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In loving memory of Auntie Julia "Juling" Pontino Jacinto
December 9, 1937 - October o4, 2007

My Dearest Auntie,

I know from the time Uncle Arsenio went to join our Creator in the sky, a part of you departed with him. I have seen how you both forget everything and every one when you're together. I always envied how your love and companionship endured a very young marriage.

The sacrifices and hard work just for you to send your 10 children to private schools and have them all graduate is such a conquest beyond the ability of an effort to surpass pain and hardships.

You once told me, "to keep your man, allow him to be the man". You always ask Uncle Arsen what to do but at the end he lets you decide anyway.

How funny when I think of you going on stage during programs or when you go to wakes or funerals and sing your songs. You've got a beautiful voice but I usually hear Joan say, "Ay apo si Mama!".

"The frustrated doctor", Auntie Mary used to call you. Dr. Dacanay might have taught you well as you bravely say, "I will inject you!", when someone is sick. You gave me buscopan when I have my tummy ache. You gave me chloromycetin when I have a terrible cough. What I like best is your massage in the Mitsubishi pick-up at the Trading Post , La Trinidad when my PMS triggers.

The last time I went home and you saw me, you cried and said, "forgive me for everything"... You're not well I know so I cried with you.

I should ask you to forgive me too because one time, I liked one of your plants and Joan(youngest daughter) told me that I can have it. We both carried it into Daddy's jeep not knowing its so special to you and even named it Eva, like your eldest daughter is called.

Rest in peace now Auntie, I know Uncle Arsenio is waiting for you.

Thank you for the memories,



My sincere condolences to you and her entire family, abroad and in the Philippines.
To me, that's still young. My mama
was 71. May they all rest in peace.


Thank you very much Trublue!

Sorry I made a mistake, Auntie's birth year should be 1927. She's 70 years old.


REST AND PEACE,Auntie.I know she is happy right now with Uncle.
I still hears how she addresses her husband,"Arsennnnnn".She's really a fighter and a woman who has a strong personality but when our Uncle spokes,everything changes,she becomes the loving,sweet and submissive wife.
We love you Auntie!


Your Aunt should have been 80 this coming december 9 not 70.
My mama was born December 7, 1927, two days early than your auntie but died in April 1999.
Again, condolences.


Sorry trublue, pinalitan ko pa kasi(Math excuses). Back to 1937. She's 70 years old.

Her daughter and son who's working here in Venice are heading home tomorrow.

Life span back home is getting shorter. Here, 85 years old still goes to shop and cook their own food

Right Sis Mats,

Auntie is like a tiger but when our late uncle is around, she's a kitten. :-)

Mats, she's the original who has the red hair in the family. Flashing red hair dye hahaha...

Bill Bilig

My condolences to you too and your family. I'm sure she will be missed. The good thing is that we will all be reunited with our loved ones in the great beyond like she is now reuniting with your uncle.

May she rest in peace.


True Bill, she'll be missed.

"...reunited with our loved ones in the great beyond"...that's the consolation to the family's grief.

Grazie Bill!


hi lovelyn, condolences to the whole family. definitely, they're happily reunited now.


You're right Jane.

Thanks again.


condolences Lovelyn. I like that line "to keep a man allow him to be a man" Anyhoo my only ninong died today as well. This year has been real hectic.

Bakit kaya ganun. Pag may namatay parang reunion ng pamilya. Pero kung buhay ang tao walang nagbibisita. For sure people from abroad and long lost cousins only appear during funerals... ay ewan ko ba.


Sorry to hear about your Ninong Russel, condolence to his family. Yeah, your aunt who also passed early this year.

Maybe the grief of losing someone who had been a part of your life brings you to pay your last respect kaya go ka sa funeral. Another is nakasanayan na kasing ganun.

BTW, Baguio Insider linked your site.



when i went home last March aunt juling was teasing me saying i should'nt leave my husband alone in the Philippines cause "some ladies" might take good care of him...she was so happy that time.I will always remember those last words and laughters that we shared with each other.
Oct.5, early that morning I saw Sonny(Auntie's son,who are staying at Lido,Venice)waving his hands saying they're going home for the burial of his mother
,he said, "ilawak la"(i'll be going)and he went to work that day.Two days after the burial,he had a heart attack.At 33 he passed away.I felt bad bout myself i should have given him hugs when i had the chance.That certain minute was the last time that i talked to him...
While we still have chance to say thank you,sorry or iloveyou to our loved ones dont postponed it.We never know what will happen the minute after..


My sincerest condolences Lovelyn and clan. I do hope that your Auntie may rest in peace with our Holy Father.


Sad indeed Danica!

You're very right about saying things we want to say while they're still around to hear us.

I appreciate your comment, it makes us value our loved one's worth.

Thanks Tina.

Hope and pray Auntie is in God's comfort.

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