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Its so noble to be blogging for a cause. Thanks to Teacher Julie and her November 2008 Dona Nobis Pacem Post for linking us to another GREAT writer. Mimi Lenox is the author of Blog Blast for Peace.

These had influenced our WQ that goes:

How do you pursue peace in your life?

Set aside "global" or promoting peace in a wider range for this entry, I'll answer it with "re-acquainting" myself on what peace really means. Its not just copying and pasting what Sir Thesaurus said but understanding word by word what he bombarded peace with.

PEACE is defined with the following words:

1. calm

2. serenity

3. harmony

4. agreement

PEACE is synonymous with: accord, amity, armistice, cessation, conciliation, concord, friendship, love, neutrality, order, pacification, pacifism, reconciliation, treaty, truce, unanimity, union, unity

And more: calmness, composure, concord, congeniality, contentment, equanimity, hush, lull, peacefulness, placidity, quiet, quietude, relaxation, repose, reserve, rest, silence, stillness, sympathy, tranquility

These now could make me redefine why I "chase" harmony and serenity with the great help of calmness and (note) case to case basis in agreeing with certain matters (lol). But first, I do believe that it all starts with wanting peace. That is now my reason why I want to pursue it in the first place.

My Auntie Betty, one of my Dad's older sister had influenced me greatly why I should be wanting serenity. I saw how she was able to stay sane after a deceitful marriage and eventually led to a painful divorce. How she raised her four kids and had sacrificed to leave them and work abroad to help heal herself. I thank her for "reintroducing" me to A HELPER in achieving peace. He comes with the name - GOD.

During one LSS of the Baguio Sacred Heart Community conducted by brother Julius, I've met (yet again) the 3 L's: LIVE, LAUGH and LAUGH which I've already did know from our recollections/retreats back in high school. The founder of the said community, Paul Aguas, was still with us that time.

These 3 L's had a greater meaning when Big G came into the picture. A push by the thought of having a "BIGGER ENTITY" guiding you to LIVE, LUAGH and LOVE. Sometimes it is something hard to understand. But IMHO, believing alone is one of the answers on how to "grab and keep" that peace. Then everything follows when you believe, you'll understand why husbands hear nothing when they're watching their fave sport. You will be humbled for being just a speck in this whole wide universe. Most of all, you'll get to value life, people and relationships more.

Am I still making sense? Please allow me, I'm also reminding myself with all these because the WORLD sometimes makes us forget that these thoughts do really exist(lol). Agree?

Another unique concept that I've come to add in my pursuit of peace are Elizabeth Gilbert's three word combination EAT, PRAY and LOVE. She has this best selling book talking about pleasure, devotion and acting on what will give you peace that will in turn make you truly happy.

As to personally pursuing peace as a mother taking care of the boys, give yourself your own time and nag (hahaha) the husband to take care of the kids while you take a nap, long shower or just be out of the house. Makes you keep that inner peace to calm you down when Dylan cries out loud for help(or sometimes just to get your attention)to rescue him from Lukie's bullying.



Thanks for the wonderful life lessons that you have shared, Lovelyn.

Talking and thinking about peace does not mean one will be able to have it n his life.

We pursue peace, we live peacefully, we begin this within ourselves.

Finding time for ourselves is good because then we miss and think about those things that we (constantly) complain about, plus it gives us time to sort not just our feelings but the way we react to the things happening around us.

Thank you for sharing an inspiring book and the equally inspiring story about your aunt.

have a great week and thank you :)


oh peace? forgive and forget. and in between? talk and talk about it. minsan kasi sumasama agad ang loob without really knowing why di ba?


Ciao Julie,

Try to get hold of the book. Its really good!

Ciao Raq,

Korek ka dyan! Forgive, talk about it and forget. Di pa dadagdag sa wrinkles aning? hehehe

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