Tuesday, 16 October 2007


Sony is my first cousin who was born 8 days before me and we were baptized at the same time before we reached our first birthday. He used to show off his report card back when we were in elementary while her sister, Joan, rolls her eyes when his brother would say, "Come and see my grades!"

He came here in Italy 2 years ahead of me and Boogie. The first time Sony saw us he said, " Oh my... you're so black!" just being polite of not saying we look ugly. We just came from Malta's Summer sun and being tan didn't suit us.

Sony, Susan, Noeda, Me(pregnant with Lukie) and Boogs in Venice
We stayed in the same apartment for almost a year before me and my husband got our own place. Our first son was born while we were staying with my cousins and Sony became my alarm when my son wakes up and I am in the kitchen cooking.
Onetime, me, my sister Noeda and our cousin Susan were eating and Sony was in his room. We heard Lukie crying from the baby alarm/radio.

Sony came in the kitchen with his worried look and said, "Lukie is lying face down, I have to turn him up!" Then all of us wicked girls laughed. Her sister Susan told him, "Sony, That's how Lukie sleeps, 'NAKAPAKLEB'(lies flat on his tummy)!".

He is one of Lukie's Ninong and every time he goes home to the Philippines he buys his niece(Noeda's daughter) and nephews(Lukie, Dylan and Roldan) 'pasalubong' clothes that he said he had chosen from the stores of SM.

Sony and Susan went home to the Philippines last October 7 to attend their mother's wake. A day after they buried my aunt I received a phone call from our friend Myrma that Sony is gone. He slept and never woke up in the jeep on his way to SM. He was DOA when the driver took him to the hospital. His last words to his sisters when he left their house were, "I have to go and buy some stuffs from SM. I don't have time anymore."

Last Friday, October 12, 2007, Sony P. Jacinto went to the life beyond. He was 33 years old.


Someone said, "Why is it that when people die, that's the time we think more of the good things they did? When they were still alive, we see more of their mistakes."

I want to write so many funny stories of your innocence and clumsiness but for 5 days now I stopped writing because I don't know how. You will no longer hear how we speak fondly of you. You will never know you are dear to us and how much we will be missing you. Worst, you will never thought you can make us cry with leaving so soon.

In our prayers we hope to find solace - That in your death, its God's way of giving you peace and perfect happiness you never found in this world.

Rest in peace 'Insan'.

Thank you for the memories!




Oh my Lord!! Just like that and he is gone...and so young...
Did he had any medical issues? I know mostly elderlies are the ones dying in their sleep but at age 33, is really sorrowful. Add the sad fact that his mom just passed away just give me goose bumps.
My condolences to you and his entire family.
Cheer up and goodhealth.


Grazie Trublue!

No he doesn't have any medical issues. Though his co worker said that he is complaining about having chest pains recently.


lovelyn, i am shocked. just like trublue, my initial reaction as i went scrolling down is "Oh my God!". I am having goosebumps now and even wanted to cry. our condolences for his passing. it is very sad, their mom just passed away and now, here goes your family mourning once more for yet another member that left unexpectedly and in that way. there'd be so many why's yet i hope all of you will be able to get through all these. i am hoping his family will be able to cope up. let this be a reminder to all of us to treasure what life we have now and be wary of our health conditions. we'll never know the time when we have to return back the life we borrowed. take care you there. keep warm. hope the kids are doing well.


Thanks Jane. You too, you take care there and hugs and kisses to your baby.


If he died there in Italy, did his relatives have the option of burying him there, or he has to come home? Would OWWA take care of all the expenses?
I hate issues like these, it dampens all our spirits, takes out all the fun in blogging!
Today, I decided to check out some of the sites I used to visit, Voice of Kalinga (Bill's link), and there was an entry there about Tabuk's Hybrid rice. Lo and behold, the city agriculturist is my childhood cousin Gilbert C. I called him immediately to tell him I saw an article about him. Lordy lord! He was in a state of shock!
He just ran over three people and killed one in his private vehicle.
Now, I ended up being the one to break the BAD news to his older sister in California.
It's just gut wrenching. Was hoping for a jolly conversation and things just crumbled on me....
Cheers anyways. That's life.....


Sorry to read about your cousin Trublue. Weird, isn't it? Such news are really depressing.

I just e-mailed the OWWA office in Milan and asked them about your query. I went over their site and I wasn't able to get the answers I needed that concerns my cousin's case.

I will be posting the said letter here. I'll wait for their reply till tomorrow morning.

In case they'll be busy to write back, I'll phone up their office in the afternoon. I hope they'll respond soonest.

Bill Bilig

This is really sad. I didn't realize that the incident is very recent. At first I thought I was reading a tribute for someone who passed away years ago until I read the last few paragraphs. My condolences to you and your family. My prayers are with you during this very trying time and hope that you are doing okay.



i actually cried with this post 'cos it reminded me of the same incident with my mom...passing so sudden without warning...

so sad...my condolences to you and your family. God Bless


hi lovelyn, any news you got back from OWWA Milan?


I'm really sorry to hear that your cousin passed away. He is just a year older than me. Why do the "nasisimpet" die early? I had a favorite cousin too and he died when he was about to turn 21. It affected me so much due to the violence and injustice and I have to leave Baguio.

Ay biag met inya? We never know what happens next even if we keep planning. My heart goes to you and your family for loosing such a thoughtful person. May he rest in peace.


Thanks Bill! We're ok, his death is making us appreciate and value people around us.

Ciao jc,

Thank you very much. I know how it feels and sorry to hear about your mom too.

His death may be tragic but its a very peaceful way of dying. He didn't go through pains or didn't suffer like her mother who had tubes all over when she was in the hospital.

Jane, I'll start witing about it ater this comment.

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