Saturday, 24 October 2009

YES TO CHANGE (The 'Kariton' Version)

As always, while the blogsphere had moved on and are done writing about the latest buzz, I'm still picking up on the topic 3 weeks ago. Maybe you've already voted or watched the inspiring story of
Efren PeƱaflorida » . The founder of the Dynamic Team Company, a group of youngsters using a pushcart stuffed with books, a built in blackboard and other educational materials to teach street children or the underprevilaged who can't go to school.

Click the link below and lets give him the recognition he deserves. He said he is not after the merits but for the hope that other people will do it too.

CNN Heroes - Ordinary People Extraordinary Impact - Special ...

"Voting continues until Thursday, November 19, 2009 (6 a.m. ET). There is no limit on the number of times you may vote for the Hero of the Year", according to CNN.


Saturday, 17 October 2009


It hurts and we feel helpless as we watch all the videos and pictures of the devastating and tragic aftermath of the recent typhoon that struck the Cordilleras, our home in the Philippines. Aside from this flu, maybe thinking of my hometown, is one of the things that is not making me sleep.

I wanted to write a long entry for this but my eyes are burning and I can feel the fever taking effect. For now, I'll leave you with the videos taken by the Cafe By The Ruins, a cafe and restaurant in Baguio who had been updating us at Facebook. Our forever gratitude to their heroic help to our place in Tublay Benguet. They even reached as far as Labey, the boundry between Bokod and Tublay, by foot.



The very last time I had a high fever was when Boogs and I are starting as married couples. That was 12 years ago to be exact. We went home to Tublay and Jenelyn, our boss, had to open her shop for the days that we were not able to tend it.

Aside from the body pain, head ache and all, the realization that its no longer my Dad taking care of me when I am sick, made me cry more that time. I'm an adult, already married and the responsibility of taking care of the "unwell me" is now given to my husband Boogie. Don't get me wrong, I was in tears because of the big change and not because I prefer my Dad from Boogs hehehe...

For three days now, I've been sick with flu and if I don't take my Advil, all my bones will scream in pain. This is the worst so far when child birthing is not included. I can't even sleep because my nose feels strangely dry when I breath and my throat hurts like I have tonsillitis when my tonsils are not really that swollen. Its like I'm always thirsty and my ears seemed to be stuffed with something. Arghhh, when I cough, I'd trade anything for a sleeping pill or pills to knock me down.

First it was Dylan 6 days ago. Then Lukie and I had it the same day. It was Boogs who took all the worries of taking care of us. Yesterday, he was suppose to sleep in the afternoon because he is working night shift. I was on bed with Dylan and my poor husband didn't have his long power nap as he keeps checking on Lukie who was sleeping in his room after taking his paracetamol.

We didn't only have a "Papa nurse" "doctoring" us, we also had a cleaning Papa dude. He cleaned the house, bathroom included hahaha... cup boards and dusted the divider that was long "abandoned"(lols). Dishes were readily washed too. The sweetest part was him shoving a cup of water to each of us specially to Dylan who drinks it in "burden", if he will not stick his whole hand into the cup and play with the water.

We hope Boogs will not catch it too but signs are showing that he will. The virus is just waiting for us to be a bit well for the next patient.

Wednesday, 7 October 2009


Such gifted hands...




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