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WHO IS READY? (Part 3)

A continuation to this: WHO IS READY? and this: WHO IS READY? (Part 2)

There's this prayer my late Lola Meding made me and my sisters memorize when we were kids. All my cousins too, whom my grandmother had also taken care of, before she came to live with us. Its the "clan's" payer (till now) before we go to bed. It goes:


Angel of God, my Guardian dear,

To whom His love, commits me here,

Ever this day [or night] be at my side,

To light and guard,

To rule and guide.

Lukie started saying this prayer when he was 3 years old. Before he turned 5, "the angels" could only understand the first and last word of each line. Words in between, my son lets them figure it out(lol). Endearingly closes his eyes and clasps his hands, Lukie prays, "Angelllll____ God, Myyyyy___ dear. Tooooo______ love.....".


From the time I started composing my son's readiness of sleeping in his own room, he actually did the big leap a week before. When his 'cameretta'(bed) was delivered and put up, he asked if he could sleep on it that very night. For a week I didn't let him because the smell of the paint is still there (when it was actually a water-base paint and not really that smelly).

I'm aware, I did never run out of reasons for that room NOT to be finally of use: Comforter's cover is not yet ready.... Since everything is new, I don't want to use any of the old ones (which, still looks new). The carpet hasn't arrived yet.... we need more containers for the toys.... and all other lacking depth excuses I am probably making up.

Less guilt for my "controlling" behavior because I share it with my better half. My husband too, he said the room would be too cold for Lukie on his own. He even suggested we'll wait till Dylan could give big brother that company. There's also the fear of Lukie hating his brother more. Thinking, he was and is to be "physically removed" from his bed. And now, from his known room to another.


Indeed it did and still it does. November 2, 2008, I tucked Lukie in for the very first time on his new bed, new room and into his first big step towards independence.

A smile of excitement, relief and pride on my son's face crushed (literally) my heart when I finally covered him with his blanket. My guilt too of keeping him a baby breaks, pounds and grinds every inch of me. How I held those tears not to flow.

"Ahhhh, how comfortable!" my son said, still with that smile. "Mi piace!"(I like it!) he keeps on repeating.

I'm so ashamed I can not leave his room and I keep stroking his hair while giving him pecks of kisses. "Bouna notte"(good night) were said a hundred times with I love yous but I just can't let my self out.

I was, in a way, proud of him because his enthusiasm didn't dwindle after all my (our) excuses. I could feel he felt he won his autonomy.


My conscience told me, "....the kid just loved what you did to his room! Hello? He isn't back packing for the Amazons!" and I hated "me" for that. Its hard to concede from your ego specially when she is boldly RIGHT.

More than a month had passed, Lukie never came on our bed. "Niente brutto sognio"(no bad dreams) he tells me. I keep on persuading him to sleep with me and Dylan when my husband works night shift. "Why?" he asked me once and I told him to fill his Papa's space. He declined.... always declines.


My son's only request when I leave his room, "Mama, leave my door open please!". That is hope for me. Behind all the his wanted independence, now and more to come in the future, the "open door" is Mama or Papa. He knows we are still in the next room and would slay his dragons when he needs us to.

Funny because after all these, I became a "night walker". "I need to pee" is my excuse. And before going back to my bed, I drop by Lukie's room and make sure he is well covered. Boogie? Oh, we take turns hahaha... he too goes to check on his son.

So who is ready? Obviously us! Ever since the Part 1 of these series, it was a silly question with a give away answer. I know this room thing is nothing for the many wanted autonomy's by my children someday. More drama's, more crying but until then, I'll cherish all these experiences. It is yet another reason for me to keep my "obsessive" mothering at hand... that was a joke hehehe...

Again-again..... But, until then, I'll cherish all these experiences because it is yet another reminder and will stay as one to nudge me that my children will not stay KIDS forever. They actually grow, like I did. They'll leave and will have a family of their own, like I did. Now I miss my Dad, he used to tell us all of these. I just felt what he had been feeling as he "gives" one daughter "away".
Pahabol: I hope to post more pix of the room.


What a day to start the month. December 1st,
ACTV (company for Venice's public transport:boat and buses) was on strike. Only the 'Motonave' or the big boat/ship was utilized with limited and scheduled trips. Highest tide, a record after twenty years, made it worst (read this: International Herald Tribune). Add that, it was windy and raining too.

The day for me was saved by this old lady (around 60 years old) in the boat on my way to Lido Venezia. She was wearing a skirt. A man, about 5 years younger, passed by her side and his umbrella touched the old lady's left leg.

"Mama mia, what was that?"
the surprised lady spoke in Italian.Then she saw it was the man's umbrella. "Ugh, scusa(sorry)!" he apologized. "Its okay, I was just wondering what was that thing touching me." she answered laughing. The man replied, "For sure, it wasn't my hand hahaha!". Then the old lady said, "I wouldn't mind... its voluntarily offered hehehe!".... How it all made everyone in the boat laugh. I heard mine - THE LOUDEST!

International Herald Tribune

Friday, 28 November 2008


Teacher Julie of GreenBucks asked her 26th question:
What are the special things that you look forward to every Sunday?

Almost like everybody else, Sunday for us should start with sleeping in. Getting up when everyone's fed up lying down.

When we put up the 'taparello'(blinds)and the kids hide under the quilt, like little Draculas, afraid of the glaring Sun.

Its Papa's day off so it must be a lazy day. We're the couch family watching DVDs or just joining the kids in watching their cartoon films or shows.

If we will not go out, Its fried chicken day for Lukie. If its summer, its Barbecue day.

Most of time its having lunch at any Pinoy homes or wherever a friend or relative holds his/her party. If you will not go, your phone won't stop ringing and they will even send off people to get you.

Its also a day being with my 3 sisters as we eat, talk and eat and eat hehehe... On Monday, makes me wonder how easy it is to store 2.2 pounds.

Gift-Giving is for the 27th question:

What kinds of gifts do you give to your loved ones during Christmas? How do you choose what to give?

I prefer giving gifts that will make people warm specially so that its winter and its really cold here. I love giving out wool sweaters(cashmere 'sana' but its too expensive).

For my husband, whatever he needs (as long as I can afford it) but I make sure it will really-really surprise him.

One of Dylan's "must have" this Christmas is a toy computer. We hope it will help him quit "working" on our PC which he had already broken it's power button.

For Lukie, since he knows how to write, he makes his list and leaves it for Santa to do the magic. Last week, I told him to get a whole piece of bond paper and scribble down what he wants for Christmas. He came back with a 1/4 sheet, the small piece I tore for my grocery list.

Mama: Why.... that's too small honey! Get a whole page!

Lukie: No! Its too big for me to fill it all up!

Mama: Don't you want a lot of presents?

Lukie: Yes but... Its hard to think. 'Abiamo tutto'(We have it all)!

Cartoon credit: CSL CartoonStock

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


Something true about YouTube, for Bo Burnham at least. Come to think of it...

Saturday, 22 November 2008


November 21st for Venice is FESTA DELLA MADONNA DELLA SALUTE(about the feast: read the article below from Just to add what the article did not include as to why "OTHERS" consider it A MUST CELEBRATION TO ATTEND. For some, its because of the 'fritelli' (fried dough bathe in sugar or stuffed with abundant Nutella .... hhmmmnnn yummy). Take note also that 'Salute' means health.

Another is the festive mood enjoyed by the kids and making their parents buy these balloons of their favorite cartoon characters. Just like Lukie and his dear 'Spongy' Bob.

Inside the church, all the Jewels of the Madonna and Baby Jesus are real gold. So are the linings of the altar table and most part of the shrine. Old paintings too and the detailed marble floors are among the other
treasures of this church.

The feast day is a chance to enter the Santa Maria Della Salute church up to the Dogana(house of the customs(back in the olden times) which is not open on ordinary days) down to the sacristy and the little passage at the back going out of the sacred building. It felt like a maze to me and made me wonder if there are other "secret passages" and why were they made.

21st November 2006 by:

The Feast of Salute is, with no doubt, the one with the less tourist impact, recalling a real popular religious feeling.

Also such festivity, like that of Redentore, reminds us of another terrible plague occurred during the two-year period 1630-1631, and the succeeding vow made by the Doge in order to get the intercession of the Virgin.

Still nowadays on 21st November thousands of citizens march before the high altar of the majestic Salute Church in order to perpetuate the age-old bond of gratitude existing between the town and the Virgin Maria.

Those who have the opportunity to be in Venice during the day of Salute can breathe an atmosphere of genuine and heartfelt popular participation, as well as not pharisaic religiosity, but deeply related to the history and traditions of the town.

the temporary bridge and on the right side is the Salute church

Every year, for this feast, a temporary bridge on boats is built: it crosses the Canal Grande and links the areas of St. Moisè and St. Maria del Giglio (sestiere of St. Marco) to the Basilica of Longhena (sestiere of Dorsoduro), in order to allow the passage of the procession.

Tens of thousands of people go on a pilgrimage to pay homage to the Madonna and to light a church candle in order to make Her intercede for their good health.

The ceaseless queue of people which on 21st November march on the votive bridge made of boats, towards the imposing Salute Church, testifies the still living and strong bond existing between the town and the Madonna.

Thursday, 20 November 2008


I took my sister Jie with me when I went to wash our winter curtains. I just remembered I had put them in the store room unclean. I should have brought it to the laundry when I changed it with the summer ones. Next time, I will store it clean ready to be hung. (Yeah right! Husband is betting I'll do the

Since its too bulky and it would take 3 loads in our washing machine to bubble it all, the 'lavanderia'
(laundry house) is indeed practical. Drying would even be a lot easier.

Why am I boring you with my laundry? Keep reading (lol)...

There's this old Italian lady waiting for her clothes to dry when we got there. The other huge dryer is at work and 6 more minutes before it's time is up. "Its not mine. I haven't seen the owner since I came here hours ago", the lady said in Italian as she shrugs and extends her neck with her mouth protruding followed by the nose. A typical mannerism for Venetians. Its sarcasm when translated in words.

Then she told us about the last time she came to use the dryer. Same thing, there were dried clothes in the dryer and its unattended. Naturally, she took it out because its already dry, put it in a basket and replaced it with her stuff.

The owner of the "abandoned laundry" came. "You have no right to touch my things!" she shouted to the Italian old lady and they argued "come mata"(like crazy) the lady tells us. "She should have not left her things and for that, she had no right to be angry!", she added.

Before the Italian lady went back to her magazine, sensing maybe that she talked a lot and forgot we're strangers, she spoke in wisdom, "Va be'... non siamo uguali... PER FORTUNA!" (WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME....FORTUNATELY).

Wednesday, 19 November 2008


CAVALLINO-TREPORTI IN FILTERS:(Credits to my photographer: Musashiboogie).

Tuesday, 18 November 2008


Thanks to GANDANG IGOROTA for including us in his Wil's Tag:

Here's the rule: Remove 1 question from the list below, and add your own personal question to make it a total of 20 questions. Tag 8 people, list them out at the end of this post. Notify them in their chat box that he/she has been tagged. Whoever does the tag will have blessings from all.

1. At what age do/did you wish to marry? 28

2. What color do you like most? brown

3. If you can have a superpower, what would it be? to be like cupid, spreading "the" luuuvvv(if you call that a superpower ah kano).

4. If you can travel anywhere in the world, where would you want to go? Philippines.

5. Which part of you that you love the most? Crazy side. West side, East side...nyahahaa...

6. When you get sad, what do you do? Cry and then write.

7. What are you afraid to lose the most? My family.

8. If you win $1 million, what would you do with the money? Spend some, save some and give some.

9. What do you love the most last year (2007)? Almost everything, maybe.

10. How did you get your name? I was born on Valentines Day.

11. What is the moment you regret most? I can't remember any for now.

12. What type of person do you hate the most? Racist and bitter people.
13. What is your greatest asset? I believe its my hearty laugh.

14. If you had one wish, what would you wish for? For all my wishes come true(lol).
15. How did you celebrate the New Year? Fireworks at home with my family and a friend's family.

16. Name the one body part your hubby or significant other tells you he adores. My neck kano( I just asked it now and only now have I known it. I thought he'll say, "Everything of you!"... ay mali hahaha....

17. It's 2008. What are you looking forward to this year? Nothing much, I'll make the most out of whatever will come.

18. Anything in your life that you wish weren't so awful? My height hahaha... and my husband keeps on telling me that if I were a foot taller, I wouldn't marry him... Come to think of it,

19. What's the shallowest thing you intend to do this year? Just do things I normally do. That's how shallow I am hahaha....

20. What material gift you most want for Christmas? (Oh this is my question! A hint for the husband if he'll read this hahaha....) Like the one the man is using above(lol)... Its so cold now to jog out door, a treadmill would be great(for now).
Now I'm tagging Hannah, Jane, Izma, Noeds, Boogs, Beng, Russel(write it on the comment section), Nikki and TruBlue(if you're up to it, write it here too).


Naaalala pa ba ninyo ang ANG PAMILYANG ITO? Ipagpaumanhin po ninyo na isusulat ko ito sa ating ng wika. Alam ko pong hindi mabuting pag-usapan ang personal na buhay ng ibang tao, dala ng naumpisahan ko na at may katungkulan akong tapusin, akin pong itutuloy at naway kapulutan po natin ng aral ang ilang bahagi nito. On the lighter side, hayan, 'justified' na kung bakit ko sisimulan ang pahinang ito(lol).

Simula nong nakaraang Linggo, ewan ko kong matutuwa ako o hind, binabasa na po nila(mga pangunahing tauhan ng kwento) ang blog na ito.

Natapos na ang 'internship' ng anak nyang babae kaya s'ya ay bumalik sa Venice. Napagkasunduan ng hiwalay na mag-asawa(mas ang babaeng ex ang nagdesisyun) na dalawang Linggo sa Tatay at dalawang Linngo sa nanay si Geli(itago natin sya sa pangalang ito). Dahil sa wala pang desi otso ang dalaga, kailangang tumira pa s'ya mga magulang.

Ang ex na babae, na atin ding itatago sa pangalang Mina, ay pinapag-aral ng kanyang kumpanya ng computer kaya kada katapusang dalawang Linggo ng buwan, andito sya sa Venice at sa kanya tutuloy si Geli. Pagkatapos naman ng dalawang Linggo, dahil si Mina ay babalik sa trabaho, agad namang lilipat sa ama, na ating tatawaging Dave, ang kanilang anak na babae.

Kung pano ko nakilalala ang pamilyang ito ay sa pamamagitang ng dating titser ni Boogs sa Italyano na ng lumaon ay naging amo nya at sya rin ang may-ari ng dati naming tinitirhan. Andito ang karagdagang isinulat ni Boogie tungkol sa gurong ito: First Meeting at The Male House Maid.

Wala pa kaming legal na permit of stay dito nung sinabi ni Rebecca(English teacher) na may kaibigan syang nangangailangan ng tagapalinis ng bahay nya twice a week. Magdadalawang taon pa lang si Lukie noon, tinanggap ko ang alok at ito. Isa sa mga ipinagpapasalamat kong nangyari sa amin dito sa Italya. Na maging bahagi ng kwento ng pamilyang ito at vice-versa, na sila'y maging bahagi rin ng istorya ng pakikipagsapalaran namin sa bansang ito.

Maalala ko noong ako'y magsimulang magtrabaho sa kanila, mas matangkad pa ako kay Geli(considering maliit na ako ha) at si Mario(anak na lalaki) ay pilit akong kinakausap ng Eglish para mapractice nya ang mga natutuhan n'ya kay Rebecca. Unang raw ko pa lang ay nakita kong swerte ko sa kanila kasi magagalang ang mga anak at halos wala akong ginawa dahil tinapos na ng nanay ang mga dapat gawin.

Kalimitan, ang mga bata dito ay kulang sa kabutihang asal at ang mga Venitsyano ay isa sa mga 'worst' na rasista. Buti na lang ang pamilyang ito ay galing sa Padova(another province of Italy) na maraming iba't ibang lahi ang naninirahan gawa ng malapit ito sa France at maraming estudyante ng mga karatig bansa ang dito'y nag-aaral ng Italyano.

Dahil wala pa kaming 'permit of stay' noong mga unang taon namin dito, hindi kami intitled sa health care benefits katulad ng libreng doctor at murang gamot. Bawal pa sa mga doktor na pagsilbihan ang mga "walang papel" at kung sila'y mahuhuli, marerevoke ang doctor's license nila at mamumulta pa ng napakalaking halaga.

Buti na lang nung namasukan ako kina Mina, ibinaba ang amnesty at tinulungan ako ng pamilyang ito at si Rebecca na rin, na mabigyan ng papel. Si Lukie ay ipinasok ko na sa Day Care at ako nama'y nagtraho na ng full time. Laging nagkakahawaan ang bata sa 'Asilo'(tawag sa daycare)kaya laging may sakit si Lukie sa mga unang taon nyang nagstay doon.

May ibinigay na pediatrician kay Lukie (bawat bata ay may naka assign na pedia. Bigay ng gobyerno na kasali sa malaking tax na binabayaran ng amo o kinakaltas sa aming sweldo). Napaka walang malasakit ang doktor na ito at hindi man lang sya nalarma na isang buwan ng laging may lagnat si Lukie. Sabi n'ya, normal daw sa winter at sa unang taon ng maga batang nasa 'asilo' kaya basta na lang bibigyan kami ng anti-biotic.

Pasko ng 2004, dahil pumunta si Rebecca sa England, pinatira kami sa bahay nya(with pay) para bantayan at ilabas ang dalawang aso nila. Hapon ng 24, lahat ng doctor ay on leave na dahil pasko. Nilalagnat pa rin si Lukie pagkatapos ng 4 na klaseng anti-biotic na pinagpalit-palit ng pediatrician nya. Wala talaga kaming matawagang doktor kaya ang ginawa ni Mina, pumunta sya bahay mismo ng dating pediatrician ng kanyang mga anak at na ring sa buzzer nila..... ITUTULOY...

Saturday, 15 November 2008


Its so noble to be blogging for a cause. Thanks to Teacher Julie and her November 2008 Dona Nobis Pacem Post for linking us to another GREAT writer. Mimi Lenox is the author of Blog Blast for Peace.

These had influenced our WQ that goes:

How do you pursue peace in your life?

Set aside "global" or promoting peace in a wider range for this entry, I'll answer it with "re-acquainting" myself on what peace really means. Its not just copying and pasting what Sir Thesaurus said but understanding word by word what he bombarded peace with.

PEACE is defined with the following words:

1. calm

2. serenity

3. harmony

4. agreement

PEACE is synonymous with: accord, amity, armistice, cessation, conciliation, concord, friendship, love, neutrality, order, pacification, pacifism, reconciliation, treaty, truce, unanimity, union, unity

And more: calmness, composure, concord, congeniality, contentment, equanimity, hush, lull, peacefulness, placidity, quiet, quietude, relaxation, repose, reserve, rest, silence, stillness, sympathy, tranquility

These now could make me redefine why I "chase" harmony and serenity with the great help of calmness and (note) case to case basis in agreeing with certain matters (lol). But first, I do believe that it all starts with wanting peace. That is now my reason why I want to pursue it in the first place.

My Auntie Betty, one of my Dad's older sister had influenced me greatly why I should be wanting serenity. I saw how she was able to stay sane after a deceitful marriage and eventually led to a painful divorce. How she raised her four kids and had sacrificed to leave them and work abroad to help heal herself. I thank her for "reintroducing" me to A HELPER in achieving peace. He comes with the name - GOD.

During one LSS of the Baguio Sacred Heart Community conducted by brother Julius, I've met (yet again) the 3 L's: LIVE, LAUGH and LAUGH which I've already did know from our recollections/retreats back in high school. The founder of the said community, Paul Aguas, was still with us that time.

These 3 L's had a greater meaning when Big G came into the picture. A push by the thought of having a "BIGGER ENTITY" guiding you to LIVE, LUAGH and LOVE. Sometimes it is something hard to understand. But IMHO, believing alone is one of the answers on how to "grab and keep" that peace. Then everything follows when you believe, you'll understand why husbands hear nothing when they're watching their fave sport. You will be humbled for being just a speck in this whole wide universe. Most of all, you'll get to value life, people and relationships more.

Am I still making sense? Please allow me, I'm also reminding myself with all these because the WORLD sometimes makes us forget that these thoughts do really exist(lol). Agree?

Another unique concept that I've come to add in my pursuit of peace are Elizabeth Gilbert's three word combination EAT, PRAY and LOVE. She has this best selling book talking about pleasure, devotion and acting on what will give you peace that will in turn make you truly happy.

As to personally pursuing peace as a mother taking care of the boys, give yourself your own time and nag (hahaha) the husband to take care of the kids while you take a nap, long shower or just be out of the house. Makes you keep that inner peace to calm you down when Dylan cries out loud for help(or sometimes just to get your attention)to rescue him from Lukie's bullying.

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

HE IS A WOMAN TOO(the song, I mean)

Jehan is my fifth sister and the fourth sister to join us in increasing the number of our little "mafia" here in Italy. She came last Sunday just in time for our niece, Noemi's second birthday. The last time I saw Jehan was when we went for a vacation in the Philippines last 2006. She was always with her daughter Erica who was 2 years old that time.

Its great to be reunited again and she had been reminding me of so many things I did when I was, errr... you know, ahhh... younger hahaha.... Like this film, The Thing Called Love, I've watched a million times but totally forgot that I love it... So much of the many things marriage made me forget, actually(lol). I can't even place the name of the actor and I said, "Ah yes, that movie! Christian Slater, my old boyfriend. Poor guy he died of OD". Then my sister squinted with out her eye glasses and asked, "Really, he died? When? Dead? How could that....?"

Goshhh! What happened to my brains? That's River Phoenix for old time's sake!!!

Monday, 10 November 2008

WHO IS READY? (Part 2)


Last year's winter, we told Lukie that he will start to sleep in his own room on summer. An idea he wouldn't even consider and tells us, " I won't! I will be having bad dreams". We did not insist and we agreed that - "He is ready when he is ready!".

Another forethought, if Lukie will transfer to the other room, Dylan must do too. We don't want our eldest to feel "more" left out and hate his little brother for taking everything he used to have. I for one would be very hurt seeing my parents with Dylan in the middle of their bed while I am here in the next room entertaining "life ain't fair"(lol).

None the less, we pushed through with redecorating (more on saving the ruins of chaos) the extra room. All the piles of books, clothes, papers and other unnecessary stacks of I don't know what were either thrown, salvaged or (again) filled the "real" store room underground the house.

Then I initiated painting the walls, staying deaf from my husband's protest of "no painting needed". He can't take the looks of my first coating so he continued the job. He was proud of the outcome and I was proud of starting it first.

The old wardrobes were replaced with a 'cameretta'(bed with built in cabinets and drawers) we ordered from SME. One divider was left in the room which my husband didn't want to take off even though its taking almost all the space. He was thinking of where to put the books if we throw that piece of furniture.

With Dylan, Jing and her husband - Manong Jojo, we went to IKEA. I was only suppose to buy a bookshelf and linens for the new room. I ended up buying a study table, carpets, baskets, meatballs(yeah, they also sell food made in Sweden) and etc...etc... Wanting to replace the divider my husband wants to keep, I also bought 3 bookshelves which I know will raise his hair because the supposed 2 items to buy became etc... etc...

Having my own money now with my new part time job, it was fun to shop(hehehe). All my one month pay went all to IKEA that day. That's the secret of me lining the cashier confidently after stuffing my cart like its IKEA's last day of business.

Naturally, disapproving face with everything I took home, my husband showed it while checking out all the stuff - add that its all "do it your self" furniture's (5 things to build plus the chair).

Manong Jojo was right, he said its all but normal to disagree but when its already made, Boogie will like all of these. "You'll see!" he added.

True enough, putting up each furniture, my husband was enjoying it. Now that everything is in place, he may not admit it in words but he is showing it in deeds that his wife is great with "home furnishing" after all hehehe...

Will Lukie finally move to the new room?... to be continued....


Saturday, 8 November 2008


Since I am a week behind for Teacher Julie's Weekly questions, this entry should have been for the All Soul's Day. Nevertheless, we don't want to miss one question so here it is.

Who among your dearly departed hold(s) a special place in your heart?

As Teacher Julie said, "there's no playing favorites" because all my love ones who had gone to the "place beyond" will always be in my thoughts, heart and prayers. But, my dear Mama will always come first.

"How was she able to manage with six children?", me and my sister Noeda (who also lives here in Venice) would often ask specially when mothering is testing the edge of patience. Maybe she would say, "Oh, the Lord was kind, you're all girls!"

Friday, 7 November 2008


Here is Italy's contribution to history of having the first black American president. A cute and not so cute comment from this side of the world hehehe... 'Tanned Obama' questions anger Berlusconi


I thought I have read it from THE SEARS but I've been flipping their book and I can't find that page. I've read somewhere about that study of co sleeping with your children. Now I give up! I've been browsing 3 different authors now from our bookshelves and the page I'm looking for is hiding pretty well from me.

I'll write this anyway, before my boys will wake up with those needy eyes for breakfast. Then I'll just get back to my "supporting and published" facts when I find that book.

Trying to remember it right, the study says that Asians are knit close to their family - has something to do with co sleeping or welcoming their kids in the warmth or their bed... It brings a better connection or "bonding" between the mother and child. Oh, since I share my bed with my husband, OK, he too is taking part with the "bonding".

When our eldest was born, his crib was placed next to our bed where he had slept for more than a year. I can't remember the first time we had let him doze in our midst but what I do recall is, sleeping for us became better and longer. His abandoned bed had to be dismantled and was kept to the store room for future "sibling use".

Then the sibling came. Little Dylan did not just took Lukie's babyhood but so is his turf in our comforting berth. Dear Lukie in loath, moved to the left side of our bed so I could be "accessible" to both my boys. Being in between my sons may have had limited my freedom to stretch these arms in the coziness of a good night sleep, it did work for 1 year and 2 months. Lukie holding my neck, Dylan with my "nursing gear"(breast feeding, duh...) and yeah, Boogie got my feet. Lovelyn's "night life", that is!

With our first born's limbs growing uncontrollably, our "enormous" bed became small. With the "convincing power" of persuasion, Lukie got reunited with his crib and took the first step of independency from my neck. Though countless times, I wake up and he is coiled next to me.

I forgot to write that his crib is pulled "really" close to my side. Most of the time, like Plastic Man, my son extends his hands - reaching for his precious Mama.

Again, those limbs getting longer and the crib looks funny having Lukie there. Picture Incredible Hulk out sizing his shirt and pants - My son too except that its his feet and hands that are protruding from his crib. But, he still is comfortably asleep having been bigger and all that.

We can't pop the crib and make it big nor will not allow Lukie to keep those limbs grow more, so, we had to do something about it. Then the HUGE work has to take part. The messy, scary messy and really messy extra room had to be stripped off and trashed. It took us a month to finally furnish it and make it livable.

From Lukie's dependence from my neck to having his own room now... to be continued

IMAGE CREDIT: Brocklehurst Secondary

Saturday, 1 November 2008


STAGE MOTHERING was for Holloween 2007. Here is our 2008 PUMPKIN montage which we had a day later because it was raining heavily last Friday.


Teacher Julie's topic for this week is about Annoying People .

Who is the most annoying person that you have been unfortunate to have met in person?

Since its unethical to name names, I'd rather answer it to why they are so annoying. For this time its those people who are very much into land disputes with out equipping their complains with legalities. Them who always think are being fooled when its more of ignorance.

I'll keep this post short because I don't want my Sunday ruined. No worries anyway, we are on the RIGHT side so let them be. To keep bitterness with age is just plainly sad - that goes to me and "them" too.

When I have my PMS, that's another story. But, who else would I "land" my annoyance?.... My dear husband of course! Well, that's love ahahaha...'Trueness'!!!!

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