Monday, 10 November 2008

WHO IS READY? (Part 2)


Last year's winter, we told Lukie that he will start to sleep in his own room on summer. An idea he wouldn't even consider and tells us, " I won't! I will be having bad dreams". We did not insist and we agreed that - "He is ready when he is ready!".

Another forethought, if Lukie will transfer to the other room, Dylan must do too. We don't want our eldest to feel "more" left out and hate his little brother for taking everything he used to have. I for one would be very hurt seeing my parents with Dylan in the middle of their bed while I am here in the next room entertaining "life ain't fair"(lol).

None the less, we pushed through with redecorating (more on saving the ruins of chaos) the extra room. All the piles of books, clothes, papers and other unnecessary stacks of I don't know what were either thrown, salvaged or (again) filled the "real" store room underground the house.

Then I initiated painting the walls, staying deaf from my husband's protest of "no painting needed". He can't take the looks of my first coating so he continued the job. He was proud of the outcome and I was proud of starting it first.

The old wardrobes were replaced with a 'cameretta'(bed with built in cabinets and drawers) we ordered from SME. One divider was left in the room which my husband didn't want to take off even though its taking almost all the space. He was thinking of where to put the books if we throw that piece of furniture.

With Dylan, Jing and her husband - Manong Jojo, we went to IKEA. I was only suppose to buy a bookshelf and linens for the new room. I ended up buying a study table, carpets, baskets, meatballs(yeah, they also sell food made in Sweden) and etc...etc... Wanting to replace the divider my husband wants to keep, I also bought 3 bookshelves which I know will raise his hair because the supposed 2 items to buy became etc... etc...

Having my own money now with my new part time job, it was fun to shop(hehehe). All my one month pay went all to IKEA that day. That's the secret of me lining the cashier confidently after stuffing my cart like its IKEA's last day of business.

Naturally, disapproving face with everything I took home, my husband showed it while checking out all the stuff - add that its all "do it your self" furniture's (5 things to build plus the chair).

Manong Jojo was right, he said its all but normal to disagree but when its already made, Boogie will like all of these. "You'll see!" he added.

True enough, putting up each furniture, my husband was enjoying it. Now that everything is in place, he may not admit it in words but he is showing it in deeds that his wife is great with "home furnishing" after all hehehe...

Will Lukie finally move to the new room?... to be continued....



Jane of Page 101

Hi Lovelyn, I'm all too excited to read the other parts of your story. I've started fixing my girl's room last spring but haven't got her a bed as of yet. I eventually realized that not having her around in our bed will make both me and her miss each other that much during the night :) You know, when I can't get the hug from hubby, my girl's there to fill it in - even more than it, lol.


Maghintay ka lang magsasarili din panganay mo. Yun sa akin sa sala natutulog mag isa. Dun kasi yun tv at walang pumapansin sa kanya. ahuuu

whats up with Ikea, they seem to everywhere, they got some good stuff but dont get those really long tables from them. Those formica wood tend to bend or warp. Its good to reinforce them with plywood or even extra nails. The A-team should help you out with that problem.


Ciao Jane,

I'm happy to finally hear from you. So true about the kids filling in those hugs. A hug we'd prefer "most" of the time because it doesn't ask for anything else hahaha...

Ciao Russel,

Seriously, thanks to the TV, it would be a better parent IF IT were a parent(lol).

Kaya nabilili ako na ala sa balak kasi they have this furniture's all pine wood. Not the "sawdust glued" like one. So far it didn't bend. An lakas nga lang nung amoy, parang SALENG ngay, alam mo yun? Till now when you enter the room parang nasa probinsya ka, smells like firewoods(pine tree) newly axed


hehehe si ate talaga, you guys think im so un-igorot. Of course I know saleng. It smells good unless when it starts burning. Meron palang real wood sa ikea. Nakaka homesick naman description mo. iyak na ako


good luck :) we've finished MC and IC's bed for years now and they still sleep with us, hehehe. and you are right, having your on money to spend on is great, kaya oks lang na pumila sa ikea.


Ciao Russel,

Yeah, the pine would wood comes unpainted. You may varnish it if you want.

Kelan ka raw uuwi sabi ni Boogs?

Ciao Raq,

Ang sa akin, When they grow up, they will have all the time to be on their own. For now, I'll enjoy it while it lasts... I'll keep them close while I still can.

Hehehe pila lang next time, ala na buy...


lol, i was about to ask the question. so did he?

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