Friday, 26 March 2010


Its so light! Something is not right... That's what I felt when I was opening the gate as I pushed Dylan's stroller. I didn't know how heavy our house keys till I forgot to strap my bag around with my cellphone, wallet and yes, the keys in it . We were locked out! I felt like a fire being doused.

Was about to go back and "ravage" the door but in a second, I got my self back. I just said, "Oh men! Dylan, we have to run!", but then I "flew" and amazingly took Dylan to school in time. Note that I don't have my pre paid bus ticket or any amount at hand so we had to walk or fly(?). Adrenalin Thursday, it really was.

I got back home and asked our neighbor for an ID card. He came to help me out but it only proved us - we can't be thieves or robbers at that. We even tried a pin and it somehow moved the keyhole. Like crazy dudes, we almost danced but were later frustrated because it did nothing at all.

"Desperation" almost drilled down the door but thanks to my brother in law, he went to look for the old and unknown keys he is hesitant to throw. Huge relief, I saw our door open like the gates of heaven hehehe...

I thought of writing this to remind us to double check our stuff before we step out our home. What if it was snowing that time? I would be half dead!


Jane 101

hi lovelyn, twice we were locked out, dennis thought I had my keys, similarly I thought he had his keys. door locks here are not something like you can use a wire to open it by yourself, actually, it is not even allowed. so we had to call the locksmith to open the door for us and it costs ~450php - I guess being locked out twice means we didn't learn our lessons, yay!


LOL Jane! Happens all the time that 'turuan' thing. Maybe the third time will never ever make you forget your keys...

Our last resort would be calling the firemen to open it up. Its free hehehe... Had a neighbor who once did that. "Dignified" (haha) firefighters, dressed up in black with neon colors lining their uniforms, came with their loud siren... Oh well, that's saving one's day hehehe...

Ms Buguias

Speaking of lock out...tell me about it hehehehe!I locked myself out while cleaning our front porch at 1030 pm.I pressed the door bell desperately to wake up my sleeping kids who were 4 and 6 at that no avail! Buti na lang pauwi na ung husband ko from home!


10:30 pm insan hahaha... Always scared for that to happen and hoping I won't experience it. I usually do our laundry at night and I really make sure I have my keys before taking out the 'standino'(clothes stand), or else hahaha.


oh those are never fun. You can always bury a spare key somewhere in the garden or give a spare to a relative close by. I broke thru my window a couple of times. Wooo wasn't a pretty sight. Its like a sausage going thru a needle


Nyahahah Russel, could just imagine how it looks like... One's with my brother in law, still have to hide one cause he's not always home...


Hi, Am I so happy to find another fellow Igorot blogger here, from Francesca in France (hehe, no matter how vicious she is against our being, she somehow made me see fellow Igorots online).

I'm still at work and about to leave, and if you dont mind, I have please added you to my bloglist so I can easily come back check you when I reach home.

Be back later =)


Ciao Gremliness!

Wow, another Igorot blogger! So, you went over all those comments from Francesca's post. It took me maybe almost an hour to finish it hehehe...

I don't mind at all. My pleasure to be included in your blogroll. I'll do the same with yours later tonight. You can also go over my blog friends, almost all Igorots there.

Sige garud and see you around!

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