Tuesday, 31 March 2009


"You've been punked!", that's how they call it now. Or at least for me, who watches the show (sometimes). Happy fooling around folks. Be gentle hehehehe....

Was pranked once, back in fourth year high school. My first and last, which made me mark this day. Juline, a schoolmate, told me I was being asked to report at the guidance office. I thought the new guidance counselor was fed up of me for not liking her. Oh well, being young and inconsiderate, Ma'am Mabutas absorbed my anger towards the leaving of Sir Ren(our school's former guidance counselor). Old story resolved, I was sorry and Ma'am Mabutas understood. I thought I would be grilled for that.

So I went to the office and Ma'am De Leon, our English teacher and Ma'am Mabutas were there. So I've known, I've been fooled. I went back to our classroom and I saw Galo, another classmate of mine. I told him Ma'am Mabutas wants him in her office (yeah, walang(no) originality) and I told him, "halaka, ag-ung-unget pay"(she's angry). He went. Sweet revenge!

Saturday, 28 March 2009


Just love the sound of those words. Besides, "no can think" of what title to use out of "no can think" of what to write. Whatever... Indulge anyway and let's see where we'll be heading.


March 21, spring started officially and we're still as cold as our winter. The heater is still on after paying more than a thousand euro gas bill. The bill that shocked my husband ( still shocks him when we paid the same amount last year). Thanks to my son's school, where 'pidocchi' (lice) was prevalent for the previous months but is now contained (thanks to a 13 euro shampoo that pharmacies disposed before it expires), the husband paid the gas bill in less "agony".


Work is good. my boss is so generous, so is her ex wife whom I had lunch with last Friday. My first time to taste 'torta salata'(salted cake). More of a pie topped with spinach and 4 kinds of cheese. Ricotta, mozzarella, cheddar and grana. Heaven. Italians must have all the reasons to be known for their cooking.

PICTURE CREDIT:Lo spicchio d'aglio - Ricette di cucina on-line -

The lunch was made more perfect with our laughter. We talked about my kids and her two grown up kids. Gosh, "feminist" was all over her and I liked her more when she talks about "multi-tasking". How she described her passed juggling of mothering, home making, "wifing" and now, the job that pays her new car, Clinique Skin Care and gym fee. A once a month meal with Marina, can't wait what's for April.


Back to my boss' generosity. He gave me two bottles of red wine last Friday. His supplies came last week. He said he has this friend in Barolo('La Querciola' Farm) who just started the business and produces excellent world class wines. Because of the on going economic crisis, long time wineries who already made names out of their wines had dropped their prices. To be able to compit or at least generate his capital or investment, my boss' friend from Barolo sells his products at a bargain too. And before he goes bankrupt, he sent his wines to all his friends, imposing them to pay of course.

I had seen the label of my share of bottles dating 2004. Hhmmnn, can't wait to to taste this five years old fermented grapes(lol), maybe tonight.


Been jogging intensely, if one hour 3 times a week is considered intense. Yoga too for almost everyday and less rice and pasta. Hmmfff, those minute(read as "may-nuyt" lolz) hard shed pounds easily comes back in one gobble of carbs and a pound of steak. Regardless, minute is better than nothing or gaining, me thinks.

One thing I noticed, staying fit and eating ideal food is quite expensive. Cereals for breakfast. Yogurt and cereal biscuits for snack. A slice of meat, 'insalta'(veggie salad), cereal crackers and pear or apple for lunch. Another snack of English tea, oven-ed peanuts and 2 biscuits of cereal. Dinner which is the same as lunch but meat was substituted with tuna.

To tell you the truth, I strictly follow the diet because its not easy to run the 20 minutes by the pavement which it takes me 40 minutes on my way back through the beach. More effort when you push your foot from the embedding effect of the sand. And my golly gee, grasping breath would make you cough and muscles would later sore when you sprint on the dry soft part of the shore.


After the work out, you'll feel you had won over your demons. Victory over the inner voice who encourages you that being fat is you being confident of the body you have. Wrong. Staying fit is taking care of the only body you have! That's where your confidence should invest. If you're after longevity of life, that is!


Eeisshh its raining! My Sunday jogging, the longest run is making me write now. I can't go out and try the new "dry and fit" work-out suit we bought yesterday.

Business tactic can fool you if you let them. You see, this sport store had all the line of jogging sports wear in one floor. Nike, Adidas and Champion are on the front line occupying almost three fourths of the place. A pair of jogging pants alone costs 45 to 95 euros. I went at the very end of the floor flipping all the price tag and I found this "PRO TOUCH Teamsport" product which looks very much the same (cloth and style) with the branded ones. It was made in Switzerland against made in China for the well known sports gear.

Huhh, felt like winning the "consolation" price in a raffle draw because I paid 19 euros for my "dry-fit" jogging pants and not 45 to 95. A white blouse came with that too which was on sale for only 14 euros.

Imagine that if I didn't riffle through all the tags and labels, I'll get out of the sports shop robbed with 100 euros.


Okay, I'll have to go. That's it for now. Kids are awake and I'll go make them breakfast. Time to join also the husband who is watching the first F1 race of this year, he actually woke the kids up. Till the next time of my babbles... more gabbles and freaky jabbers. Oh did I tell you its raining and I can't jog?

Tuesday, 24 March 2009


LUKIE: Smash down! (As he pins down his little brother Dylan).

MAMA: What smash down? Its touchdown honey. You're playing American football, right?

LUKIE: Yes, but the players are smashing down the one who holds the ball!


LUKIE: Mama, all of us were laughing when Lorenzo said, "Inter e gay"(Inter Milan - a football team here).

MAMA: Gay is not funny. Do you know what does it mean by gay?

LUKIE: (annoyed) No, but I know there's nothing wrong with saying it.

MAMA: Its not wrong for you but it is for gay people. Let me tell you about them. They are boys like you but they feel and act like girls or like Mama. And you do not laugh at people for who and what they are.

LUKIE: (really annoyed) Yes, but isn't it that funny?

MAMA: Not at all, you see, what if I laugh at you because you are a boy? Or, laugh at you because you are drinking tea, you wouldn't like that, do you?

LUKIE: (rolling his eyes) Okay.

MAMA: You know honey, I have so many gay friends and cousins. They're very fun people to be with. They're just like you and me. They get hurt too specially when people laugh at them for being gay. Next time ask your friends if they know what gay means. Then teach them so that they'll know.

LUKIE: (half listening) Yes, but I can't make them listen when they're laughing.

When I thought it gets easier to take care of these boys as they grow up, I mean less catering to their needs as they become less and less dependent. I was wrong. The more it is getting complicated. You have to be very careful in feeding their thoughts with ideas, facts and everything under the sun.

My son is only seven years old and to be honest, its exhausting to answer his questions sometimes. "Am I saying or doing the right thing" counts and weighs your words. Taking responsibility too on your influence to his manners, his principles and on how will he be accepted as a person is becoming more and more of a great deal.

IMAGE CREDIT: www.hsamuel.co.uk/webstore/detail/R/4724658/

Friday, 20 March 2009


Click image below to enlarge their Menu and schedules.

I'm not sure if its the first Filipino Fastfood on wheels in Italy but I'm sure it is the first of it's kind in Milan. I wish we have it too here in Venice. Kidding aside, we'd call ours - "The Floating Filipino Fastfood". Will it look good on a Gondola? Probably not.

I had my chance to feel what Musashiboogie wrote here: A Dose of Home when I went to renew my passport in Milan last Monday. My sister Danica gave me company in the boat, bus, train and the Subway (Milan Metro - M lines), a 4 hour trip just to get to the Philippine Consulate.

My husband asked me what am I going to write about my trip to Milan. I told him, "FOOD". We tried their 'palabok' and its really good specially their barbecue. Its not salty nor bland. It was just perfect. They are located at the right side of the Philippine Consulate building fronting an open park. It was a picnic atmosphere with a delightful ambiance of a walk-in restaurant when I was there savoring my food. .

Written on their menu(first image above), you'll notice this single FFF will be all over Milan and yeah, they work everyday. If by any chance you get to the said city, go find this rolling Filipino Fastfood. 'Naimas piman', GUARANTEED!


Wednesday, 18 March 2009


Teacher Julie asked:

A day at the beach or the pool.

Just playing or lying down on the grass outside.

Pizza day.

Meals on the terrace.

Barbecue with family and friends.

Night outings.

Ice cream time.

Long or short walks at the beach or to the grocery store.

Visiting places, friends or relatives.

Come to think of it, any activity is fun for my family during summer. With our cold, humid and gloomy winter, all you ever wish is for the days to speed up for that warm weather.

I just remembered my cousin Monique who keeps on telling us that she used to be friends with one of Rustom's sister. She's a regular to their house and said their Mommy Eva was really a good Mom. They once lived in Baguio and Rustom was really a looker 'daw' and 'crush ng bayan' around SLU Campus. "Ngem awan, bakla man iman'(but no, I think he is gay)", Monique said long before the world knew Rustom was a "she".

Well, I have nothing against his decision. Gimmick or not, that's his life. Whatever he does with it, he has all the right. Besides, every one deserves to be happy. I'd rather encourage someone's capability of doing what makes him smile and laugh rather than his bitterness and negativity.... sabi nga ni BB(kahit na sirang plaka na), "Life is short....".... hehehe... Oh di ba showbizzz?....

Friday, 13 March 2009


Wednesday last week, we went to the Questora for Boogie's Permit of stay. We were finish early so we went window shopping. No more SALDI(sale) for winter stuff. Wool, cashmere, thick jackets and boots were replaced with cotton, colorful and lighter get ups. Same as last year, skinny pants or jeans, printed 'hoodies', doll shoes and the "classic" low cut Converse are on display. Purple dominates the showrooms, just like the recent winter, but I'm pretty sure, summer displays will soon scratch it out.

Fashion just keeps on coming back or I've been around for a while (meaning: I'm old) to see the transition? I noticed that the difference of today's fad from my time is that skinny pants now are low waisted and are no longer called 'baston'. For 'hoodies', its with a lot of prints now and its "in" for boys to wear shocking yellow colors.


We entered
Non Solo Sport Jesolo to see their rubber shoes. The lady who happens to be the sales girl and the cashier too was mopping the floor. It was still wet but she said we go ahead even though we're leaving 3 sets of shoe marks with Dylan's baby carriage worsening the mess.

Boogie told me to look for a jogging suit. I can't find what I wanted so I asked for the sales girl's help. She said its finish and same stocks might be in after a month. Boogs took the kids out and I was about to follow but he told me to buy a t-shirt or something. So I stayed and spotted a Puma shoes that will look good with "today's pants". Their t-shirt and blouses' price were the same as the shoes so I went for the later.

The all around lady went to get my size and after trying it on, I told her I'm buying it. I even said, "Almeno compreremo qualcosa perché abbiamo sporcato il pavimento hehehe..."(at least we should buy something, we made the floor dirty). She answered we don't have to but I could see it made her day. With her big smile she told me I'll pay 30 percent less. She showed me a discount coupon they usually give to regular costumers and she used it on my new shoes. I went out of the store happy with the bargain.

It pays off to show and give consideration. So is my talkativeness... sometimes.


True or not, I wish it was a male hahaha.... My husband scored with our standing joke. "Babae nga talaga!", he told me when we heard of this. Will someone feed me up with male "shockingness" so I'll have my revenge!

Female "Vampire" Found in Venice Dig


ROME — An archaeological dig near Venice has unearthed the 16th-century remains of a woman with a brick stuck between her jaws — evidence, experts say, that she was believed to be a vampire.

The unusual burial is thought to be the result of an ancient vampire-slaying ritual. It suggests the legend of the mythical bloodsucking creatures was tied to medieval ignorance of how diseases spread and what happens to bodies after death, experts said.

The well-preserved skeleton was found in 2006 on the Lazzaretto Nuovo island, north of the lagoon city, amid other corpses buried in a mass grave during an epidemic of plague that hit Venice in 1576.

"Vampires don't exist, but studies show people at the time believed they did," said
Matteo Borrini, a forensic archaeologist and anthropologist at Florence University who studied the case over the last two years. "For the first time we have found evidence of an exorcism against a vampire."....... continue reading HERE ....

Wednesday, 11 March 2009


Last Monday I went home with out opening my book, my iPod was off and I didn't take a nap before the boat docked. These are the usual things I relish after my part time work at Lido. The simple pleasures to rejuvenate lucidity before these tree boys start to jump on the "mother ape" they missed that day.

There's this new girl who took the shift of the gay I was talking about here: SMILE . This is my second encounter with her and she should be thankful that reasoning helped me brush off the first one. I politely asked her for two bags after I greeted her 'Buon giorno' (good day). With her sardonic smile, she handed me the bags and I started filling it up with the groceries I bought.

My bill was 38 euros and 73 cents. I gave her 50 and she asked me if I have some coins. I showed her my wallet, opened my coin purse and said in Italian that I'm sorry I don't have them. She got angry, rolled her eyes and said, "Oh Signore!"(Ohh God).

My low blood count suddenly went up and literally flooded my head . My face felt hot and my ears were 'smokin' . I asked her, "Cosa?"(what). Then I told her, "Just for monetti(coins), you are angry? I don't have them and there's nothing I can do with it!" Then she gave me my change and was still murmuring words only she could hear. Then I raised my voice and said, "Look, if I were to pay only 5 euros and I gave you fifty, you have the right to get angry but its 38 euros!". And she answered, "So what now, I gave your change didn't I?". That's exactly why I got out of control. She CAN give me the 'resto'(change) so why does she have to give me that lousy treatment?

I can see all eyes staring at us, I felt they were thinking, "This short girl sure have some guts! Maybe blind too, the cashier is twice her size". Then she told me her job is difficult with out coins and still giving me that hard face.

When I was in the boat, I tried to collect the rightful reasoning to what had just transpired. Part of me felt bad for raising my voice and should have explained to her calmly that first, what she did was simply not acceptable. Second, its her job and third, she will not give me that treatment if I were an Italian. But a part of me which my father often calls it "my i-Bontoc side", said "let's get it on" and I should have gone as far as reporting it to her boss.

Next time I'll shop, I'll take the line of her counter and see how she treats me again. I hope we both teach each other a lesson. Her to be more polite and me to stand up more often for what is right. Who knows, the next NON-Italian on line might get a better treatment out of this.

Saturday, 7 March 2009


'BOUNA FESTA DELLA DONNA' to all women around the world!


Its 'giallo giorno' (yellow day), March 8, for all the women of Italy. Mimosa flowers are given to celebrate this day.

PHOTO BY: travel.webshots.com/photo/2123560380084821528...

Let's "paint the town yellow", here are some Trivia on Facts, History, and Meanings of the Color Yellow ... from Trivia-Library,com

A collection of facts, history, meanings, uses, phrases, and lore about the color yellow


History and Lore: To the ancient Greeks, yellow denoted air. Leonardo da Vinci wrote that yellow represented earth. To the Navaho, the western mountains are yellow and bring the twilight. To the Hopi, yellow is north. In India it is the symbol of the merchant and farmer, although at one time it was considered the dress of the ascetic. In some countries Jews were ordered by law to wear yellow clothing because of their alleged betrayal of Jesus. Judas was often depicted wearing a yellow robe signifying inconstancy, jealousy, and deceit. In 10th-century France, the doors of felons, traitors, and criminals were painted yellow.

Daily Uses: Because yellow has good visibility qualities, it is commonly used to denote caution; for example, in the yellow light before the red light signal and in traffic-lane dividers. It is also used to emphasize areas where hazards are apparent and as the symbol for quarantine. Yellow is an appropriate color for a room used for studying because it has a stimulating effect on the mind. Its intensity is also good for stairs and corridors that don't receive natural light.

PHOTO CREDIT: photography.nationalgeographic.com/photograph...

Yellow is found in such foods as banana squashes, corn, yellow peppers, sweet potatoes, bananas, lemons, grapefruit, and pineapples.

Colorful Phrases: Yellow fever, yellow journalism, yellow streak down your back, yellow (cowardly).

© 1975 - 1981 by David Wallechinsky & Irving WallaceReproduced with permission from "The People's Almanac" series of books.All rights reserved



You have to be obssessed with the "comforts" of your COMFORT ROOM to be the owner of this restaurant lol... Here's Modern Toilet, "a new restaurant in Hong Kong designed with stylish acrylic toilet seats" as CNN described it.

Friday, 6 March 2009


In this photo, my third sister Irish is with our step-mom, Auntie Zabeth. It was taken during her wedding, December 2008. Irish is the last of my five siblings to get married. Noeda (another sis) sent me a text that our newly wed sister and her husband, Do', are 6 weeks pregnant. Best wishes to them both and congratulations also to Irish for passing the recent Nurses' Board exam!

When we were kids, during some week ends, my Dad would ask us to sing one by one after dinner. Just like what their father used to do. Irish sang or did a Rap of 'Mga Kababayan Ko'(by Francis Magalona, bless his soul). Me and my other sisters were hiding our giggles. Sure, we also do Rap but not in front of our father who grew with the music of Nat King Cole or Elvis Presley.

Laughter could no longer be contained. So we, the cruel sisters, let it out. Poor Irish cried. Then we stopped. The room stood silent and Dad got angry at us.

Daddy, who is disappointed with his other daughters, tried to console Irish. "May kadi, ituloy mo! Mayat et yan (Come on, continue. Its really good)", he said. Then he also started to Rap, "Mga Kababyan ko... Dapat lang malaman nyo...Ako ay Pilipino..." Irish with her widest smile, showing her perfect white set of teeth, started her "song" all over again.

P.S. This is OT. Nursing Board Exam November 2008 Topnotcher, Jovie Ann Alawas Decoyna, was Irish's class and group mate. According to my sister Jovie is not only academically superb but also a very good person. "She's not selfish to help when you didn't understand the lesson" Irish said on the phone. Its just amazing! A real Igorota from Bakun Benguet, "the cream of the crop"... what an honor to our humble tribe!

Tuesday, 3 March 2009


I'm posting what the singer, TheBathroomGirl, wrote on his account when she sang this at YouTube. Read on and listen to her song.

This song was written around the time of the Burma Cyclone and China's earthquake last year. I was so touched that the song poured out with my tears and I sung it at fundraising events for both tragedies.

The ongoing Gaza tragedy bought this song to life for me once more and I guess what I'm trying to say is that, if something's bothering you or making you feel restless, don't try to ignore it... Being grateful and putting your problems in perspective is a good start to being happy, but I think we need to actively help others to be truly happy.

Please visit and support this website:: Restless Beings

It is a new charity called Restless Beings, founded and run by good friends of mine. They are brilliant, determined, and have pure hearts of gold. I'm proud to be associated with them.

Even if you have no money to giv,e it's not a problem. Just read up on their projects, keep them in mind, if you have any skills or ideas you can give, they would love to hear from you!

RESTLESS (lyrics)

God, can you hear me?

I feel so alone.

I don't know if help is coming.

Do they even know?Surely if they knew they'd come running

If only they knew, they'd give everything to me.


I am restless, as I toss and turn,

Try to tell myself that 'it's not my concern'

So I live my life, count my blessings everyday,

And that's all I can do... Anyway..

Skies are falling across the world

I think I can hear my calling

but I'm just a girl'Cos in my bubble,

when there's trouble I float away

High above, above it all... watching skies fall.. watching skies fall

I am pacing in and out of my conscience.

They are waiting for me to come to my senses.

We're hesistating, and God's wondering 'why?'...

Brothers and sisters come together and hold up falling skies...

Hey, can you hear me?

You're not alone.

Help is on its way,

so rest and take it slow,'

Cos there are people caring for you across the world

and they will try against the odds

To hold up falling skies... to hold up falling skies.


You don't have to say Ahhh-uhhhmmnn. Yoga really works! What I like best is it helps you align your body and corrects your posture. I'm adding this to encourage me to contineu what I started. Pray for me hehehe...

Monday, 2 March 2009


Here's an update to the following post:

1. Baby "D", The Explorer




'Anya uno' means 'Italia Uno'. Dylan echos it out after he hears it from the TV commercial of channel six. He is into copying what ever you say now and his expression when something is not right would be, "Oh men!". He spills his milk and when he says, "Oh men!", you'd laugh. Giving him the wrong idea that what he did should be encouraged.

'OTTO'(eight) is Baby D's favorite number. Sometimes, he'd repeat after me his 123's and when we'd reach number eight, he'd say "otto-otto". When he pretends to read numbers being flashed on TV or posters somewhere, 'otto' would be repeated many times. He could also recognize some letters and from the flash cards that I made, he could pin point A to G but also familiar with I, O and P. When he thinks he's reading a word on his own like "dolphin", he'd say, "Ahh, eehh, ahh ohh". That's AEAO for dolphin hehehe....

Dylan loves his big brother so much. Imitating what ever Lukie says and do. Sometimes it irritates our eldest and he would often close the door to his room leaving Dylan crying as he bangs Lukie's door. When Lukie is in a good mood, its "heaven" for me. Lukie would read to his little brother, teaches him with his mini computer and gives him his pens as they both make some drawings.

My youngest is also very affectionate. He'd readily give you hugs and kisses when you ask for it. When you'll say kiss and you didn't do the "smacking sound", he won't stop kissing you. That would "vanish" his destructiveness even "the buying" of the new washing machine to replace what he just broke.

Its quite hard to feed him now. Still adjusting from soft baby foods and I know its not healthy but he loves instant noodles soup we buy from Kuya Arthur(Owner of a Filipino store). 2 days ago, I tried to feed him 'adobo' and for the first time he said, "mouno-mouno" a lot of times as he puts his two index fingers on his cheeks. He meant 'bouno' or delicious and oh, how I laughed!

Just like Lukie when he was of Dylan's age, our Baby D plays with his toy cars lining them carefully. Blocks too, building it up like a tower. He throws tantrums more than the usual because he's unable to express clearly what he wants and when his big brother growls at him like a dog.

Perfectly acting the "terrible two", my son also loves to sing. He loves MTV and Music Videos from Youtube. Though you can't understand his lyrics, you'll know what song he is singing.

We haven't started getting rid of his Pampers yet. I tried once or twice to let him sit on his potty, the excitement of this "new thing" makes him happy and forgets what he was supppose to do.

Boogie keeps on saying that Dylan is growing fast. What will happen to us with out a baby running around? I told him, "Wait for your grand kids"!




Teacher Julie's GreenBucks is near it's 40th question. Here's the prior two before that entry.

For one, maybe to be less transparent, virtually. I need to be careful giving infos about my family and posting pictures here. There are so many weird people on the net now a days (and I just posted a lot on the next post lol).

Another is my temper out burst when my boys are getting out of control(or me lossing my control). I keep reminding myself to inhale and exhale when shouting is on the verge of breakout(which at times doesn't work).

Lastly, maybe to learn how to show my anger with other people besides my kids and my husband. This I have to work on, big time.

My part time job? Yes, I love it a million times. I'm so grateful and lucky to have it. I get to decide what to do and when to do it. Quite embarrass too for getting paid more than what it's worth.

(Sulat ko sya sa Tagalog para hindi ako matulad sa natigbak sa trabaho dahil sa Facebook lol... )
'Katulong' ni ( a maid to) Giulia (read as Julia), that's me! Kung nasa nanay sya, dun ako. Pag sa tatay, dun din ako. Labing walong taong gulang ang dalagang ito na kada dalawang Linggo ay bibit-bit ang maleta papunta sa sasakyan ng kung sinong magulang ang naka schedule sa kanya.

Pag nasa Tatay sya, ipinagluluto ko sya ng tanghalian. Binabalak ko ngang gumawa ng "Cooking Blog" para sa mga eksperiment kong Italianong - Pinoy cuisine. Kakatuwa kasi sarap na sarap ang dalaginding pati na rin ang tatay na ipinagsisilid ko rin ng ilang portions para di na sya magluto. Di nila alam, gisa sa maraming bawang at sibuyas saka may halong broth cubes kaya malasa (lol). Tsaka pag ang recipe ay halong wine, brandy or kahit anong alak - di ko nilalagyan.

Pag nasa Nanay naman, ligpit lang ng gamit at bahay ang eksena ko kasi ang mader na nya ang nagluluto. Pagdating ng dalaga galing sa school, sabay kaming tatlo na magtatanghalian. Nahihiya nga ako minsan kasi kahit anong giit kong iligpit ang pinagkainan namin, sya ring higpit ng nanay na sya na lang kasi isasaksak lang naman daw nya sa dish washer ang lahat.

Hirap lang ako dahil nagiging "taga pakinig" ako kung ano ang hinaing ng tatay, ganun din ang nanay sa sitwasyun ng pamilya nila. Nanyan din ang page-email ng kuya ng dalaga na nagtratrabaho sa Madrid. Naku mabigat sa loob minsan, katulad kahapon nagkasagutan ang mag-ama(with the said son) sa phone, sumbong si tatay sa kin tapos pati na rin ang anak. Mahirap kumampi. Mahirap ding maging shock absorber, nakakadala minsan ang kanilang mga emosyon. Pati ako nadidepress.

Pang anim na taon ko na sa kanila, di ko maiwan-iwan. Nung buntis ako sa aking bunso, pina substitute ko ang aking kaibigan ng one year. Noong mga unang taon ko, iisa pa lang ang bahay nila, ngayun naparami na. So, that's my job and I love it to the max!

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