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As an Overseas Filipino Worker(OFW), the Philippine government will not clear and give us our needed documents to leave the country if we don't pay the following:

AS OF 2006:
A. 1,275 pesos = Welfare Fund Membership Pay to the the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA). note the "WORKER'S WELFARE".
B. 900 pesos = Philippine Health Insurance Corporation Contributions Payment or MEDICARE. I just realized that this insurance's applicable period is only 1 year. I paid the amount last January 4, 2006 and expired January 3, 2007. If I get sick or die now, October 2007, I can't avail of any benefits from MEDICARE as I did not go home this year and pay another 900 pesos.
C. 100 pesos = Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA).
D. 550 pesos = Terminal Fee by the Air Transportation Office.
With the sum of 2,825 pesos per every OFW excluding the remittances they send their families. How many Kababayans are leaving the Philippines in a day? That, I don't exactly know but I've heard and watched the country's president saying that the OFW's are the 'Bagong Bayani'(Modern Heroes) who are keeping our economy to hang on there.

Last week, Jocelyn Dulnuan, 27, was found dead Monday(Oct. 1, 2007) inside the Doulton Place mansion where she worked as a live-in maid in Canada. Complete details on this tragedy here:From The Boondocks: Toronto Tragedy. Bill Billig had been updating us on his blog as we watch to how far the Philippine Government can help us OFW's.

From Bill's blog we've learned that the OWWA denied any help for Jocelyn at first as her point of exit to Canada was China. The Filipino community in Canada are at work accumulating the amount of 10,000 Canadian dollars for the poor victim's body to be brought home. OWWA promised 5,000 in addition, to come up with 15,000 Canadian dollars needed, a begrudged amount so as not to be pestered by the watching public.

CHERYL L.DAYTEC-YAƑGOT from SMORGASBORD OF RANDOM THOUGHTS tells us more HERE: "how children are becoming orphans while their parents are still alive".
Online petitions circulated the net to further publicize the Desperate Housewives show. The Pinoy blog-sphere desperately touched the issue. Here is a more essential challenge to us, Filipinos, for another "POWER CHECK" if we can gather positive results from the Internet. A help in pursuing justice to Jocelyn Dulnuan's death. Its not only for her but for all the OFW's - the "New Heroes". Maybe in her death is an eye opener. The start of "shaking and shoving" the government to give the 'Bagong Bayani a LITTLE assurance and confidence that in time, help will be given when we he needs it most!
From all these, I can't help but to be angry, hurt and emotional in filling up this page. I am staring at these receipts. What if I am Jocelyn? The clear words "WORKER'S WELFARE" from the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration" will kill me twice!

For sure the next time we go home, another receipts and an increase to what we have to pay just to leave the country AGAIN. Then again and again and again........
Latest update from "From The Boondocks":
UPDATE 2: Forwarded to us from the ifugaoyahoogroup, this update is from Fay Hangdaan:
The fundraising went well and we are able to collect $4664.00. At the fundraising a representative from the Phillipine consulate came and inform us that they will help in the repatriation of the body of Jocelyn to the Philippines thus the money that we raised and any other donations will be sent to the family of Jocelyn Dulnuan.
The account has been set up but will be open by Wednesday or Thursday, In the meantime, anybody who wants to send a check here's the address.
Payable to "Jocelyn Dulnuan Funds.
"Address:C/O Fay HangdaanP.O. Box 6250685 Ellesmere Rd.Scarborough, ON M1R 5G8
Bloggers for Jocelyn:
Pinoy AmbisyosoUKPC/FCYA -- Here and here.



yesterday, TV Patrol showed the peso gained strength vs. the US dollar because of the remittances from the OFWs. If not because of this, the debt of the Philippine government will have a hard time paying it to the foreign banks. Therefore, it is also their responsibility to give all the help to every OFW, documented or undocumented.


Lovelyn, the fees you mentioned don't even include the amount spent for the documents processing like authentication of school documents from a court down to the embassy, then the medical exams, plus all other expenses for travel and all that.
I also didn't pay the 900php so much as we paid the OWWA (which had financial problems before and I think til now), we might get cold shoulders from our gov't if something undesirable happens (praying so hard nothing though) ??? how odd and contradictory!
You know what, it's cheaper when we pay here in Taipei. There's another clearance payment (i forget how it's called now)we get to pay and it takes a lot of hassle to process in POEA Manila. I didn't know we have one in Baguio and it only takes less than an hour to get it. Now I remember, it's OEC (overseas exit clearance).
@luta, the gov't often claims that - we had all these news of highs because of remittances but all we get is something like "please keep on remitting so peso can continue to strengthen". It's not really stated that way but it appears to be that way, right?

reyna elena

Wow! I ran across your blog from the Ifugao blogs who picked up my story on Jocelyn. I am an overseas pinoy based in the US and my heart will always be with OFW because most in the family are OFWs.

Going back to your Php2,825 pesos. In 2006, there were about 788,070 who left the country. Do the math, that's about Php2 trillion and let's just convert it in mighty US dollars at Php44=$1 and that gives us over $50 million.

You can check my data on OFW here:

Question becomes: The Consulate in Toronto has only pledged $5,000. Compare that by the over $50 million. What gives?!

Someone is bloody f'kin greedy my man when it comes to OFW welfare.

Bill Bilig

Thanks for also blogging about this and for adding the perspective of one who went through paying these things. Uploading the receipt is a great idea, baka sabihin ng OWWA na wala tayong ebidensiya :-)

I think they really get millions of money out of OFWs kaya lang they are not giving any relevant service in return. Hay buhay Pinoy talaga.


sis,remember that they added another requirements;TESDA training which you have to pay 8,000 pesos(if you have no medical units)and additional 1000 for the exam.
Listening to the seminar of OWWA made us think that we are lucky that we are being protected but they must not blame us if at the end we are disappointed about their service.For instance,my mother inlaw had a stroke so my father inlaw who work in Hongkong for many years went to process her medical insurance.Blah,blah lets just say,at the end he spent more in processing the papers than what he received from OWWA.
Sorry to say; they ask a lot(in terms of money)BUT,,,,,it's up to you guys,,what do you think?


Computer connections went crazy again and even for a day, drives me nuts....hehehe...
That 900pesos fee strikes me the most as tricky. You pay for that fee knowing you are going to another country, I'm assuming the insurance fee is acceptable in other countries should you get sick.
Before I ask more questions, maybe you can tell us what the fee entails.
This is like buying a house, countless fees. Makaulaw ngem anua ngarud, most just bites the bullet tapno panawan dayta regime ni "da plane". Cheers and goodehealth...


Ciao Luta,

So I heard about the exchange rate and quite happy and sad at the same time. Its good for the economy but bad for us and our family who receives the amount. Prices of commodities are getting higher regardless. "Lugi pa rin tayo" as Boogie said.

Ciao Jane,

So very right about the money spent for the processing. My sister who went home to work on her papers mentioned that in every cubicle at POEA alone, they sell things like 'puto, chicharon' or whatever which the poor "na mag-a-abroad" has to buy. Heck, in fear of papers not being signed, 'mag merienda ka na lang'"

You didn't pay the insurance? Pwede pala! I thought its mandatory as they said so.

For us here, its very expensive to work on our papers. For the passport renewal alone, its 65 euros or 4,000 in pesos.

Is the OEC the same as the terminal fee?

Ciao Reyna Elena,

Double WOW to you and your blog. I did my "clicking around" your site and I am impressed! Its straight forward and "walang takot" hehehe...Specially that Fernandez thingy, seems I was born yesterday and I've only known it now.

Thanks for those numbers. Imagine those MOONEYS, saan kaya napupunta.

Do your research on the new requirements of TESDA for the DH and blog about it. You've got a wide reading public and people concern should know its useless for the amount of 8,000 pesos.

Thanks for dropping by and I'll add you on my must clicks!


Ciao Bill,

Naku, kahit may pruweba dead ma pa rin yan sa kanila.

How funny how the events are turning out. About your latest update on Jocelyn, the gov't will be the one to pay now huh? It just confirmed their being undependable, indecisiveness and lameness sorry to say.

Ciao Sis Matsay,

I miss that TESDA eklat. Its one of the obvious money sucking scam. Considering the amount of 8,000 for the training and 1,000 for the examination fee are way too high.

For others to know, kawawa ang mga DH as they are the ones who undergo this training. Take my sister as an example, her job is to only babysit her filthy rich employer's daughter. Then with TESDA's training they were asked to wash a comforter by hand. Eh none sense cause they dry clean that here and HELLO, washing machine po ang ginagamit dito.

Yeah Matsy, your mother in law's example is another testimony for these "karumaldumal" OWWA!

Ciao Trublue,

Oh! You're right about being nuts when this computer doesn't work. I'll be doomed! Di pa naman uso internet cafe dito as almost every one takes the comfort of punching their keyboards at home.

That 900 is for the insurance. From one of the forumers at BCO who questioned about that insurance, they said that if you're overseas, you'll not be covered with the benefits except if you're a a seaman. How silly is that! I'm one of those who just pays for speed just to zoom out off their office(bad).

Here's Baguioan's reply at BCO:

"i also wonder why although i am paying philhealth as an overseas contract worker, i cannot avail of the benefits when i am overseas. they said..no worries, i can use my philhealth if i am in the philippines. i dont get it...i am paying as an overseas contract worker...obviously, i will be overseas, right. so why make it mandatory for me to pay for something i wont use...they should make this voluntary."

Copy and paste this link: http://www.baguiocityonline.com/daforum/viewtopic.php?id=4415


That's daylight robbery! A huge scam. Granted a seafarer is covered, he'll probably be going around the bushes before he sees a doctor, if he sees one.
Ask some OFW in authority over there and maybe you guys can get together, sign a petition or file a class action suit.
That is quite a sick fee.
Cheers to you all regardless.


lovelyn, the OEC is different from the terminal fee. everybody gets to pay the terminal fee but only OFW's are to pay the OEC.

I paid my dues in POEA Baguio and the woman (she was kind and accommodating - an excess comment - because some are not) asked me to go to Philhealth office (Harrison Rd) to pay the 900php but I didn't have the time anymore. Besides, she already issued my OEC so I thought she wouldn't get to find out whether or not I paid my Philhealth. I may sound that I ran away from it, yes I did, but on second thought, reading all the information shared here didn't really turn out to make me guilty.


Lovelyn, this a good piece that every Filipino dreaming of a work abroad should know.

It is good that you also listened to Bill as I did when he encouraged (kinunsensiya?) us to blog about Jocelyn.

Thanks for making a link to my blog.


I understand the hurt you are feeling, kabayan. Everyone is. Me included.

To be honest with you, I don't believe President Arroyo anymore. More often than not, she's all talk. And I kid you not!


It's such a sad thing for OFWs to be squeezed for money before they can leave to work outside the Philippines and only to find out in the end that the government is not that generous with the help when it's most needed. I still have the same receipts too! Mapa laminate nga!

I hope Jocelyn will find justice.

Is there a way to send a little bit of donation through Paypal?


Ciao Trublue,
A scam indeed! You're right, if the seaman sees a doctor after crossing the sea.

Ciao Jane,
Oh mennn, another receipt garud! Grabe enya?

Ciao Ma'am Chyt,

Prego(you're welcome).

I really like what you said about considering OFW's heroes when we are killing them. Wow, heavy!

At first I was medyo-medyo about Ma'am Chyt's "the queen" because I like to believe there's still hope somewhere. But, reading all of you political bloggers, I came to know why my Dad hates her.

Ciao Tina,

Ask Bill if you can do it through PayPal.

As her mother said, she's not after vengeance but she wants to know what happened.



It was really interesting to get the views of an OFW and the hassles one goes through beacuse of the documentation problem. Would really look forward to hearing from you about the implications of recession as you see it in your coming posts


I have been trying to understand and analyse the problem for quite some time now on my blog http://onlineremit.blogspot.com/ I would really like to hear more from you on this matter


Ciao Remitter,

Haven't done much of blog hopping lately. I missed the "No Remittance" that was launched on March 2. A good idea that should be hyped up by the blogspere.

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