Friday, 7 November 2008


I thought I have read it from THE SEARS but I've been flipping their book and I can't find that page. I've read somewhere about that study of co sleeping with your children. Now I give up! I've been browsing 3 different authors now from our bookshelves and the page I'm looking for is hiding pretty well from me.

I'll write this anyway, before my boys will wake up with those needy eyes for breakfast. Then I'll just get back to my "supporting and published" facts when I find that book.

Trying to remember it right, the study says that Asians are knit close to their family - has something to do with co sleeping or welcoming their kids in the warmth or their bed... It brings a better connection or "bonding" between the mother and child. Oh, since I share my bed with my husband, OK, he too is taking part with the "bonding".

When our eldest was born, his crib was placed next to our bed where he had slept for more than a year. I can't remember the first time we had let him doze in our midst but what I do recall is, sleeping for us became better and longer. His abandoned bed had to be dismantled and was kept to the store room for future "sibling use".

Then the sibling came. Little Dylan did not just took Lukie's babyhood but so is his turf in our comforting berth. Dear Lukie in loath, moved to the left side of our bed so I could be "accessible" to both my boys. Being in between my sons may have had limited my freedom to stretch these arms in the coziness of a good night sleep, it did work for 1 year and 2 months. Lukie holding my neck, Dylan with my "nursing gear"(breast feeding, duh...) and yeah, Boogie got my feet. Lovelyn's "night life", that is!

With our first born's limbs growing uncontrollably, our "enormous" bed became small. With the "convincing power" of persuasion, Lukie got reunited with his crib and took the first step of independency from my neck. Though countless times, I wake up and he is coiled next to me.

I forgot to write that his crib is pulled "really" close to my side. Most of the time, like Plastic Man, my son extends his hands - reaching for his precious Mama.

Again, those limbs getting longer and the crib looks funny having Lukie there. Picture Incredible Hulk out sizing his shirt and pants - My son too except that its his feet and hands that are protruding from his crib. But, he still is comfortably asleep having been bigger and all that.

We can't pop the crib and make it big nor will not allow Lukie to keep those limbs grow more, so, we had to do something about it. Then the HUGE work has to take part. The messy, scary messy and really messy extra room had to be stripped off and trashed. It took us a month to finally furnish it and make it livable.

From Lukie's dependence from my neck to having his own room now... to be continued

IMAGE CREDIT: Brocklehurst Secondary


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