Saturday, 8 August 2009


We were walking home from Dan-Dan's 16th birthday party when Lukie told me, "this is a beautiful day but there is something wrong". I knew it! I should have insisted of taking them home earlier. Dan-Dan, by the way was once Lukie's baby sitter, I have an old entry here: MORE BLESSED YEARS TO THEM ALL! about him.

During the party, a group of guest were invited and they said they didn't know its a birthday bash. Their leader said, they thought they were asked to come for a Bible study. Regardless, he announced that after the food, spiritual nourishment will come next and they will be showing a clip that on 2012, it would be the "end of the world".

When the Bible study was about to begin, Dylan started to be unruly. Like a "mad baby", he went to click every key on the laptop they're going to use. He was even standing and jumping in front of their projector wanting to see his shadow on the white cloth or the screen. My cue to take my kids home. Besides, the assembly might take long and it would be very late for my boys.

I told our host we have to go but when I asked Lukie to get his shoes and we will be leaving, he said he wanted to stay more. I know how much my son misses Dan-Dan so I gave in. I told him I'll take Dylan to the 'piazza'(plaza) where there's a country public concert going on and we'll be back for him in an hour.

Outside with my youngest, I remembered about the clip the pastor said earlier. It was already late for me to get Lukie.

True, we went back and they're still lecturing but Lukie is in Dan-Dan's room playing PSP. He came immediately when I said we're going home.

I asked my son why there is something wrong and he said, "On 2012, there would be earthquakes, tornadoes, heavy rains and fire. The world will end".

Honestly, this angered me and we walked slow on our way home trying to explain it to my son, as simply as I can, that all they said weren't true. I told him that no one can ever tell us, as to when exactly these catastrophes are going to happen. I was even quite emotional when I repeatedly told him that our God or 'Gessu'(how he was taught in Italian to say Jesus) is not that 'cativo' (bad) to "kill" us that "ugly". 'Gessu' will not make us 'vivere con sempre paura'(live in fear) and would tell the pastor that we will all die with earthquake, tornadoes etc... Our 'Gessu' loves Lukie so much, 'come papa e mama'(like mama and papa), who will not make Lukie afraid because we know that these earthquakes and tornadoes will give Lukie nightmares.

Lorenzo, our Italian neighbor, was waiting outside for her Filipina wife Rowena who was still in Dan-dan's house. I thank him for helping me ease Lukie's fear and brought back the smile and the privilege of a young mind's innocence . Lorenzo said in Italian, "When I was also a little boy like you, someone told us that these will happen, that it will soon be the end of the world. But look, I'm an old man now and I am still here. You saw my little baby(1 month old, Elizabetta), ' Gessu' will still make her grow so you and Dylan could play with her."

I'm writing this at 5:55 AM and I was up since 1 AM. Usually when Lukie is afraid of something, he sleepwalks or would have some nightmares. I hope 'Gessu' intervened and I know HE did, because my son is sleeping soundly till now. HE helped Lukie understood that 'Gessu' is a loving and caring God.


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