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I think I'm having my "second childhood" at 34 years young. Too early isn't it? Yeah, I am! Raising my kids and helping them see what the world is, made me realize I am also nurturing the child in me. Halloween costumes, Santa Claus, tooth fairy, Easter eggs etc... and recently "the circus", what a lot of fun. I sooo love being a kid!

Last Saturday me and my 3 boys went to see the Miranda Orfei Circus at Lido Venezia. From our place Cavallino, Lido is an hour travel with the bus and boat. We were 30 minutes early and we're able to get front seats. It was a costly cubicle we privately owned for the two hours show. But, it was comfortable and is appropriate if you have a toddler like our baby Dylan who watched the entire presentation intently like an adult.

It says on their advertisement that its Miranda Orfei Circus' second time in Lido Venice after 18 years. Must have worked to add that, I guess that's one of the reasons why I insisted for us to go and see it.

We were not allowed to take pictures during the show but there were so many of spectators who had been sneaking shots. Above photos are cell phone takes.

A fifteen minutes break was given before the second part and all were requested to see the animals outside. This was the part I liked best, seeing the animals and the children's joy and excitement were a show itself. To rap it up, were you ever told when you were a kid that you are lucky? I often hear it from my parents when we go for our family outings or we were given what we want, "Swer-swerte kayo adi niman. Nunta sig-ami e nga'-nga', andi e enges nyay."(You are luckier now. When it was our time, it wasn't like this). Now its my turn to tell my children they are more fortunate. They had seen an elephant bow and dance hahaha at their age. I hope Lukie and Dylan will tell their children someday that my grand children are the luckiest.



It really shows how happy and excited Luke and Dylan are.Hope next year they will be back, for me to show it to Roldan and Noemi.
Kids are so lucky now a days and we are thankful for that.As I have said before,"they'll be kids just once, why don't we give them whatever we have for them to cherish and treasure".Hope that someday when they will have their own family,they will do they same.


Hi Ms. Lovelyn,

Yes, a videotaped interview would not be possible given the circumstances. Would you be willing to answer the questions if I send it through email? Or would you have time to do a chat interview? My YM ID is steph_rabia. Your blog is really interesting, especially your stories of Lolo Ramon (nakiki lolo na rin ako, pasensya na po. hehe) I would like to highlight it in my study and use your blog as an example of the orality of the Igorot tradition as seen in your Lolo Ramon's stories.
thank you so much :)
Steph Rabia


I remember when I was 10, my mom forced me to watch the circus. I don't remember much, all that grumpiness made me squint more. Anyhoo is that a bull on the last pic. Its staring right at your baby wearing bright orange pants hehe


Ciao Matsay,

Lorna told me this circus was shown at Jesolo summer last year. I hope so too, if they won't I hope I'll be around to nag them on how they'll raise my apos(joke kadi hehehe).

Ciao Steph,

I'll email you after this. Thanks again for considering this blog, such an honor. I hope you're doing the right choice hehehe...

Ciao Rubba,

Oh well, you're already 10, what was your mother thinking hahaha! Seriously, we told the kids we're sorry cause we don't know what it's called. Didn't realize about the orange pants, oo nga no buti na lang di nagalit yung animal na yun.

KK aka Tina

I think it's a good thing to have the moments when we tell our children how lucky they are that they are experiencing certain things that we didn't have when we were kids.

I'm sorry but I have sworn never to go to a circus. In my mind it's animal abuse to make the animals from the wild dance and do all sort of things that they don't normally do in the wild, I even think it's cruel to capture animals and put them in zoos for people to gawk at. Oh, don't mind me, it's just my opinion. I believe that the wild animals should be left alone to be free in their own habitats. Don't get mad at me Lovelyn but it's just the way I think.


Ciao Tina,

Its all okey. Husband and I are actually talking about it when we got home. We share your sentiments about the animals. Specially when at the last part we saw the hippo that was in tears.

I tried to reason out to make us feel good and I think we were both convinced - The joy they give these kids and the beautiful memories they will always remember is the price of being denied that freedom. Seeing the family time and happy childhood above the cruelness justifies the cruelty.
But I agree with you, these animals have feelings too, nothing is more painful than to be uprooted from your home. By force makes it even worst.


we brought louna to the circus last thursday too, wala, di nya feel hehe.. as in she wasnt watching at all, she instead played with the toys we brought with ud

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