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Here is a continuation to this post: Baby "D", The Explorer and THAT CHRISTMAS TREE . Its becoming baby Dylan's photo journal now for his grannies and uncles/aunties to have a glimpse of how fast our precious baby is growing.

Every time he grows a tooth, either he has a cough or a fever for no reason. As of now he has 4 upper and 4 lower front teeth that he uses in biting his Papa when he is sleepy or in a sling. Above photo was taken two months ago.

He loves mirrors and talks or laughs at the baby in front of him. He says "Atihh!" for "hello" as he puts his two hands on his ears. "Tsi-tsi" for "dede" and "mamm-mamam" at times if he is hungry.

I hate to admit, he might have taken it from me this mirror thing. Glass doors or windows will do for our vanities hahaha! Just look how my son emotes with his reflection.

It would always make Dylan cry when his brother Lukie will race him in coming to me. He knows now the power of "letting go"(lol)those tears as "the ultimate resort".

How amazing that the love of books could run down to the genes. When he wakes up and goes to the sala, straight to the book shelves he goes. Jan Pienkowski's Fancy That is his favorite read when he is with me.

I have to give it to my husband, my children love it when he reads them their books. Boogie gets all Dylan's attention while he reads My First Animal Numbers by Kate Merritt. He would change his voice to "arf-arf" or "moo-moos" and does actions with his fingers like a Lady Bug walking. ABC by Dr Seuss is also one of Dylans first pick among all their books.

When Lukie's at school, little brother goes for the "big books" or the Total Basic Skills by School Specialty Children Publishing that Lolo Mondax had been sending. I am highly recommending Total Basic Skills, these are set of exercises that will help your children hone their intellect from reading, spelling, abstract reasoning etc, etc... Don't miss to click their site.

See his naughty smile? As if telling me, "Ma', its your turn! You can fix my mess!"...."I'll take that nap now, please........."



Hmmnn, is Dylan starting to loose his baby looks already? Ahihihi!
I have a friend whose daughter not only looks at herself on mirrors but also smacks on her images :)
Keep counting the teeth, but brace yourself, he might shift his attention on you, aw!


Cute Dylan! I love his chinito eyes - just my type! ;)


Looks like he is, Jane hahaha... HE knows I'll ignore him and those bites work for his advantage only to his papa.

Ciao MegaMom,

Same here! My type too, I guess hahaha(or I have to say


Hmmm... I think Dylan may become a good actor someday hehehehe... May potential sa pag-eemote-emote sa mirror hehehehe...

Yap, watch out for those teeth when they come full circle :)


The second pic shows three front and two on bottom. TBIII is like that. Three front and three bottom teeth altogether. Real funny when he's yelling as six teeth are showing. He's gonna be one year old next month and an ARIES just like me. So Dylan and TBIII will be the same age actually with just a few months separating them. Just them becoming good, down to earth people will be satisfying for us.
Cheers to them!


Ciao Layad,

Oh he is a good actor. He knows that when he cries, his big brother has to give in.

Ciao Truble,

so TBill is Dylan's age-mate. Prepare for their climbing stunts. All our chairs were put up on the table.

That picture was taken two months ago, now he has 4 teeth up and 4 down.

Lapit na pala bithday ni Trublue.

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