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Post 24: Lolo Ramon's Story:

"I am old and I had my place in time. How can others prove themselves if they were not given the chance to show their worth. I believe in the youth's strength and their fresh minds. In them is the burning enthusiast to pursue change with their new idealism." Ramon Pontino

When my grandfather's term ended, people were convincing him to run again but he declined. He retreated to civilian life, his coffee plantation and to helping his place preserve what he introduced-"UNITY". Among all the 'barangays' of Tublay, Ambassador has the widest scope, thus, having the most number of voters. Whoever their candidate for any local position would be the sure winner.

Before, if the old folks would say zero for a certain candidate, then the result after would really be zero. That made them occupy either of the two top local seats since then.

1964 My Lolo Ramon's health started to deteriorate. My father said his boxing before might have contributed to it. He had been having mild strokes that made his memory poor. Bad times were when he can't remember people and where he is. A snap lost of memory. But, most of the time he goes back to reality easily.

"When your grandfather started to lost his memory, my interest of finishing my course wasn't there anymore. The lack of money to support my studies made it even harder. One semester, I stop and the next sem I'll continue then stop again. I left the convent after high school so my college was supported by my older siblings but they also had families of their own. Most of the time , it was Manong Eddie. Being the eldest, he became the provider. He worked for the the BIR( Treasurer's Office) before." Danny relates."

"1968 - After Liberal Arts, I took up Political Science. Manong Eddie came to SLU one morning and asked me to take him to the accounting office. He paid my tuition fee in full and also my younger brother, Roger's remaining balance. Before he left, he gave me money. I thought he might have won the lottery that time."

"After two days, Papa came to Manang Juling's place, the Sunny Side Apartment where we were all boarding. He told us that the BIR, where Manong Eddie works were looking for him. They audited the office and they are in short of two thousand pesos(2,000). I told him about my tuition fee and he just sat down. Until now, I could picture Papa's face that very moment - It showed love, pity, worry and hurt."

"Your lolo was so preoccupied about your Uncle Eddie and never stopped looking for him. His friend Bado insisted to pay Eddie's short at the BIR and Papa couldn't refuse it. My brother had been missing for a month and my father had his worst stroke. He was paralyzed all over that had left him bed ridden. Its good his mental state was still ok.

"July 1968, Papa died and Manong was already back home after hiding in Nueva Viscaya"....

To hide my Daddy's sad emotion, he ended this part while laughing and said, "You know your lolo? During his last days, he keeps on asking, "En tu las Danny?"(Where's Danny?) and when they feed him, he would request, "Si Danny ga-ay."(Let Danny do it). It made my other siblings say, "Apay si Danny bangat e anak mo?(Why, is Danny your only child?). I was his favorite 'met a'."



Modern day Robinhood to me. If I was Eddie, would have taken more than two thousand, it's the people's money anyways. Great story as always. Cheers!


i was touched by the story, kabayan. A hat's tip to Eddie....


Sorry for replying this comment just now Trublue. I've been busy painting faces :-)

Someone said, maybe it would be better not to include Uncle Eddie's story. But, it did happen and I'd like to point out that Lolo Ramon had been a mayor for 2 terms and yet he can't send his kids to school financially. Unlike now, some of this politician's kids go to school with cars and body guards.

Thanks again!


Grazie Anito Kid!

Its always a pleasure to be visited by one of the top bloggers. And, I kid you not(pahiram ng tatak)!


Truthfulness to one's personal story is key to success. I for one, considered briefly, just briefly, to write my own life story and tell eveything a few years ago. It would have been a great read and my siblings will not be spared from my anger. But, ooohh, my dear kulasa would get all the surprises in her life and didn't want that to happen. I would admit, so much intrigue.
That's why your Lolo's story as you lay it down for us, as a matter of facts, is worth following. Cheers to you!


Thanks Trublue. I know what you mean.

For sure your story would be very interesting.

You can always write it whenever you are ready...

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