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For Lukie, Burnham Park is the park with many children. For me its where every Baguio kid had his or her photo taken. Of which, it got me wondering where had all the old photographers gone, as I was writing this. A thought came too that a child may had gone to school, became a doctor, a lawyer or a nurse and tributes his or her success from his or her father taking pictures at the park. It would be a very beautiful story aside from the childhood memories dear to us of having been a part of this place.

It was newly renovated. I think the see-saws and that big circle sort of a swing is being preserved, considering it as historical heritage like the two elephants. Still there, they just refreshed the paint. Maybe it would be better if they cover all the ground with pebbles or sand because green grasses can't seem to grow. More or less, I hope the city government will continue to take care of the park. They're not only giving laughters to a child but also giving back to the site that once gave them smiles.

Here are some of our photos from our point and shoot. Lucky for our kids to play where their Mama and Papa used to run around. Thanks to Baguio people concerns, Burnham Park is still there.


Jane 101

Hi Lovelyn,

Oh yeah, Burnham Park is Burnham Park despite the current issue about the Athletic Bowl subject to Korean invasion... (saw it from Baguio Insider's blog)
Nainggit ako sis, I will bring my kids there too :) We have our own memoirs of the place (but got burned you know). I still remember the fountain (meron pa ba yun) and Flynn falling (she got soaked yeah) into it. hihihi. Hubby has his own souvenir picture by the lake.
Definitely, the vendors are still around there, and the biking area as well. Yay, sidecar for me as usual, if ever I take my girls for a ride, hahaha.

Thanks for sharing the pictures. I'm a fan as usual.

Hei, what's about the "something came up"? I hope you'll let us know soon.



It's great to know Burnham Park is still alive and thriving. I'd love to stroll through the park again and relive some of my childhood there. It was the ultimate playground for us then and, you are so right, it's wonderful to see the kids create their own memories there, too.

On a side note, I started a 28 Days of Gratitude challenge on my blog. I hope you'll join me. :)

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