Friday, 26 October 2007


One of my greatest fear is when my children will grow up to be writers. The thought of them not having good memories of their childhood to write about scares me. Or,them recounting what I should have done as a parent.

How about if Lukie will have his own blog and will write about his "First Halloween Pumpkin". I wish to read this someday:

My parents were more excited than me and my brother when we had our very first Halloween Pumpkin. I was 5 years old back then. I know, it took my folks 5 long years before they thought of carving one. Maybe it has something to do when my mother quitting her job and decided to be a stay at home mom. She finally had time.

It was raining that day and I remember my Pa' looking at his reflection on the mirror. He had put on a red raincoat and it was really small on him. He rode his bike and came back after 20 minutes with a big pumpkin.

I asked my mom, "Is that for a cake you're going to bake?" Then she laughed and answered, "No honey, its for Halloween like the one Garfield had before they went trick or treating".

My mother drew the nose first and rest followed. I heard her say, "My Ifugao pumpkin carver", to my father as his knife worked.
I was more interested to the game at GIOCO IT. on the computer when they were busy with the pumpkin. My mom was taking pictures and she asked me to stay next to that orange thing. I didn't want to until she bribed me with a "Haribo".

I thought my parents were silly back then fussing over a pumpkin. I didn't know they are carving memories like what I am treasuring now. How I miss them!



Its like the Papa has another pumpkin tucked under his T-shirt! Talagang wood carver piman sa!


so you really think your kids will have their own blog soon huh.nice foresight you got there lovelyn, hehehe.nice way too, of presenting the would be blogpost from lukie. :)



Oisst, you're so vain! Nahh, that's nothing.

Ciao Jane,

I will encourage my kids to write or blog someday. It will not only be a tool for self-expression but it would also be their "mirror" of how they are running their life so far...

Thanks again!


Years from now, they would have nothing but praise for you as parents for doing this for them.
Watson Online, one of Wil's links, is also from Baguio and his son Jolo is a blogger since birth, he's now two or three years, I think.
Hate pumpkin's smell. Happy Halloween regardless.


Grazie Trublue! Lukie doesn't like the smell of it too that's why I had to bribe him with sweets before I could take his photo.

I think I stumbled once with Watson's blog, if we're talking of the same person.

Enjoy your trick or treating and happy Halloween too!

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