Saturday, 1 August 2009


During summer, the boats and buses are most of the time full because of the many tourists flocking Venice. Last Thursday, I went to get the last kitchen stuff of Diego(my late employer) that I want to take home. Lukie came with me and we rode the bus.

As we went up the 'pulman'(bus), a man helped me with the 'karello'(a bag with wheels) while I held Dylan on his pushchair. We will meet Boogie at the 'fermata' (where the boats to and from Venice dock). He will be coming from work and he'll take Dylan back home.

The bus was packed so we stood and Lukie was infront of me holding a bar for support. Then my son was madly fanning his nose with the little bus ticket he was holding. With his other hand, he was covering his nose after pointing under his armpit, gesturing that there's an awful smell. He even blurted twice, loudly as he can, the words - "body odor".

Guess who was holding the same bar next to my son, with his armpit wide open above my son's head? It was the man who was kind to hold our 'karello'. If you could only see the look on this man's face, embarrassment was all written on it. Same face I gave the man while I was signalling Lukie to shush.

At the boat, I tried to explain to Lukie about the "body odor" incident. That it wasn't proper to do what he did. I don't know if my son took me seriously because I can't contain my laughter - it could even be heard by the 'capitano'(captain of the ship).

P.S. SpongeBob SquarePants taught Lukie what BO is. From the episode, "The Karate Island".



This reminds me of The Emperor's New Clothes. lol Children don't have the dilemma (that we, adults, suffer from, I'm sorry to say) to tell it like it is.


So very true Hannah! Another regretful thing that adulthood had stripped off from us hehehe...


ha ha! reminds me of Sean when we were in Saudi. grabe gamin met bantot ti kili-kili ijiay. one time we were inside an elevator with a family ket pirmi ti uppet na agong na ah ni sean sabay sabi, "stinky,stinky!" eh yung head of the family, hindi embarassed and look nya sa amin ngay kundi angry adi. ket puzzled lang piman adi ang sean no apay nga pig pigilan mi ag cover suna ti agong na...


Insan, grabeh nga talaga hahaha... We just woke up and about to have breakfast. Your story made us laugh... pang buena mano ti aldaw...

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