Monday, 14 July 2008


We had a rainy Sunday with strong lightnings and thunderstorms. Eeesshhh... hailstones too, aimed our place down from gazillions of slingshots up there. The weather report says its going to continue the whole week. ---

The temperature is down to 17°C when last week we were in the scale of 27 to 35°C.

Yesterday morning, Monday, the sun would shine for 3 hours. Then it gets gloomy and later back to a bright day again. You'll see nearby islands like Venice and Lido, so dark with heavy rains for about 30 minutes. Then again, a perfect sky after.
'Dadal'lo'(hailstone for Kalanguya) used to be fun when I was a kid, I pick them up with delight and shove them straight into my mouth. Disapproving look from parents won't work as I continue savoring this nature's ice. Then I would wait for the verge of whips on my butt before I'll finally stop.
Its not fun anymore, look what it did to my precious 'gabi'. I've been waiting for those leaves and thought of the 'la-ing' I will eat soon. Now, its all ...."shattered"(hahaha)... "ripped" and "holed"(?).
Seriously, these "tempesta"(storm) that stirred us did a great damage on our Italian crops. When all prices of goods are soaring high with inflation, the effect of the 'dadallo' will worsen the present condition. Triple cost or more will make it hard for me to chew my fruits and vegetables(lol) soon.



hi! i hope you dont mind, but i have been looking for a Filipino based in Venice to help me with some queries.

Like what's the best door to door and best way for remittance? hope u can help me out. Thanks! can u pls provide ur email? thanks!


Ciao anonymous,

I personally don't trust door to door remittance now a days. Better yet thru the bank. Most Filipinos here send their money thru ate Billy who's affiliated with PCI and Equitable bank.

Here is Ate Billy's email 'addy':

Mine is:

Just feel free to ask away.

reyna elena

merong kang gabi?! hahahaha! laing yan at ang sarap kamo! hahahaha


Western MProvince people should call it "dalalo". Yeah, we used to eat those too. But why the spanking?, maybe your old folks thought it was a bad omen, hehe...

Off topic:
It's summertime to most of the places I've visited yet mostly showers and overscasts. Victoria, Canada was the only one that cooperated weatherwise. Didn't come close to Denali National Park as we only got to Juneau. Highlight of our trip was meeting this old lady from California who graduated in 1929 from the old Mt Province High School when it was still in Teacher's Camp. My late mother was only two years old then.
This lady walks without the use of a cane and talks straight, she is one of God's chosen children no doubt. It's my ultimate WISH to be the chosen ones...why not.....

Cheers and goodhealth.


Ciao Renz,

Meron. Nairaos nyan ang mahigpit na customs ng Frankfurt, kamuntik nilang itapon. Buti na lang naawa nung sinabi kong, "What a pity, it travelled almost half of the world just for you to throw it away!"

Niluto lko pa rin na laing kahit butas-butas ang dahon...sarappp!

Ciao Trublue,

Nahhh, they just don't want us to wet ourselves. You know, parenting - spoiling the fun is a part of the job description hehehe...

That was quite a trip, I wish I could do that too. At least you've seen Alaska even if you didn't go to Denali National Park.

Wheww!...Age is kind to her aside from being the chosen one. I bet a "proper diet" and exercise came with it. You to be chosen too... true - why not?

Did I get that right, there used to be a school called Mt. Province High School at Teacher's Camp in Baguio?


Actually, we got further to Skagway, not Juneau, which was still out of reach.

She was "somebody" to be reckoned with and yes, she was a graduate of MPHS, which became BCHS, and now BCHNS. Was going to ask her other questions but she was closely guarded and didn't want to intrude into her privacy. That was the first thing I would ask: what's the secret in her diet. I'd love to hear her say "camote and sayote leaves" everyday, it would mean so much to the hinterland folks.



poor gabi. You can always use pork for an alternative. You know whats good. Ginata na gabi. wow!

bill bilig

second trublue's comment that we call it "dalalo". one of the strange things that happened this year in Q.C. is that there was a hailstorm. i was so amazed because i thought it happens only in the highlands but not in the lowlands. i think its the first time it happened so the kids were really really excited.

btw, love the new look.


wow, laing! im green with envy that you could cook that here! here in dijon too, weather is unpredictable.. it could even go down to 10°C in the morning! summer!


Ciao Trublue,

Just review the life span of our grand parents...I believe camote has something to do with it!

Ciao Russel,

'Laing' is ginataang gabi too. You really know the yummy foods ei? Vegies are more expensive than pork here and when its summer, them Italians don't eat much meat.

Ciao Bill,

Ay asis, hailstone eaten in QC, I suddenly remembered the dog's poop you once mentioned.

Thanks for the help with the new look!

Ciao Analyse,

You can cook laing too, use spinach in place for the gabi. I guarantee you, its really good.

Been wanting to blog about "Out of The Philippines Kitchen Alternatives". Hope to do that soon

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