Friday, 26 March 2010


Its so light! Something is not right... That's what I felt when I was opening the gate as I pushed Dylan's stroller. I didn't know how heavy our house keys till I forgot to strap my bag around with my cellphone, wallet and yes, the keys in it . We were locked out! I felt like a fire being doused.

Was about to go back and "ravage" the door but in a second, I got my self back. I just said, "Oh men! Dylan, we have to run!", but then I "flew" and amazingly took Dylan to school in time. Note that I don't have my pre paid bus ticket or any amount at hand so we had to walk or fly(?). Adrenalin Thursday, it really was.

I got back home and asked our neighbor for an ID card. He came to help me out but it only proved us - we can't be thieves or robbers at that. We even tried a pin and it somehow moved the keyhole. Like crazy dudes, we almost danced but were later frustrated because it did nothing at all.

"Desperation" almost drilled down the door but thanks to my brother in law, he went to look for the old and unknown keys he is hesitant to throw. Huge relief, I saw our door open like the gates of heaven hehehe...

I thought of writing this to remind us to double check our stuff before we step out our home. What if it was snowing that time? I would be half dead!

Thursday, 4 March 2010


Pasta, pizza, pope... Milan, Venice, Rome.... Ferrari, Cavalli, Prada and Armani are among the things, places and people that come to mind when "Italy" pops out. For those who lived here or stayed for a while, SCIOPERO or strike will be one experience they will remember this country for. Italians have it most of the time.

Last Monday, our eldest Lukie did not go to school because the teachers are on strike. Kids were advised to go with their parents and see from there if classes will resume. I had to go to work and Boogs had to look after Dylan who is very sick. Besides, most of the time, classes are always suspended when this happen.

Not on that day. Lukie stayed home while his classmates went on with their class.

The next day, Lukie went to school and brought home Alessandro's notebook to copy the notes he missed. Then I asked him if Alessandro is really that good at school and our son said yes. I added, "Who is better, you or Ale?" and he answered, "Both.". My husband said he(Lukie) should be smarter than Ale (which he is by the way) as I nodded in support.

Wearing his eye glasses and looking grumpy, Lukie told us during tea time, "We go to school to learn and not to compete on who is the smartest".

Its not just the tea that made my face warm that time, so is the the hot and very true lesson my son just taught us. That was a BIG STRIKE for Lukie if we were bowling that day!

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