Saturday, 15 March 2008


Been shrugging off or just cringe when I watch the news on TV lately. They always tally the living cost from one city to another. They would compare how much is the bread in Milan, in Rome and other parts of the country. A typical household of four with only one earner is being taken as an example on how the monthly income is stretched. Results would always be negative and Milan has the most expensive consumer price index.

"Italy is in inflation and recession", you'd often hear. Price increase here and there being hyped up by the media and showing clips of Italian folks angered by the present situation. Watching them would always make me say, "In my country, it would be worst!" and "we're immune to such issues". Then I would reason out, if not more of in denial state, that people here are far lucky.

Its true, it just hit me and I would join the Italians in complaining. Our bill from VESTA came this morning, one of the reason why we're like obsessive-compulsive creatures checking out the mail box every morning. This bill is for the water, garbage and gas(heater, hot water and stove). I almost fainted (in exaggeration lol) when I saw the numbers 1,092 euros. An increase of 250 euros for the gas alone.
A need to review our expenditures and cut off unnecessary spending now. Wish us luck!



Hei Lovelyn, good luck on the maths! 250 Euro is a significant increase.


Recession is worldwide. It's only heartbreaking that some people will die coz they can't afford the very basic necessities in life.
But I guarantee you there's no recession amongst Philippines Politicians.

Btw, how much is 1000 Euro to peso?


Ciao Jane,

Thanks. We really need that! Yeah, a crazy increase as my Italian friend said.

Ciao Trublue,

Oh, forgive the politicians, they don't know that word, better yet, it doesn't exist in their vocabulary.

I thought I've written the conversion to pesos, hindi pala. Its more than 60,000 pesos.


hi nice blog you have here, glad to know there's kababayan here, I'm from La Trinidad and an Ibaloi too hehe, nice to be here :)


Hi Lovelyn, I was browsing Jane's blogsite and came upon yours. I read some of your stories and this in particular caught my eye.

My husband has a cousin in Germany and whenever she takes a vacation here, she devours alot of mangoes, said its too expensive in Frankfurt.

I guess the rising cost of living is something we all have to contend with in any part of the globe.


Whoa!? That's how much you pay!!!
Some Italian oldies must have fainted forever and it's not amusing.
Yeah, that's cause for daily protest, hehehe...
Cheers to you!


Ciao Chant,

What a unique name. If we'll win the lottery and decide for another girl to add up our family, I'll name her CHANT. Ba'dew or day-eng comes to mind with it for us iCordis.

Thanks for the visit and I'll add you in my "must clicks" if you don't mind.

Ciao Dhang,

Saw you at Jane's blog too. I went to peek at your site the last time but I didn't leave a comment. Had to put the kids to sleep and was suppose to get back to the computer after. Oh well, I went ahead to dream land before they did heheheh...

You're right, its a worldwide problem we all have to compete with and strive to over come.

Ciao Trublue,

Hehehe, its a likely scenario - fainting forever...

Almost a whole month salary as said by the cashier from the bank where we went to pay.

We just "untrouble" ourselves with, "at least our home was litterally warmed by that amount".


Ay, Lovelyn, here in the Philippines, sanay na yata ang mga tao so recession is not news anymore. One time, we were looking at a flyer of a pizza restaurant and I was amazed at the price of a family size pizza, 2 plates of pasta and a liter of softdrinks. Almost PhP600.00. Yeah right, half a cavan of rice for the price of a pizza meal.


i missed those 99 baht only clothes in bangkok. i missed those 35 only jollibee kiddie meals in pinas ngayon kasi e 65 pesos na. at pagbalik namin dito sa germany, yung pang grocery namin for the weekend, pwede ng pang isang buwan ng grocery dyan sa pinas.. kakabaliw. budget time talaga.


Ciao Raggold,

Hay naku sinabi mo, a week's budget for us here e pang isang buwan sa atin. Miss ko rin tuloy ang Jollibee.

KK aka Tina

Wow! is that per month? We had a 50% power hike too here in Maryland. We really feel the squeeze everywhere.

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