Tuesday, 25 March 2008


Its not even March yet but commercials of Easter eggs were already parading on TV. There's the Gormiti which is the fad for little boys here and that includes Lukie of course. Barbie which we keep on teasing him he might be receiving from the Easter Bunny. Kinder Surprise which most of what friends and relatives had given our two boys this Easter. There's also Hotwheels that my husband bought for Lukie, it has the best toy inside which my 3 boys enjoyed playing after munching some of the chocolates.

Last week when we went home from the grocery store:

Lukie: (translated from Italian)Mama, I saw a lady at the cashier paying for 3 Easter eggs. I thought eggs are from the bunnies?

Mama: Eggs are from the people who loves you. The bunny will just get it from their houses and then brings it here. He goes first at Auntie Susan's, then Marina, Auntie Ica, Auntie Matsay and so on...

Going back to the "commercialized eggs", Here is the story behind this tradition before it became a business parade(here): Easter Holiday History, Facts, Customs, Traditions. Here are some excerpts from the site:

Eggs are a symbol of the new life that returns to nature at Easter Time. The custom of exchanging eggs began long before Easter was celebrated.
It was a custom of the Egyptians and the Persians. They exchanged eggs
decorated in Spring colors. They believed Earth hatched from an egg which contributed to this custom. Early Christians used red colored eggs to symbolize the Resurrection. In England they began writing messages and dates on their eggs and exchanging them with friends and loved ones. In the 1800's, candied eggs were made. They were open on one end and a scene was put inside. They were used as table centerpieces.

Rabbits symbolized new life and rebirth in ancient Egypt. They considered it a symbol of the moon as the moon determines the date of Easter. The Easter Bunny's visit is based upon a German Legend. The legend goes that a poor woman decorated eggs for her children to find during a famine. At the moment they found them, they looked up to see a big bunny hoppin away.



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That is one huge chocolate egg! Must be as big as the ostrich egg I posted about, LOL!


Look at your boys' reaction. Lukie looks very excited while Dylan is up to eating the whole thing, hahaha.Jade did have a share of an early easter egg in a quite odd way.Guess what, she simply picked up one "kinder" something from the store while I was picking up a stuff to buy.She opened it up and breaked the chocolate egg.I had to buy it for her even if she was having cough and colds at that time. I munched most part of the chocolate, she had the little toy inside for herself anyway, lol.


ahahaha, kaya naman we always hide those eggs and the gifts... although we do tell them that the easter bunny needs help in buying and carrying the gifts so sometimes the parents must help :D


Hmmm... Ganun pala ung origin? Hehehehe... Talagang balak ni Lukie kainin ung big choco ah :)


Ciao Stephanie,

Sorry for responding just now. I'll email you soon regarding this. About the video interview guess that's not possible. Maybe it would be better if you also contact Iboondock blogger - Just click around my blog rolls.

Btw, such an interesting and unique topic you got there. Good luck.

Ciao again and thanks for adding up this blog in your research study.

Ciao Megamom,

Its always been that big and ends up in the bin sometimes or we are forced to bake cakes making use of it para hindi sayang.

Ciao Jane,

Made me remember my niece who broke a set of expensive drinking glasses at Tiong San Bazar. How her mom, my sister, blushed while paying it on the counter.

Ciao Raggold,

Just shows they're growing fast. Nagkaka-isip na sila. Soon the magic of these make believes will be gone. I don't even want to think about it hehehe...

Ciao Layad,

When I blogged about it saka ko nga rin nalaman e.

KK aka Tina

That's one humongous egg that Dylan is biting into. My Little K still believes in the Easter Bunny, I'm just getting along with it. Childhood is such a magical and enchanting age but so short. I just enjoy the way the children's eyes light up with very simple things that they believe is given by someone magical.


Ciao Tina,

That's even the smallest one they're giving away here. Those usual little ones the size of a regular egg is for ordinary days.

I love what you said: Childhood is such a magical and enchanting age but so short... its very true!

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