Saturday, 30 January 2010


For Lukie, Burnham Park is the park with many children. For me its where every Baguio kid had his or her photo taken. Of which, it got me wondering where had all the old photographers gone, as I was writing this. A thought came too that a child may had gone to school, became a doctor, a lawyer or a nurse and tributes his or her success from his or her father taking pictures at the park. It would be a very beautiful story aside from the childhood memories dear to us of having been a part of this place.

It was newly renovated. I think the see-saws and that big circle sort of a swing is being preserved, considering it as historical heritage like the two elephants. Still there, they just refreshed the paint. Maybe it would be better if they cover all the ground with pebbles or sand because green grasses can't seem to grow. More or less, I hope the city government will continue to take care of the park. They're not only giving laughters to a child but also giving back to the site that once gave them smiles.

Here are some of our photos from our point and shoot. Lucky for our kids to play where their Mama and Papa used to run around. Thanks to Baguio people concerns, Burnham Park is still there.

Wednesday, 27 January 2010


... in posting this video.

Saturday, 9 January 2010


Yuletide of 2008, after an overseas call to my sister Irish, I told my husband, "Next Christmas, let's make sure we will spend it with Pa (Boogie's father)". He asked me why and I told him about the Christmas party at the YMCA where my father in law invited my sister and his husband Do'. Pa jokingly introduced them as his kids and people really thought they were my father in law's "extra" children - finally revealed.

Pa's friends and colleagues knew there's already a Beng (my sister in law) and a Boogie. Someone got confused if he is delivering one of his Ifugao anecdotes. A man desperate for the truth, he cornered my sister Irish and asked if she's really Pa's daughter.

Like any other Filipino working away from his country, fare going home to the Philippines is one of the reason why he/she lines up a lotto booth just to get hold of that lucky ticket. Which my husband is sure, that I do not stood the chance. He knows I seldom buy or most often forget that I need to bet before I can win.

I would still say God is great... or faith is good or a higher force somewhere had been kind that I am now about to write our "Christmas At Home", needless of winning the lottery. Though the irony of having made it possible never fail to dampen my eyes.

Had it not been for the generosity my late employer Diego, the unusual thick snow that blanketed Venice, would have confined me and my kids in our little abode here in Italy during the holidays. Instead, we got to spend it with 3 sets of kins and in three different homes in the Philippines.

After Diego's tragic death, his son handed me an opened envelop which his father left for me. I thought its a list of things I have to do in his house or maybe a goodbye letter (I honestly prefer to have during that time). Diego's gift made us buy our plane ticket six months before our flight. A Christmas gift for my family specially for Dylan who has yet to meet his Lolo Mondax and Lolo Danny - the two grannies who will always be our reason to board that long flight back home.

Its been 13 days now that we're back here in Italy. Last week, Lukie asked me, " What day would it be when we go again to the Philippines, Monday? Where will be our stop over?"... I told him that we have to hang the 2010 Calendar first then the 2011 next year before we will know what day would it be...(to be continued)...

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