Wednesday, 24 October 2007


When Boogie writes an entry to his blog, he makes me his first reader before he sends it to the web.

Remembering Sony, my husband's latest post made me cry not because I lost my cousin. It made me weep for all the Filipinos who had to leave their homes just to seek better lives elsewhere. Doctors, nurses, maids and any professions alike, still its work in a country not their own.

Euros and dollars may have built houses and buildings for many of the our OFW's back in the Philippines. But, those are hardly earned trophies twined with sweat of blood that people back home often mistook.

This morning I opened my email and have known from Princess Lea's message that Boog's article was published at Sun Star Baguio. Its his second blog entry that made it HERE:



I've read it last night after you told me it was on Baguio SunStar. Couldn't find it first until I clicked on the "Opinion Section".
It was a great read, now I know why his name was spelled like that.

It's really hard to fathom the manner of how he died, not even a warning sign, so silent. This takes me back decades ago in Baguio also, a casual friend didn't wake up the following morning after a night of drinking. He was only 19, bubbly and cheerful type of guy.
Hope all in your family circle are doing fine. Cheers...

ps: made germane comments under "email" but it got lost somewhere.


I am touched by your hubby's article. When you decide to go back home, will he be a Sunstar regular already? :) just trying to be of lighter mood here. I shed tears again when I was reading the post, that's why.


Thanks Trublue,

I totally forgot about the Jaworski name, I was just reminded when Boogs wrote it.

19 years old, that's really young. The family is coping up, her sister will be back here next week.

email where?

Ciao Jane,

Boog's Pa is being teased by co-workers that he may retire na raw.

Lot of things we took for granted. We only saw it when Sony left us.

Thanks again!


Oohh, I meant I sent my comments under your post "an email and phone calls to owwa", but seems like it never went thru. It was the same comments as above.

Bill Bilig

That's another very touching article. Can I make excerpts from your post and Boogie's to put up in my blog? Thanks.


Yeah Trublue, maybe it didn't get through.

Ciao Bill,

Yes you may and thank you for doing so.

We don't know whats wrong with WordPress though. Boogs can't log-in to his blog. Their support group is not emailing back. Hope it would be fixed soon.

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