Saturday, 8 November 2008


Since I am a week behind for Teacher Julie's Weekly questions, this entry should have been for the All Soul's Day. Nevertheless, we don't want to miss one question so here it is.

Who among your dearly departed hold(s) a special place in your heart?

As Teacher Julie said, "there's no playing favorites" because all my love ones who had gone to the "place beyond" will always be in my thoughts, heart and prayers. But, my dear Mama will always come first.

"How was she able to manage with six children?", me and my sister Noeda (who also lives here in Venice) would often ask specially when mothering is testing the edge of patience. Maybe she would say, "Oh, the Lord was kind, you're all girls!"



Thanks for the answer, Lovelyn, been busy, my apologies for the delayed visit.

I am thinking about this too, how parents before were able to cope with more children. Maybe because life was simpler and they didn't have things that will distract them from their chores and responsibilities.

I am sure your mama had a wonderful raising your brood. I can tell from your experiences that you all grew up well.

Thanks for ding this and have a great week (whatever remains of it) :)

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