Saturday, 15 August 2009


Last week, we took the kids to Jesolo Aqualandia . Its only a less than 30 minutes ride from our home. Had we known the place is so much fun, we should have taken Lukie and Dylan since we lived here. Last year we took them to Gardaland and we had to ride the boat, the train and the resort's bus just to get to this amusement park. That's almost half a day of travel.

Lesson learned: "We seek in different or far places when we already have them next to us". Oh, it doesn't only apply to theme parks or water parks, its also true to people whom we should give what is due! hehehe... a thank you perhaps, I love yous or apology maybe and yeah, happiness too. Look around before you plan that long journey hahaha...



That looked like a lot of fun! And you, my dear, look scrumptious!


Yes it was! Adults and kids, we equally had fun.

Ahihihi, we should learn to say thank you kano when given a compliment...isunga grazie adi hehehe...

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