Saturday, 29 August 2009


I just wrote an entry remembering my first year in high school. I was already editing it and I clicked the "back" arrow. BAD, I didn't save it first. Gone for nothing - my 3 hours lost sleep.

Since cakes make me feel better, even just with the sight of it hehehe, I'll post a guaranteed 'bouno'(yummy) recipe from my friend Nelly. I tried last Wednesday and it didn't come close to Nel's cake. Join me as we try and perfect this treat. Let me know of your success... flops too, but I'm hoping not.


2 1/4 cup flour

1 tbs baking powder

3/4 cup sugar

1/4 cup ube powder

1/4 cup oil

1/2 cup water

7 egg yolks

Mix all to make a batter.

Then in a bowl, 8 egg white beat until soft peek form.

Add 1/2 cup sugar slowly.

Fold in batter n egg white together.

Bake at 180°C

For the frosting:

3 tbs ube powder

1/2 cup sugar

3 tbspn cornstarch

1 eggyolk

3/4 cup milk

cook in low flame until spreadable...

Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Do you have it too? I mean, when you hear a certain song and you're reminded of an event, a place, something or someone? This song always takes me back 15 years ago when we were taking my cousin, Manang Susan, to the airport. She was to go back here in Italy from a short vacation in the Philippines.

I was at the back seat of the car as we pass by and seeing the stupendous sun set of Manila Bay. "What A Wonderful World" was being played on the car's radio. Every word from Louis Armstrong's song was drawing out tears I was trying to hide from everyone. Specially from my cousin who'll soon be boarding the plane. Its heavy enough to say goodbye and I don't want to make it worst for her.

What really made me cry that time were the street children begging from cars stopping by. Not that I pity them or the danger they were willing to risk. It was their courage and will to pursue that danger in order to survive made me think, they too believe that this is a "WONDERFUL WORLD" after all. Who are we, whom all blessed with homes, parents providing for us and had all the opportunities of being a child, to disagree?

Saturday, 22 August 2009


"Off to the beach in an hour. Third time to watch the longest fireworks in the whole world. A 13 kilometer of synchronized blustering sounds and enchanting shower of sparks display." This is what I posted on my Facebook shout out last night before we left home.

Dylan and Lukie were playing with the sand before the fireworks started. I told them to come seat next to me or they'll miss the first launch. Oh, lately, my kids seem to listen the fifth time I tell them something. They might have gotten it from someone else hehehe... Then they tell me I'm 'makulit' if they'll finally do what I say... Then again, if I say something once and they missed it, they blame me cause I should have told them a dozen times...

Booom! The firecracker started to "roar". Dylan docked on the sand for his precious life. And startled Lukie, didn't know if he'll run to me or on the sunbed he was suppose to sit!
I told them its soon going to start, didn't I?

Maybe next year or when Dylan will not cling to me anymore, I can get better shots. My little one enjoyed it while I was covering his ears. He was mumbling words I can't figure but I know what he was saying was simply, "WOW"!

People applauded 5 times thinking it was the finale. It was better this year. Funny how me and Lukie would say, "that's new", every after an awesome blast, which we're sure, it wasn't used the previous years. Click our old post for this event:
Beach On Fire and BEACH ON FIRE 2008.

Saturday, 15 August 2009


Last week, we took the kids to Jesolo Aqualandia . Its only a less than 30 minutes ride from our home. Had we known the place is so much fun, we should have taken Lukie and Dylan since we lived here. Last year we took them to Gardaland and we had to ride the boat, the train and the resort's bus just to get to this amusement park. That's almost half a day of travel.

Lesson learned: "We seek in different or far places when we already have them next to us". Oh, it doesn't only apply to theme parks or water parks, its also true to people whom we should give what is due! hehehe... a thank you perhaps, I love yous or apology maybe and yeah, happiness too. Look around before you plan that long journey hahaha...


I'm not sure if it was in Oprah's Show, where I first came to know, about this idea of finding "the five people" who made a difference in your life and tell them, "thank you". With the exemption of immediate family of course, they will always be the first on the list. You can do it through letters or by simply uttering these two words. Then like a chain, request these five persons to do the same.

He or she could be your teacher, an author, a dear friend, an enemy etc... Some might even be a total stranger, a passers by, yet they had taught you a life lesson you will forever cherish.

I really love the idea. Not only that you'll make someone happy, but also the positive aura of contributing something good in this world.

Lucky are those who were able to find their heroes. Their exemplars who could still hear their words, who could still feel the joy and see what they have become. Some are not lucky enough and their "thank yous" were left hanging on air longing to be heard. I will forever feel sorry for my self if I will not grab the chance to say mine.

My husband wrote a piece for her ailing teacher, Mrs. Clarita Sumahit, in this article: My Morrie. Me and my sons thank her too for the great help he once gave to the most significant person in our life who said in his "The Weaver Fish" this phrase, "....that life brings us all sorts of pain. And that we learn from our sufferings, we grow from our agony, we endure the wretchedness even though it would mean that we might loose the ones we love".

In my own little way, I'd like to start saying how grateful I am to these "5 people": Sir Ren, Manang Marlene, My best friend Brenda, Emilio and Auntie Gloria. A letter for each one of you, I hope to compose.

Saturday, 8 August 2009


We were walking home from Dan-Dan's 16th birthday party when Lukie told me, "this is a beautiful day but there is something wrong". I knew it! I should have insisted of taking them home earlier. Dan-Dan, by the way was once Lukie's baby sitter, I have an old entry here: MORE BLESSED YEARS TO THEM ALL! about him.

During the party, a group of guest were invited and they said they didn't know its a birthday bash. Their leader said, they thought they were asked to come for a Bible study. Regardless, he announced that after the food, spiritual nourishment will come next and they will be showing a clip that on 2012, it would be the "end of the world".

When the Bible study was about to begin, Dylan started to be unruly. Like a "mad baby", he went to click every key on the laptop they're going to use. He was even standing and jumping in front of their projector wanting to see his shadow on the white cloth or the screen. My cue to take my kids home. Besides, the assembly might take long and it would be very late for my boys.

I told our host we have to go but when I asked Lukie to get his shoes and we will be leaving, he said he wanted to stay more. I know how much my son misses Dan-Dan so I gave in. I told him I'll take Dylan to the 'piazza'(plaza) where there's a country public concert going on and we'll be back for him in an hour.

Outside with my youngest, I remembered about the clip the pastor said earlier. It was already late for me to get Lukie.

True, we went back and they're still lecturing but Lukie is in Dan-Dan's room playing PSP. He came immediately when I said we're going home.

I asked my son why there is something wrong and he said, "On 2012, there would be earthquakes, tornadoes, heavy rains and fire. The world will end".

Honestly, this angered me and we walked slow on our way home trying to explain it to my son, as simply as I can, that all they said weren't true. I told him that no one can ever tell us, as to when exactly these catastrophes are going to happen. I was even quite emotional when I repeatedly told him that our God or 'Gessu'(how he was taught in Italian to say Jesus) is not that 'cativo' (bad) to "kill" us that "ugly". 'Gessu' will not make us 'vivere con sempre paura'(live in fear) and would tell the pastor that we will all die with earthquake, tornadoes etc... Our 'Gessu' loves Lukie so much, 'come papa e mama'(like mama and papa), who will not make Lukie afraid because we know that these earthquakes and tornadoes will give Lukie nightmares.

Lorenzo, our Italian neighbor, was waiting outside for her Filipina wife Rowena who was still in Dan-dan's house. I thank him for helping me ease Lukie's fear and brought back the smile and the privilege of a young mind's innocence . Lorenzo said in Italian, "When I was also a little boy like you, someone told us that these will happen, that it will soon be the end of the world. But look, I'm an old man now and I am still here. You saw my little baby(1 month old, Elizabetta), ' Gessu' will still make her grow so you and Dylan could play with her."

I'm writing this at 5:55 AM and I was up since 1 AM. Usually when Lukie is afraid of something, he sleepwalks or would have some nightmares. I hope 'Gessu' intervened and I know HE did, because my son is sleeping soundly till now. HE helped Lukie understood that 'Gessu' is a loving and caring God.

Tuesday, 4 August 2009


My son Lukie requested me to put this on my blog. He watched it from our digital channel "QOOB". He told me to search for "teeth". I just watched it now and posted it immediately...


A miracle happened for us today!

Only me and my husband, plus of course the proprietor of our home, knew that finally our windows will be changed before the winter comes. First, let me tell you why this is close to a "phenomenon".

I don't exactly know what year our village was built but it was owned by a rich family with two children, a boy and a girl. Its a summer resort back then with a pool, tennis court, a football field, basketball court and 4 concrete ping pong tables. By the way, all these sports facilities and a children's park still exist and are well maintained by an agency. It has 32 apartments and a bungalow duplex which one of it is our unit.

When the parents died, the siblings, who already have a family of their own, divided the property. The brother sold all his share because they were always arguing about the profits of the resort. The sister wanted to buy all of it but to annoy her, he disposed the apartments to other people. So now, the sister owns only half of the rented houses in this village.

Bad blood was never resolved even after the brother died. A rot that made their children and grandchildren swore they're not related at all .

Our proprietor, the sister, is almost in her senile stage now, so everything is being managed by her eldest daughter Cristina. Sorry to say that we see all the reasons why the older brother reproached her sister. Our leaser is selfish and 'furba'(cheat/trickster). They don't care about their tenants, all they care is the money they accumulate.

Many renters had come and go because the rent is too expensive made worst by the gas bill that reaches to a thousand euros for less than 3 months. The owners don't care because there's always a taker entranced by the luxury and beauty of the place.

The ideal consumption of gas should be half the amount we're paying if the landlord will change the windows that are made of candy glasses. Because again, its suppose to be livable only for summer. The heater automatically switches off when it reaches it's ideal temperature and re-ignites when it gets cold. Not for us, 'e sempre acesso'(its always on). Same complain every year among the tenants that Cristina shrugs off when she comes for vacation here in their big ancestral home next to our village.

Last week, Cristina knocked for the "usual" reason, the yearly increase of rent. And as "usual", she talks fast and won't give you a chance to utter a word then would hurriedly leave.

This time, I asked her to please get inside and could we please talk. Excusing herself with the usual that the dog is pulling her(which why in the world she needs to bring her dog all the time when she can leave it at home). I went out and followed her and told her these in Italian:

"Signora, we're not bad people. We work hard to pay the rent on time. In our almost 6 years of stay here you never had a problem with us. I say this yearly and I'll try to say it again, maybe you will give it a chance. Our gas bill reached a thousand euros again and that's only for three months."

She cut me off with: "Italy is really expensive with everything shooting up" but I said, "No, signora. You know there's something wrong in this house, its the windows!" and I told her that people from the 'commune'(municipal office) came to check our home(a requirement for non Italians when applying for a job) and agreed about the 'finestra'(window).

I pushed my luck and sincerely said, "You are a mother too, you don't want your children to get cold. Same reason why we leave our heater on even though that would mean nothing will be left from our salary. 'Per piacere' (please) just a little bit of consideration, besides, this is your house, what ever you make out of it, its still yours".

I guess I hit her spot, it slowed her and she went around to count the windows and told me she'll be going back to Bologna(their residence) and will talk with her mother about this. Then assured me she'll be back in days to tell me how it went.

Today, Cristina came with the 'operai'(workman) and took the measurements of our windows. She showed him around and told him all I've stated here as to why its costing us a lot. She left the man and told him to come to their house after the job.

Exhilarated with the good news, I told the 'operai', "this is a miracle!". He said, he can imagine our dilemma. Then I asked him if they will do all the 17 apartments including the homes of our 4 Filipino neighbors. He shook his head and spoke, "tsk, tsk... mi dispiace per loro, solo tua (I'm sorry for them, its just yours)". It made me feel bad and don't know if this calls for a celebration or not.

Nevertheless, It pays to speak with utmost sincerity, lay down your cards and tell the truth. Damn if they listen, damn if they don't... that's what I have learned and thankful for these episode.

Saturday, 1 August 2009


During summer, the boats and buses are most of the time full because of the many tourists flocking Venice. Last Thursday, I went to get the last kitchen stuff of Diego(my late employer) that I want to take home. Lukie came with me and we rode the bus.

As we went up the 'pulman'(bus), a man helped me with the 'karello'(a bag with wheels) while I held Dylan on his pushchair. We will meet Boogie at the 'fermata' (where the boats to and from Venice dock). He will be coming from work and he'll take Dylan back home.

The bus was packed so we stood and Lukie was infront of me holding a bar for support. Then my son was madly fanning his nose with the little bus ticket he was holding. With his other hand, he was covering his nose after pointing under his armpit, gesturing that there's an awful smell. He even blurted twice, loudly as he can, the words - "body odor".

Guess who was holding the same bar next to my son, with his armpit wide open above my son's head? It was the man who was kind to hold our 'karello'. If you could only see the look on this man's face, embarrassment was all written on it. Same face I gave the man while I was signalling Lukie to shush.

At the boat, I tried to explain to Lukie about the "body odor" incident. That it wasn't proper to do what he did. I don't know if my son took me seriously because I can't contain my laughter - it could even be heard by the 'capitano'(captain of the ship).

P.S. SpongeBob SquarePants taught Lukie what BO is. From the episode, "The Karate Island".

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