Friday, 4 July 2008


Its been four months now since I last updated Dylan's baby developments: MIRROR,BOOKS AND STUFF. Summer last year was when I did the first one - Baby "D", The Explorer which was followed by THAT CHRISTMAS TREE .

We're all tanned now, except for Baby "D" - even though almost every day we're at the beach, the swimming pool or him enjoying water play in his little inflated basin. A brave boy floating there and gets sleepy while he is rocked. But, if he is out of the pool, you'll get tired chasing him. He thinks he can dive in. And, just today he thinks he can fill the big pool with stones and pine nuts as he keeps coming back and forth to get these from the swings.

At the beach, he goes to "nest" on others towel. He also roams around and gets the attention of people sunbathing with his fixed smile showing his teeth. He knows his cuteness is mesmerizing in exchange for touching their things that catches his eyes - like the biker's helmet he can't leave the last time.

He is becoming a dare-devil too. Aside from the bathroom door that has to remain closed, so is our bedroom door. He will just scare you off when you see him jumping on the bed and you're just in time to catch him from a big fall.

Then he'll lie down so carefree while you're trembling in fear wanting to smack his butt.

Another scary stunt is him climbing anything anywhere. The terrace is his favorite so are our chairs which are now all on top of the dining table that when its time to eat, its a hassle to put it all down.

He would always run for the door or the terrace gate like an escapee. I would do the same if I were my son rather than staying with my mom till she finishes her cleaning before I could play out.

"Clever boy", we call him because he knows how to get things he can not reach. He gets his little piano or his writing board making use of it as a stool. He also makes use of the toy sword, plastic bat or stick to get something from the table.

He also knows now that junk food are "the thing" and forcefully grabs some from his 'kuya' who is hiding it from him. I call this photo, "AHHH OISHI!"

So that's our Baby "D" at 1 year and 7 months. Now with 4 more new teeth growing at the same time. He who keeps on walking with either Mama or Papa behind him specially in the boat and in restaurants.

By the way, the old lady in the picture scooped him up in a restaurant and asked her daughter to take a picture of them. Thanks to my obsessive and compulsive(hehehe)photo shoots, my son knows his best angle hehehe...



mommy has to be on-guard all the time now... what a sweet smile he got there. no wonder other people are mesmerized ;)

bill bilig

I like the first photo the best. I like junk food too hehe although I know its bad for me :-)


Hi Lovelyn,
Baby D is turning out to be such a big boy. Look at his smiles :) ! He keeps you on your toes to follow him around.


Ciao Analyse,


Right about the on-guard all the time. But you know what, even though we're in the same room and I'm beside/next to him, he still gets contusions or gets hurt with something.

Ciao Bill,

I took that pix and was proud to show my husband.

Junk food, us too but not all the time. Once or twice(rarely) a week - when there's a nice movie(DVD) to watch.


Ciao Tina,

Yeah, the best thing is I lost 4 pounds for not sitting most of the time. Hope to drop more weight hehehe...


big boy na sya! kapag boys daw talagang mas malikot but i dont know, IC is also all over :)


Lovelyn, nice new look to your site!

Dylan is so cute with that killer smile of his. Even his eyes 'smile'.


Ciao Raq,

Pati pamangkin kung girlash malikot din kesa sa Kuya nya.

Ciao Mega Mom,

Thanks. His eyes disappear when he smiles.


Great pics especially that in the water. TBIII loves water a whole lot but haven't put him in a pool with a vest yet. Soon.......

Cheers to your boys and goodhealth always.


Ciao Trublue,

2 days ago at the pool, I was swimming with him and that baby float holding my weight. I was facing his back and didn't see he is drinking water. Sus, how stupid of me! he cried and didn't want to stay in that yellow thing anymore.

I'll try to let him use it again when our weather will get better. Its been raining here for two days now and its suppose to be "summer-summer".

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