Monday, 22 October 2007


Tina of My Good Finds is spreading 'the love' hehehe! She is running a contest and is generously giving away "Hosting and Registration value of $290.00"! How cool is that?

We believe that Bill of
FROM THE BOONDOCKS deserves to win this contest. His blog has been our "HOME PAGE" (figuratively) and had been updating us on what is happening around the Cordilleran Region. We like how he keeps his theme on blogging anything about us Igorots. So please, help Bill by clicking here. Be reminded that the contest is up until November 1st.

Good luck Bill Bilig!



Finally! I was waiting for a post from Bill's friends. It's Oct 22 and the deadline is on the 31. Plenty of time to catch up. Bill is only 50% away.


lovelyn, nice way of campaigning. might be an idea to consider in the coming elections, errr...

mind if I help campaign by doing the same way you did?

Bill Bilig

Hehe, thanks for the endorsement. This is quite unexpected. Aha, 50% away pala, much more work to do hehe. Thanks again :-)


Hi Tina,

I go to your site everyday but I missed your first post for the contest.

Hope the price goes to Bill!

Thanks for the, "I Love Your Blog" and "I love Your Blog Too"! :-)

Yes Jane! Anything that will help Bill. Like he said, lets keep it in the 'ili'. Go, go, go!!!


Ciao Bill,

BCO is offline for 3 days now. I was suppose to post this again there but technical maintenance is getting in the way. Announce it at your BIBAAK site.

50% is not that far considering we're moving/working just now. I think the opponent's side had given their full force already and for us, we're still starting.


Ooopps Jane,

No politics for me, its a dirty business now with our generation.

Nagiging masama ang mga honest and everyone is becoming a vulture just to grab a seat. I hope I'm wrong though!


lovelyn, i'll do that tomorrow then, got to rest for now, think i got the colds virus from my daughter again. ish ya!
i was just kidding on the idea of using this as a way to campaign on elections. definitely, it's against the blogger policy.


Am I helping this worthwhile cause by clicking all over the place but only a mere commenter? Feel really bad if I cannot help.
Cheers and goodluck laengen to all of you and hope to see Bill and KK win!


Ciao Trublue,

You are helping just by merely going to Tina's site. You have to to come from Bill's blog first. Even if you don't read or comment as long as you went there, you are already helping.

Positive thinking, Bill is going to win. As of last night, the opponent is ahead by 20 points only.


Me too Jane, this colds is murdering my flat nose. Nasaket ti kapapangris!


That's great then coz I visit his site an average of 10 times daily!
Both should do well. Winning is not everything, it's the only thing! Some baseball player said that, believe it was Yogi Berra.


Yep TruBlue, Bill is on the lead now. I might stay clicking the whole day before the deadline hahaha.


I've clicked and clicked and will click for more! Bill's blog is one of my favorites! And I kid you not!

Vote Bill! Vote Bill! Vote Bill!


Yehey! We won Anito Kid!!!!!!!

Our clicking and clicking and clicking paid off.


Yehey! We won Anito Kid!!!!!!!

Our clicking and clicking and clicking paid off.

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