie, it has the best toy inside which my 3 boys enjoyed playing after munching some of the chocolates.

Last week when we went home from the grocery store:

Lukie: (translated from Italian)Mama, I saw a lady at the cashier paying for 3 Easter eggs. I thought eggs are from the bunnies?

Mama: Eggs are from the people who loves you. The bunny will just get it from their houses and then brings it here. He goes first at Auntie Susan's, then Marina, Auntie Ica, Auntie Matsay and so on...

Going back to the "commercialized eggs", Here is the story behind this tradition before it became a business parade(here): Easter Holiday History, Facts, Customs, Traditions. Here are some excerpts from the site:

Eggs are a symbol of the new life that returns to nature at Easter Time. The custom of exchanging eggs began long before Easter was celebrated.
It was a custom of the Egyptians and the Persians. They exchanged eggs
decorated in Spring colors. They believed Earth hatched from an egg which contributed to this custom. Early Christians used red colored eggs to symbolize the Resurrection. In England they began writing messages and dates on their eggs and exchanging them with friends and loved ones. In the 1800's, candied eggs were made. They were open on one end and a scene was put inside. They were used as table centerpieces.

Rabbits symbolized new life and rebirth in ancient Egypt. They considered it a symbol of the moon as the moon determines the date of Easter. The Easter Bunny's visit is based upon a German Legend. The legend goes that a poor woman decorated eggs for her children to find during a famine. At the moment they found them, they looked up to see a big bunny hoppin away.

Saturday, 22 March 2008


Friday, 21 March 2008


noeda, sharon, irish, baby danica, jehan and lovelyn

Back when my Lola Meding was still with us, for a little girl who loves playing in the mountains or at the school ground near our home, Good Friday is a doom's day. We're not allowed to go out of the house, play loud or noisy games and sing with the guitar as me and my sisters usually do when we're gathered at home. "Jesus Christ is suffering and will die today", my grandma would always remind us.

Even our sibling fights are put on hold - a ceasefire and a silent agreement to be a little bit nice in respect to "Big J's" death. What makes the day really doomed is - there's no cartoon shows on TV and regular programs are not on the entire Holy Week.

'Sabado Gloria' (Black Saturday) was better. The family usually goes swimming to Labey, the river that connects Tublay, Benguet and Ambuklao Dam. Other times, we go to the small river at my father's farm in Babatan which is only four kilometers away from our place.

As I grew up and knew more why Holy week is observed for us Catholics, I hope I understood it well. A God Himself who became a man and knew He will be mocked, thrown stone at, walked through His death and later be crucified had allowed all these to happen with His reason of saving man from their sins. That's one tough true love for HIM to bare for us who are sometimes undeserving of these noble sacrifice.

I remember that distinct feeling of my Good Friday Fears. If God is dead, ghosts and "baddies" will be all around till He is risen the next day. That sense of "security" that Someone is looking after you is gone. Oh my, I'm glad that's just for a day.

Writing these down now is not at all about my Good Friday Fears. It turned out to be a reminder of how I am doomed with out "Big J", how I really need Him after all. Funny memories, its good they keep coming back.

Saturday, 15 March 2008


Here is a continuation to this post: Baby "D", The Explorer and THAT CHRISTMAS TREE . Its becoming baby Dylan's photo journal now for his grannies and uncles/aunties to have a glimpse of how fast our precious baby is growing.

Every time he grows a tooth, either he has a cough or a fever for no reason. As of now he has 4 upper and 4 lower front teeth that he uses in biting his Papa when he is sleepy or in a sling. Above photo was taken two months ago.

He loves mirrors and talks or laughs at the baby in front of him. He says "Atihh!" for "hello" as he puts his two hands on his ears. "Tsi-tsi" for "dede" and "mamm-mamam" at times if he is hungry.

I hate to admit, he might have taken it from me this mirror thing. Glass doors or windows will do for our vanities hahaha! Just look how my son emotes with his reflection.

It would always make Dylan cry when his brother Lukie will race him in coming to me. He knows now the power of "letting go"(lol)those tears as "the ultimate resort".

How amazing that the love of books could run down to the genes. When he wakes up and goes to the sala, straight to the book shelves he goes. Jan Pienkowski's Fancy That is his favorite read when he is with me.

I have to give it to my husband, my children love it when he reads them their books. Boogie gets all Dylan's attention while he reads My First Animal Numbers by Kate Merritt. He would change his voice to "arf-arf" or "moo-moos" and does actions with his fingers like a Lady Bug walking. ABC by Dr Seuss is also one of Dylans first pick among all their books.

When Lukie's at school, little brother goes for the "big books" or the Total Basic Skills by School Specialty Children Publishing that Lolo Mondax had been sending. I am highly recommending Total Basic Skills, these are set of exercises that will help your children hone their intellect from reading, spelling, abstract reasoning etc, etc... Don't miss to click their site.

See his naughty smile? As if telling me, "Ma', its your turn! You can fix my mess!"...."I'll take that nap now, please........."


Been shrugging off or just cringe when I watch the news on TV lately. They always tally the living cost from one city to another. They would compare how much is the bread in Milan, in Rome and other parts of the country. A typical household of four with only one earner is being taken as an example on how the monthly income is stretched. Results would always be negative and Milan has the most expensive consumer price index.

"Italy is in inflation and recession", you'd often hear. Price increase here and there being hyped up by the media and showing clips of Italian folks angered by the present situation. Watching them would always make me say, "In my country, it would be worst!" and "we're immune to such issues". Then I would reason out, if not more of in denial state, that people here are far lucky.

Its true, it just hit me and I would join the Italians in complaining. Our bill from VESTA came this morning, one of the reason why we're like obsessive-compulsive creatures checking out the mail box every morning. This bill is for the water, garbage and gas(heater, hot water and stove). I almost fainted (in exaggeration lol) when I saw the numbers 1,092 euros. An increase of 250 euros for the gas alone.
A need to review our expenditures and cut off unnecessary spending now. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, 11 March 2008


Women from "The Triangle Factory Farm"

I've read last year from "Italian's Insight to Travel Italy" about the origin of International Women's Day and totally forgot about it. Then for my post last Saturday, I stumbled on the same piece as I was googling for the name of the yellow flower we, 'donnas', receive on our "feast". With out confirming the facts, except for the biography of Rosa Luxemburg, I included the highlight of his story.

I became curious if not obsessed on the details of these women's tragic death after replying on the comments to my previous entry. It first lead me here: A History of International Women's Day"We Want Bread and Roses Too". How, where and when women from different generations worked for a common goal - to have a voice, to be heard and be recognized.

My further readings landed me to The Triangle Factory Fire . A documentation of the Triangle Waist Company in New York City referred by the blog I linked earlier. Though some corrections are necessary, I will leave you to do that.

Workers of the factory

Friday, 7 March 2008


On our first year here in Italy, my husband's co- worker "educated" him about today's feast. He told him that its called "PESTE LE DONNE" which means "WOMEN ARE PESTS". For six years now, that's what pops in my mind when this day comes.

March 8 for the Italians is consistently observed. Its "FESTA DELLA DONNA"(International Women's Day). Yellow flowers or the famous Mimosa flowers found on the painting above will pamper the ladies. Its also being given away by some business establishments and supermarkets. Offices too or any work place to their lady workers.

This celebration originated from New York in March of 1908 when workers of a cotton cloth plant went on strike. Complains of working conditions encouraged their outcry. The fight lasted for several days until the owner of the plant was overturned. He closed and locked all of the doors and exits then set fire to the plant. Burned to death, all the 129 women inside. From this tragedy, a proposal by Rosa Luxemburg that this day be marked as an annual celebration at the same time to go on protest for what this women fought for - their rights.

I'm sure my husband's workmate before haven't heard the story why this day is being remembered, it makes him the "PEST" after all!hahaha...Yeah, he was just joking. Duh!...So am I!

Thursday, 6 March 2008


On this post: ONCE A STUDENT, I mentioned about Ma'am Marilyn, my Business English teacher back in high school. She too had joined the blogging waggon here: My Blog. I was in cloud 9 when Ma'am mentioned me on her first post. That would then make me luckier than Trublue who said, "Most of my female teachers were hags and males were just pain in the butt."hahaha...
Hannah of Skraekja shared us her sister Ruthie's blog on this post - New Blog and New Blog Finds. Ruth B. by the way, is my higher batch in high school and OMGoshhh, she was very popular back then. An honor student, CAT Officer, one of the writers in our school paper and (take note)etc, etc... Really a stunner. She calls her site - My Misadventures. I haven't asked permission to write about her but she has one of the coolest job to consider. She talked about it here: Flight nursing! What a glam job!!! Not!!!!. Oh, did I mention these two brainy sisters' roots are from my mother's hometown - iTadian Mountain Province 'da ya'!(@Hannah, correct me if my delusions are hitting me again).
Cartoon credit:CSL CartoonStock

Wednesday, 5 March 2008


Sorry but, I just can't - "not" show you my excitement over our soon to be salad 'Camote'(sweet potato) tops(lol). Bought the 'Camote' for 'Bilo-bilo'and forgot about it in the pantry. It sprouted after weeks in "hiding" hehehe. I soaked it in a bowl of water and now, its growing out of hand in our kitchen. Hope to transfer 'em in pots soon. Something to look forward to this coming spring till summer - these with tomatoes, lemon juice and 'bagoong'.

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