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"Let's say we forget every stress, in whatever form and shape that comes our way and indulge in SIMPLE PLEASURES that we can enjoy alone. This is much like what we want to do during that Extra Hour where we spend "me" time. "

The Weekly Question #9:

"What are the 5 simple pleasures that will give you, well, simple pleasures?"

1. First on the list would be swimming for more or less an hour while my husband waits and looks after my kids at the beach. Its fun watching them on the seashore as I'm in the water all by myself.

2. At least once or twice a week, when both kids are dozed off, husband pops a bottle of red wine and we two enjoy our quiet time. Drinking buddy hehehe... I was a late bloomer for "alcohol", only when my husband taught me the "no breath gulp" that I was able tolerate it. I don't know why I don't have the guts to drink when Boogie is not around. Does that come with him being my mentor with "this"?

3. Its very much endearing to watch Lukie and Dylan play together when most of the time the big brother plays his rule - to make his little brother's life miserable.

4. My books, blogging and surfing the net. Its obvious hahaha!

5. A phone call to my family back home in the Philippines. So with my sisters, Ica and Matsay, who are here.



Thanks for the answers, Lovelyn.

Swimming is good, are you near anywhere where you can swim?

Spending a quiet moment with our hubby is really a simple pleasure. Its the kilig factor too that makes it all the more special.

When our children get along well, that is great. When they don't, naku po...

Books never fail to make us feel good. I love reading too.

A phone call makes one feel close, despite the distance.

Have a great week :) Thank you very much for playing again.


Ciao Julie,

Yep, the sea is just 350 meters away. Our little village also has a swimming pool. It was here that I learned to swim, Baguio didn't "teach" me that(lol).

Thank you too for adding up spice. Glad to join your game!

Now, I can't wait to read TruBlue's 5 simple pleasures...

reyna elena

off topic: meron ka bang 125x125 na sumtin sumtin na pwede kong ibalandra sa sidebar ko? i li link sana kita wala akong makita dito sa blog mo hehehe


Am sure most people would have more than five simple pleasures in life, maybe hundreds, but just to mention FIVE is a good figure.
Mine is ordinary just like most such as:
1. need to have my coffee in the morning and night, with brown sugar

2. two or three mile walk at nights

3. golf putting w/TB3 in my backyard (don't get the impression I play golf, never!, two bags of equipments were just gifts, hehe)

4. having friends and relatives come over, especially those who are dieting

5. and last, just taking care of TB3 all day is my greatest simple pleasure. (Missed most of my two kid's first two years as my late in-laws would take care of them during daytimes.)

Not really exciting but it's non-fiction, hehe.....Cheers to you and Ms Julie! Need to see Bill's, Layad, Wil, and Ganda's!


Ciao Reynz,

Maghahanap ako ng sinungaling na 125x125 sumtin-sumtin...aba kelangang the best yan for the sake of beauty(ulit hehehe). Pasyalan kita mayang gabi dyan.

Ciao Trublue,

You made me read my post again. For a while I got scared for sounding fictional hehehe...

I used to love coffee too but my hyper acidity stopped me for many-many years now.

3 miles, does that include going back? 'Basta patad, ok lang'.

There must be a golfer in the family. Wishing TB3 to be the next Tiger Woods. Wow, The Igorot Golfer sounds great!

Hehehe... visitors in diet, okey yun a.

Bumabawi pala sa apo, I'll try to compose the encounter between me and my dad when I was trying to discipline Lukie the last time we visited.

Grazie TruBlue, till next time.




Ciao Russel,


What happened to BCO? Is it just us or its under some kind of maintenance again?

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