Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Autumn Pixies

I've been blog hopping here and there.

Almost all have their autumn pictures everywhere.

So I went out to take my own clicks,

Just in time before the winter kicks.

Leaves down the ground so they fall,

Tight may their grip but strong is the thrall.

Spells of hue paves way for changes,

Its not the end but its the dawning it bridges.

Cold and gloomy winter awaits,

Birds seek warmth they go bait.

Trees they may seem

Its depressing, others weep.

I was only to post these photos,
Because I run out of words for my posts.
But listen here, it just couldn't stop.
Pictures and words it might be a flop.

When I was done with my photo shoot,
I turned my back for home starts my right foot.

There from the window watching me,
The joy of all my seasons, they will always be.



Cool pix here. Autumn is one of the nicest season of the year, next to spring for me.
Guess what? It started to be hot over here again.


Thanks, I took them yesterday.
Yeah, these weather changes. Hope your flu is ok now.


Agree with Jane, fall is certainly the best times of the year. Winter is depressing. Spring used to be fun, until those darn allergies crept up on me. Summer is so so, good weather for exercising. Wish we can live forever to enjoy the best of fall.
Cheers everyone...

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