Friday, 9 November 2007


1. Boogie's Blog - I hope he will update soon. My Papa dudes (ever)!

2. BENCHWARMER(Northern Philippine Times) - The reason why we read SunStar Baguio

3. My sister Noeds has her own site. She used to be my photographer back in my younger years. When digital camera was far from existence, a full film of my vanity she all took

4. RUSSEL ARIOLA for your wedding photos or any occasions. Click his site for his contacts and samples of his work.

5. iBOONDOCK another blog from the boondocks - Bill's new corner. As the prize for all the 'Kailian's' clicking that we once blogged here - HELP BILL!

6. Page 101 - Jane found out Adobong pork and pusit is yummy. She calls it Adobasit.

7. My Good Finds. Org - Tina is successfully doing PayPerPost. This hot momma Baguio girl from Maryland USA introduced me to blogging.

9. Nem Nem Ko…. is my cousin who is a nurse in Arizona USA. We've known we're related thru the Internet.

10. The MegaMom was one of the first Mommy I've met at PINOY MOMS NETWORK. She has cute little triplets. That says why her name is MegaMom aside from being a jetsetter doctor.

11. I've met Raggold and Kengkay. They're my neighbors from Germany

12. I'm really proud to be one of the cousins of this good writer at Nem Nem Ko.

13. Me, Myself and I works as a Bible translator. Cool job, I say!

14.Lisa of Baguio Insider as she updates us with anything about our hometown Baguio

15. A hearty laugh REYNA ELENA gives me all the time. He makes blogging so much fun.

16. Ivadoy Quezon City is also from my home town Tublay like me..

17. I wish I could speak French like Mommy Analyse.

18. Teacher Julie who teaches special children gave me a FRIENDSHIP AWARD. Was sweet of her...

19. Luta, another teacher who writes at A nomad's thoughts.

20. My Blog. Ma'am Marilyn, my Business English teacher back in highschool just started this site.

21. My Misadventures is Hannah of Scraekja sister.

22. GANDANG IGOROTA rides horses which I also once love to do. We share the love of books. I like her way of writing and her piece about "CHOICES", made me hug-hug my husband

23. Firefly in July, a good writer too. She's my sister's batch in highschool

24. The Human Rights Lady Lawyer SMORGASBORD OF RANDOM THOUGHTS and all her poems, I wish I'll be her even just for one day.

25. The Broken Bow and his classy choices of entry. Impressive.. Miss Buguias we call her.19. I would love to have her job.

27 The Anito Kid will never kid us. Blogger Award for 2008 again, I see.

28. Geri is Evans mom. What a nice name "Evan" is.

The Olympian Blog, Bill's third "eye" hehehe...

30. Idiosyncrasies owned by a young freelance journalist, JM Agreda . He is from Bacolod but considers himself as an accultured Igorot. I went to his site and got what he meant.

31. Miskina Ano na Isip by Will. A blogger whom I will always remember as someone who flew from California to the Phillippines for his (Mis)Adventures in Romance.

32. continues to educate us about the Igorots and will also show us around Sagada here: BLOG of the SAGADA IGOROT.

33. The Worldwide Dap-ay Forums's Yoda has his own blog now. Join me as we learn more about Igorot, our people, in his Siwat’s Weblog. Let's luxuriate in his 'Jed(i)+aic' prowess and eloquence in poetry.


Lisa (Baguio Insider)

Hahaha, you should really remove the Ma'am before my name. :)


As you wish but only because you requested it 3 times already hehehe. For the record, you'll remain Ma'am Lisa to me ;-)

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