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My husband joined a group at "friendsters" along with his old high school batch mates. It made him write treasured memories of his younger days. Of course I got inspired to remember mine, so here's the first part of "my rekindling" the past (lols).

My late Lola Meding took me to SLU girl's High and we went in to this office where she had a chat with this nun she knew. I heard her telling my grandmother that for sure they'll enlist me but I have to take the entrance exam for formality's sake.

San Jose High School was my second option and they conducted their entrance exam earlier than Girl's High. A week after I went with my Lola, my Stepmother gave me company to SJHS and we did not know, that very day was the schedule for their qualifying test.

Lining up nervously and unprepared, I joined the hundreds of examinees. Trying to calm down my worries of not making the exam, my thoughts were echoing, "If I will not pass this, I was really meant for Girl's High...".

Then there's this boy who is assisting our group(about 50 students per room). I was thinking, "He is young to be a teacher. Is he really one?". Point blank, he was cute! And before I opened my test book, I made up my mind where to go for my secondary schooling.

My dad and Lola were quite disappointed when I told them I'm not taking the exam at SLU. If they had known it was because of this boy whom I have later known as a Senior student by the name of Lolito Igualdo Jr, they'd probably faint(falling on the floor at the same time). And yeah, "double faint" because I didn't know, Lolito's father is my Dad's first cousin from my Lola Meding's side... to be continued....



There was an entrance exam for SJHS? I don't remember that! LOL

I remember Mng. Lolito. I think he and my sister had common friends back then.

Aren't you glad you went to SJHS, though? Heheh.


Yes there was an entrance exam. It was quite long during our time and they based our IQ on that test. Mid year of classes, Ma'am Dela Pena, on the one on one interview with the guidance counselor, told us about our score and it's corresponding IQ.

Of course Hannah, I wouldn't exchange it for any other school. Not because of Lolito though hahaha
but for the many things I am going to write soon.

Jane 101

thus revelations start from here...
looking forward to more secrets to be revealed :)


nyahahaha Jane....let's see, let's see...hehehe...


In hindsight, I learned about open-mindedness and appreciation of religious diversity at SJHS (I also have my dad to thank for that). Being a Lutheran Protestant, getting immersed in everything Catholic on a daily basis was a constant lesson of staying aware of who I was and who I was not while accepting and loving both halves with equal measure.

Anyhoo, before I turn my comment into a post :D, high school was the best of times for me. If there's anything I regret about it, it is that it is over! :D


It had always been a question in my mind since I've known that your Dad is a leader to another sect, why SJHS? As I can see and "feel", you really seem not affected with it - which is the RIGHT THING TO BE.

I personally give the credit to your Dad because I believe that it was his influence on how you handled the "diversities" of both religions. I know of some parents who "impose" that white is white and black is black when it comes to their beliefs.

Hahaha...that's really regretful. Maybe it has something to do with being young, carefree and naive to "serious" adult life. I'm regretting with you Hannah (lols).


Inggana adi iman tatta ket very active ni fader ti church activities. I think he is busier now than he was before we moved.

I expected to go to BSU High, so I was surprised and puzzled, too, when my dad sent me to San Jose. His simple answer, when I asked, was that I would get better education there and religion had nothing to do with it. lol It's funny now that I think about it. He was completely unaffected by my naive concerns. But, kids being kids, I unquestioningly went along with his sentiments and never regretted it. Lesson of the day: It pays to listen to your father's wisdom. :D


I know of some parents who "impose" that white is white and black is black when it comes to their beliefs.

True dat! Sayang ta no mamingsan ket I meet people who would have been ideal partners for intellectual discussions, but had the misfortune (in my opinion, anyway) to grow up in the restrictive environment you just described. Masayanganak. They are good people, but they are stubborn as heck! :D It would've been nice to learn from them, but oh well, we can always retreat to books. lol


Ciao Hannah,

Yeah, cheers to our Dads! How do call him gayam? Papa or Dad?

I see your point "on filtering" those prospects :-)... I think I did the same that's why I ended up with my first and last(naks)hehehe...

Lolito III

Hi!!! I'm net surfing and found this blog. I couldn't stop smiling. I am leigualdo jr(III), you can call mng. roks. GOdbless to you & your family, looks like you are doing great over there.

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