Wednesday, 26 August 2009


Do you have it too? I mean, when you hear a certain song and you're reminded of an event, a place, something or someone? This song always takes me back 15 years ago when we were taking my cousin, Manang Susan, to the airport. She was to go back here in Italy from a short vacation in the Philippines.

I was at the back seat of the car as we pass by and seeing the stupendous sun set of Manila Bay. "What A Wonderful World" was being played on the car's radio. Every word from Louis Armstrong's song was drawing out tears I was trying to hide from everyone. Specially from my cousin who'll soon be boarding the plane. Its heavy enough to say goodbye and I don't want to make it worst for her.

What really made me cry that time were the street children begging from cars stopping by. Not that I pity them or the danger they were willing to risk. It was their courage and will to pursue that danger in order to survive made me think, they too believe that this is a "WONDERFUL WORLD" after all. Who are we, whom all blessed with homes, parents providing for us and had all the opportunities of being a child, to disagree?



ciao,yup same here.the lyrics and the voice of louis armstrong makes me cry.


Ciao Nelly,

Welcome to the club! Nakaka cleanse kaya yun no hahaha... not just literally as it washes our eyes but so is the soul.

Palapak yung ube cake namin kagabi, sabi ni Lukie, the pastry has to rise daw as he gesture it with his hands hahaha...

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