Saturday, 29 November 2008


What a day to start the month. December 1st,
ACTV (company for Venice's public transport:boat and buses) was on strike. Only the 'Motonave' or the big boat/ship was utilized with limited and scheduled trips. Highest tide, a record after twenty years, made it worst (read this: International Herald Tribune). Add that, it was windy and raining too.

The day for me was saved by this old lady (around 60 years old) in the boat on my way to Lido Venezia. She was wearing a skirt. A man, about 5 years younger, passed by her side and his umbrella touched the old lady's left leg.

"Mama mia, what was that?"
the surprised lady spoke in Italian.Then she saw it was the man's umbrella. "Ugh, scusa(sorry)!" he apologized. "Its okay, I was just wondering what was that thing touching me." she answered laughing. The man replied, "For sure, it wasn't my hand hahaha!". Then the old lady said, "I wouldn't mind... its voluntarily offered hehehe!".... How it all made everyone in the boat laugh. I heard mine - THE LOUDEST!

International Herald Tribune



Ayayayayyyy! taas ng tubig. Has it subsided yet?

I saw a footage in CNN and immediately thought of you and Noeds.


i was going to ask you about this flood - how are you coping? i heard that there are no more commuter boats plying routes. papano kapag market time ninyo? hope you are okay!


Ciao Izma,

Yes it did, that was just for a day. I went to Venice the next day and as if nothing happened, except for the 'negosyos'. They were all cleaning the flood's aftermath.

Ciao Raq,

We're not affected. Our place is far from the floating city.

Everything is back to normal now. No boats for that day only because they're on strike. It was hard for the people who really lives there. No milk delivery for a day is chaos itself. ATM machines aren't functioning also, don't know when will they be able to fix it.


Hate water, you just don't know what's mixed to it, hehe...

I need to see that place someday, it drives me nuts figuring out "how would I live in a place like that"? Didn't even know until today that the heavy painting in our living room is the floating city. Paintings are not my forte. Cheers!


i thought about you when i saw the news on tv.. but the flood gave venice a dramatic effect on pictures, lol. im glad it's over now. back to business.


Ciao TruBlue,

Hehehe, iwww its true! My 2 sisters had to walk on those waters that Monday. "Ay asissss!" We told them and they don't want to hear it hahaha...

I cringe when I think of the sewer, dogs' poop rats etc...

Ciao Analyse,

Tourist never fail to enjoy when this happens. Pati nga mga sisters ko, naninigas na sa lamig e panay pa rin ang picture hahaha....

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