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You Are From Tublay If:

1. Ammom nga ni Jane ket taga Acop...hehehe(ituloy mo tani rumwar manen pagka-cornyk).
2. nu haan mo ammo nga dati paradaan ti acop ket ijay ayan ti centermall tadta, dati nga burned area nga kunada
3. nu haan mo ammo nga ti sinmublat famous manginom ijay Acop kenni Elmer (RIP) ket ni Lorenzo
4. Nu haan mo ammo nga ti style tadta ti instant pinikpikan ket apan aggatang ti manok ijay poultry ni Gloens santom ipapulpog jay manok

5. If you know Father Galasgas.
6. That the cutest altar boy is the younger Lee.
7. Hitch ride, stand by the toll gate.
8. You know the political clans.

9. (an extension of no. 8) - if you know that the pontino's, cosalan's and acop's (+ cosente's and velasco's) are politically inclined families.
10. if you know that dec. 8 is the town fiesta and binubudan is sold in the streets (yummy, i miss binubudang kamoteng kahoy ya)
11. if you know Fr. Val - a chubby cute priest who once served in Tublay (learned he's now married)
12. if you know that Mrs. Leyba once thought Physics in San Jose High School (and our schoolmates would tease us as favorites beacause we're from Acop)
13. if you remember that passing by Tomay's dung stores is one of the dreaded moments in a jeepney ride to Tublay (BTW, the chicken dung stalls transferred from Tomay to somewhere after Shilan, near the "mushroom" site.

14. Did you know that the internet place at Acop was pulled out because it's hard to pick up an internet signal(sayang,it's where my sisters go to update their friendster's profile).

15. If you remember the busses going north always stop by Tubday...ijay sango ti Public rest room ngay...I can still imagine the peddlers with their "Bilao" yelling "Balut,Penoy, Mani yod'ta".Adda pay "tinudok ken Turon"....
16. If you know where Dinangking creek is.
17. If you know where is the "historical"(lol) public CR.
18. If you're aware that Tublay is also one of the preferred 'nga maidistinuan ti' police who are from Baguio, La Trinidad or those who want to be near the city.
19. If you remember Totoy Ramos'(RIP) pal'lutan.
20. If you ever heard Mrs Fernando's exceptional voice



I like number three. The guy Lorenzo won't have a problem looking for someone to groom as his successor. Those "arteks" might even fight as to who should assume such prestigious title, hehehe......
Very nice map! Wonder what towns in La Union borders Tublay? And Benguet seems sorrounded by many provinces. Where is Baguio in that map?
Cheers and goodhealth to all...


Ciao Trublue.

Can't trust Wikipedia really, that's suppose to be Kibungan. When you asked about La union, made me squint and look at the map closely. I hope I edited it right this time.

Hope Lorenzo thinks that way when this list reaches him. At least I wrote its from Jane, in case he demands a public apology or will sue.


Oooooohhh, Mr Lorenzo won't do that. The moment he goes berserk and loses it, let him know TruBlue is willing to send him a bottle of "Blue Label Johnny Walker" not "Black Label" to pacify him, hehehe.....
Wow! That was a quick editting of the map, I wouldn't know the difference to be honest, but am sure someone will eventually point it out. Who knows, maybe the wino, ehem, I mean Mr Lorenzo...
Cheers to him and goodhealth also.


Lovelyn, you really had the heart for this topic hehehe. Yayks, would somebody ever think of suing me for something I added in the list? Yayks, Noeds anyway mentioned the internet connections back in Acop is not the good so they wouldn't have means to know by now. hahaha.
Ah yes, that Mrs. Fernando voice is really echoing. Very nice. We missed that since they left.

I'd like to add one more in the list since you got it updated anyway:
...if you know the famous Acop tollgate and the banghouse infront of it (now gone)

Bill Bilig

Interesting info, didn't know that the Cosalans are from Tublay.

Is Tubday the old name of Tublay. And what's the story on how it got its name? That a Spaniard/American got lost and asked the name of the place, and people thought he was asking about what they were holding :-)


Ciao Trublue,

Uy "Blue" Label Johnny Walker, he would still think, "Wow, estet side!", regardless.

As Jane and Noeda said, weak Internet connection in Tublay so we're on the safe ground.

Jane is the tollgate renovated? That's also an "antique-historical mark" of Tublay, same as the public rest room.

Where did Wilber's(Wilbur?)family migrated? Isn't their mom used to work in Greece as a nurse and a vocalist?

Hi Bill,

Hehehe Bill, TUBDAY is how the Ibalois(common populace)say TUBLAY. They change "L" with "D", ex: Lima(meaning=5) to Dim'a.

There's a new site of Tublay, started early September this year. I think the story on how the place got it's name is only a myth. I have only learned from the site that a lady named "Kinuday" died. Then some Americans asking the name of the place mistakenly thought that the man announcing Kinuday's death as the answer. From Kinuday to Tublay by the Americans cause it was hard for them to utter the prior word. Hmmmnnn?

I should have learned that when I was in elementary if it was true.

Back to the new site, the "Brief History" is ok cause that was written or been circulating since I was in college but the historical accounts of each barangay should be carefully studied. The story of barangay Ambassador should be reviewed as some dates were not correctly written. If I'm not mistaken, we had the same source on how the said place got it's name.

Oh men, the administrator of the site should be warned. I just saw it now that elicit pictures were posted on the forum. 'Nakakahiya!' JANE HELP!!! contact your Mom to inform the people concern about the porn.


lovelyn, what elicit pictures and what forum? i don't have any idea about that. never been into a forum...

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