Thursday, 20 November 2008


I took my sister Jie with me when I went to wash our winter curtains. I just remembered I had put them in the store room unclean. I should have brought it to the laundry when I changed it with the summer ones. Next time, I will store it clean ready to be hung. (Yeah right! Husband is betting I'll do the

Since its too bulky and it would take 3 loads in our washing machine to bubble it all, the 'lavanderia'
(laundry house) is indeed practical. Drying would even be a lot easier.

Why am I boring you with my laundry? Keep reading (lol)...

There's this old Italian lady waiting for her clothes to dry when we got there. The other huge dryer is at work and 6 more minutes before it's time is up. "Its not mine. I haven't seen the owner since I came here hours ago", the lady said in Italian as she shrugs and extends her neck with her mouth protruding followed by the nose. A typical mannerism for Venetians. Its sarcasm when translated in words.

Then she told us about the last time she came to use the dryer. Same thing, there were dried clothes in the dryer and its unattended. Naturally, she took it out because its already dry, put it in a basket and replaced it with her stuff.

The owner of the "abandoned laundry" came. "You have no right to touch my things!" she shouted to the Italian old lady and they argued "come mata"(like crazy) the lady tells us. "She should have not left her things and for that, she had no right to be angry!", she added.

Before the Italian lady went back to her magazine, sensing maybe that she talked a lot and forgot we're strangers, she spoke in wisdom, "Va be'... non siamo uguali... PER FORTUNA!" (WE ARE NOT ALL THE SAME....FORTUNATELY).


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