Wednesday, 3 February 2010


When you forgot why you loved writing, you should remind yourself why you love it in the first place. Try also to dwell upon what or who inspires you to create these set of words and made you believe the silliest idea that you can really write.

Lately, I contented myself in becoming a passive reader to blogs I frequent. In turn, it made me lost my confidence to even type the first word of whatever thought I'm trying to compose. The morale is lost. Its wrong but how can you sustain tenacity when you read other's work - overflowing with substance and perfectly fitted words sounding harmoniously?

Its been three days now since I punched in my first paragraph and this is how far(or not) I had gone. "My eyes are heavy, I need to sleep"..... "My back hurts, I need to rest".... "Grumbling tummy, I must eat".... All but excuses for time lost.

Nevertheless, I'm submitting this entry to BOOST THE BLOGGER in me, in us who are make believers that we are "word slingers". Let's keep on convincing ourselves that what we write is what we are, its our story. Dull, deep or empty we may sound, its okay. We never know, we might be what makes other read, laugh, cry, get angry et all...

Now, let me have Stephen King speak to me when he once said, "No, its not a very good story - its author is busy listening to other voices to listen closely as he should have to the one coming from inside."

So, I write again...



Hi, Lov. I can certainly relate to that. I sometimes find myself wishing I could write "like that", especially when a writer is able to express emotions, opinions, etc. that I have difficulty with. Plainly speaking, moments like that suck. lol

Still, it helps not to lose sight of the fact that our insecurity comes from our desire to become better writers. It's coming from a good place. Let them inspire you instead.

The Stephen King quote is spot on. My poorest writings are forced, ones that are "outside-inspired". My best ones are purely mine, all me--my gut reactions, sincere feelings, honest observations, etc.--and I've written them for no other reason than to express them.

"what we write is what we are, its our story"
YES, and how we write it is part of the story. The personal quality of your blog comes across very clearly because of your own distinctive writing style, and that's what makes it very engaging as well.

"...we might be what makes other read, laugh, cry, get angry et all..."
Exactly. Not "might" but "definitely". Your stories written in your own voice is the magnet that keeps us coming back. :)


'Trueness' Hannah! I've only realized from your comment that these insecurities are actually inspiration if you allow it to be. If you let it ruin you, you're the loser and that really sucks lols...

" we write, it is a part of the story" and "I've written them for no other reason than to express them" - beautiful words Hannah, beautiful. Grazie, multo gentile!


Looking forward to your next post! *hugs*

Jane 101

All I can say is "AMEN" to your exchanges girls!
Keep on writing Lovelyn...
And as always, I'm always around looking forward to every new post in your blog. Cheers!


Thanks Hannah and Jane! Its great to have encouraging friends... How about all of us having coffee or tea together? Nagmayat siguro enya. I'm hoping and praying for that day to come.

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