Saturday, 27 October 2007


We found this article at Baguio City Dot Com - On the Road to Dual Citizenship HERE, By: Ramon Dacawi - BENCHWARMER . It really made us laugh and I was reminded of my Dad when he was still in denial of his "citizenship".



'love the article. I can relate, LOL. Thanks for sharing that. I'm gonna pass the link to my friends.


Thanks again Jane!

When we took my Dad for a check-up before, the secretary asked him the the usual questions and "Tang" was always attached to it. On our way out of the clinic, Dad asked us if he is really that old. "Lakayakun aya?" he said.

I don't know if 60 years old is young but all I know is, we would all go through that process. These are just numbers, its the wisdom you gained from all these years is what counts.


Hahahahaha!!!!!lol....loved it that RD had the presence of mind and held his temper. This wasn't a good read!, it was a great one!
In one of the exchanges, I wished RD said someting like this:
"Ading, siguro adu ti great-grandchildren yun, grandfather laengak pay".
A few years ago before I reached the half-century mark, my wife was talking to this lady by chance and she asked my wife "father mo isuna"? Man!!!! I was libid, furious, if looks would only KILL, she was zapped! We went home and looked at the mirrow ASAP, haanak pay met nga lakay? TruPink was still lol. I let it pass, thought to myself, that maybe, her eyes needs new contact lenses, or her eyes are just defective. Slept with one eyes open myself for a few nights after that uncalled for comment, hehehe......Cheers to all and goodhealth.


Ciao TruBlue,

We can't beat that!(LOL)...Its really funny, TruPink must have felt heaven hehehe...

Its good we found that as SunStar didn't publish it. Even the article about Jocelyn Dulnuan where RD interviewed the sister of Jocelyn and their mayor.

Thanks for the comment, we really had a hearty loud laugh! Cheers and good health to you too!


Loved the cartoon! Had a good laugh with it kabayan! And i kid you not!


Thanks Anito Kid! hehehe, the cartoon, at least he figured out something for a change.

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