Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Got to answer Teacher Julie's 6th question from Greenbucks before it piles up, just like the "hill" of clothes for me to iron(lol). Yep, its still a hill and far from being a "mountain".

Can you describe yourself as a friend? Or how do your friends describe you as a friend?

I'm not really sure if how am I as a friend but I know I have a lot of friends real and virtual(on line friends)... and yeah, imaginary friends are included.

I'll give the describing a try and if you're a friend of mine, you may react violently in protesting my "make believes" hehehe...

1. Food is a part of my friendship. I'll cook, she cooks or we must eat.
2. I'm a sticky tape specially when a friend is down.

3. Your mom would be thankful I am your friend. Good influence po kasi ako hehehe...
4. No dull moment...corny included.
5. A very sensitive person dangerously combined with easy to persuade.

I wish my very best friend is answering this for me. Oh well, both mothers now each meeting our own family's needs. Two years ago back home in the Philippines, we keep on saying in one of our girl talks, "Ay apo NANANG tan enya? feeling ko ket high school ta paylang".(Omg, we're already mothers, isn't it? I still feel we're in high school)...That's in preparation for our next talk someday - saying, "Ay apo LOLA tan enya, I still can't believe it!" Then I'll answer, "Sika lang!" hehehe...



I like your sticky tape and good influence part :) That probably are two characteristics that a friend should possess. Not just a friend but a good friend.

Thanks for doing the WQ. I will be making the new one after this.

Have a great weekend!

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