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On this post: ONCE A STUDENT, I mentioned about Ma'am Marilyn, my Business English teacher back in high school. She too had joined the blogging waggon here: My Blog. I was in cloud 9 when Ma'am mentioned me on her first post. That would then make me luckier than Trublue who said, "Most of my female teachers were hags and males were just pain in the butt."hahaha...
Hannah of Skraekja shared us her sister Ruthie's blog on this post - New Blog and New Blog Finds. Ruth B. by the way, is my higher batch in high school and OMGoshhh, she was very popular back then. An honor student, CAT Officer, one of the writers in our school paper and (take note)etc, etc... Really a stunner. She calls her site - My Misadventures. I haven't asked permission to write about her but she has one of the coolest job to consider. She talked about it here: Flight nursing! What a glam job!!! Not!!!!. Oh, did I mention these two brainy sisters' roots are from my mother's hometown - iTadian Mountain Province 'da ya'!(@Hannah, correct me if my delusions are hitting me again).
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Thanks for the special mention, Lovelyn. You're too kind. :)

I didn't really ask permission to post my sister's blog anywhere, either. For that matter, I think I just kinda hijacked ya'll's blog addresses and posted them all over the place. I figured, "Who doesn't want publicity?!" Hahah. (Kapal ko, 'no?)

Anyway, I didn't know your mom is iTadian. I wonder if she knew my aunt and her husband. Hmmm...if we look high enough in our family trees, I'm sure we're related. :D My dad's roots are in Balaoa and my mom's is in Banao, Bauko.


don't worry lovelyn, you're not the only person who added Ruth's blog right away w/o asking her permission. we have her sister to reference from anyway, lol. yeah, i love her stories about her new job and like what I told Hannah, i'm like "watching a medical TV series" :)


Ciao Hannah,

You're very welcome Hannah!

Oh, I know one who doesn't want publicity, Bill and I knows who hehehe...

Don't exactly know where in Tadian but both my mom's parents are from there. Then came to Itogon for the mines. Cousin do drop by before, Dulaycan-Calboro-Laita Clan. I'd be very glad to be related to your family Hannah.

Ciao Jane,

SAgot ni ading isu?(lol)

You're right, Ruth's blog is like watching a medical TV series.


Kunak no namintakel nga iBenguet ka, Lovelyn. :D I can't say your clan rings a bell. Both my parents stem from Mt. Province ngem laking Trinidad ak. Haan ko nga indakelan nga nang ammo ti family tree mi. Sayang garud.


Ciao Hannah,

Not yet sayang, you're still young and you can ask

My wish is to see Tadian someday. Our cousins there looks more like Chinese. Hope to know their stories too.


Put down "Visit Tadian" on your list of 1001 things to do before you die. lol Pati siak, I'd love to go there again. I hardly remember it now except where my aunt lives.


Your English teacher has a very nice post about texting (what's sms?), too bad couldn't comment as it required password.

Believed there was a lovely girl from Tadian (Ting family), I think.
Most of my age mates at that time were going nuts on her, was gonna jump in the band wagon but was quite full, adu ti agbibitin uray la matin-tin-nag dan (Ganda, okay ba ang spelling?), hehehe....
Know most of the Marrero's, though.
Cheers and goodhealth to all.


Yep, long list. See you there!hahaha.

Ciao Trublue,

Hahaha she must be a cousin(joke-joke)! Adda pay agbitbitin hehehe... Know lots of Marreros too, one is also my English teacher.

SMS is texting too. Don't know what those letters stands for though. Me too, I can't comment on her blog. It has something to do with my computer, it can't get through.

Jane 101

Lovelyn, SMS stands for Short Message Service :)


Thanks Jane!

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